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Tips on Melan hunting a legendary?

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Nub's AvatarNub
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I hope this is the right place to post this, wasn't sure if this was more fitting for help, or discussions, or an entirely different category. If this isn't the right place, please just lemme know! That said, as I've become more active on the site again I've been considering doing a melan legendary hunt and was wondering if anyone happen to have any tips before I sink a bunch of money into summons! How many summons should I get before a hunt? Should I purchase Z-crystals or just look into getting as many summons as possible? How did you plan out your own Melanistic Legendary hunt? Any tips would be a great help! ^^)/
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Raziya's AvatarRaziya
Raziya's Avatar
Hi friend! I am doing my very first legendary hunt right now. I'd try to get a minimum of 500 summons before you try. (I did not quite get to this amount, but close enough). You absolutely should have Z-Crystals, and I'd highly recommend any other buffs as well if you're willing to put in the work to get ZC or spend (Hypermode, Ubercharms, Shiny Charm, Arceus Rank, but you can get Arceus rank for free just by asking for help dexing). You'll likely want to hunt them on a Niet bonus day (like today) because they are miserable to hatch otherwise. You could also try for Sei to maximize your shiny chances but personally I'll take the smaller shiny chance for a vastly improved hatching experience. Using Lucky Eggs/Super Lucky Eggs help a lot too, but again can be pricy. And even with all this prep you could not get a melan, and that's a looooot of currency on the line. I don't think I would hunt a legend outside of the TR, because you also get the albino boost. I hope this helps ❤️
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Nub's AvatarNub
Nub's Avatar
Thank you so much!! Time to save up and do a lot of prepping it seems now that I have an idea where to start! ^^)/ I wish you luck on your own hunt as well!

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