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Anyone doing a monotype living dex?

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QUOTE originally posted by DrakanAroh

I am working on a Ghost type melan dex (well, shinies & albinos too). I’m focusing more on dual type / final type evos right now (ex: Fuecoco which I finished earlier this week, Annihilape, & Kanto Meowth for the Q Mega) until I can take breaks for the harder stuff — legends, exclusives, and variants. I’ll get there eventually tho. Do not have em quite on display just yet - save for the ones in the display case, but they are in their own field.
Ooh! let me know if you make a journal or something, I would love to link it to the post! ghost types are soooo cool
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The idea of a typed living dex never really crossed my mind until now, I may actually start making some plans for either a bug or ghost catalog! Perhaps with specials…? but not with my luck. So no, nothing to show for now, but you’ve inspired me, and I can have a new project to ignore all my other previously planned projects for.
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