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annador's Avatarannador
annador's Avatar
I'm going to be fully honest, I kinda made this thread to avoid having to do all the math of adding them up. ^^; If you would like to come up with an offer, feel free to. There are a few duplicates though, so I'm not sure if you're looking for a S/A living dex or just for specials in general.
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Gamester5001's AvatarGamester5001
Gamester5001's Avatar
I'll do the math sorry, what's your version of DP price? I'm kinda new/ I am a returning player. can you please explains so in can give a faring price would you perfect DP voucher or ZC? GP?
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annador's Avatarannador
annador's Avatar
Oh no worries at all! There is a table on the wiki here that outlines the value of every shiny/albino! Under the "points received" table. I do 1zc per delta point, unless it's exclusive/variant in which I would ask 2zc minimum. I would prefer currency or items over the voucher honestly.
Gamester5001's AvatarGamester5001
Gamester5001's Avatar
I will start for the first page. so we don't get overwhelmed. How much for Pidgeot, Delphox ×2 the different poses, Gligar, Bisharp, abra, Crab, Dugtrio, Wimpod, Pidgetto and Weavile, swablu, smeargle, Froakie, I'll take 3 Noisemog and 1 Noisemoem, Sinestea, Gulpin and Pumpkaboo. that's 21 pokemon I can Do 2500 GP? you can ask for more if I'm asking too little. thank you.
skypony101's Avatarskypony101
skypony101's Avatar
Hiya! Id love to buy this blaziken Shiny blaziken And this shiny apoc. Shroomish Shiny apoc. Shroomish Since you said 2zc per dp for variants and such, I belive the combined total would be 200GP Would you accept my 2 diamond tiaras+ 50GP for the price difference?
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Gamester5001's AvatarGamester5001
Gamester5001's Avatar
how much for Albinos Smeargle, Ledyba, Doduo,Gragon, Meltan, 2 Of the delphoxes, Quitbit, Dugtrio, Sinastea, Villvion. I can do 2300 GP for those the Albino Noismog, Bunbori, Frosvior, Houdnoom and Calyrex. I can do 3300 GP.
MamaMushroom's AvatarMamaMushroom
MamaMushroom's Avatar
I'd love to have your apocalyptic breloom here. This one specifically! I am not quite sure what it's worth re: delta points but I'm willing to pay it, preferably in gp. Hoping to make a breeding pair with it :) I looked at the wiki link and I think the price should be 160ish GP?
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Gamester5001's AvatarGamester5001
Gamester5001's Avatar
can I buy all the Shinies listed Below. thank you. Puppod Terrink Slugdog Ayeren Female Houndoom Meltan Taimorpha Gumairy Victini Gargon Kuutopi Brushing Deinglitch I'll pay 2800 GP for all these. I'll send the trade for these as well now
Caramel Lyth's AvatarCaramel Lyth
Caramel Lyth's Avatar
Hi! If they're not taken yet, may I please have these fellas please? Everything for 640GP? (I did the math with the [math] tag, please double check ^^)

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