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Steel Tera shards for swap(hatching for more)

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kjokjo75's Avatarkjokjo75
kjokjo75's Avatar
3 steel tera shards Looking for other tera shards no electric, flying, or poison
Ozma's AvatarOzma
Ozma's Avatar
hello! my dragon shard for your steel?

ozma busy with work + college

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kjokjo75's Avatarkjokjo75
kjokjo75's Avatar
Yes, I'll send over 1 now.
cherrysakura's Avatarcherrysakura
cherrysakura's Avatar
My Flying shard for your Steel?

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kjokjo75's Avatarkjokjo75
kjokjo75's Avatar
Yes, I'll send.
If you still have two left, I'll trade a grass for one.
Raynn's AvatarRaynn
Raynn's Avatar
i have a normal one if ur interested
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Bossa's AvatarBossa
Bossa's Avatar
I have a fire shard I can swap if you want. <3
kjokjo75's Avatarkjokjo75
kjokjo75's Avatar
Yes, please send.
Tala-chan's AvatarTala-chan
Tala-chan's Avatar
I can swap a Dark?
Collecting Beads of Ruin for 50-60zc/equiv
Swapping for summon in inventory as well! PM first for big orders pls~
, PM or send trade! Buying/Swapping for Beads here!
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