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New Changes to TR Team Goals This Month?

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My Type Race team has been noticing some unexpected changes to the team goals this month that don't seem to have been talked about in any announcements, and we're not sure if this is a new update or if it's unintentional.

QUOTE originally posted by LunaOokami

I don't pay attention for numbers, however I agree us having 13k points and only being 10% of the first bar seems..off. I've checked the wkik which says that we should earn out first fragment at 20k points, the page has been updated since the alterations to the team goal announcement. Maybe keep an eye on the bar and if it's not full by 21k points then we can put in a bug report?
Below is a post I made in my team thread. I was advised to post it here.

QUOTE originally posted by shinekitten

QUOTE originally posted by Aryafire1

i think the complete team goal was raised to 300k points. doing a quick division of that by what we have now has roughly the same percentage the bar has rn. here's the link to the announcement talking about it.
I just read the announcement again, and it doesn't seem to line up with the changes we're experiencing this month.

QUOTE originally posted by Niet

In recent years, and especially with the recent Type Race updates, participation has never been higher. Even the lowest-scoring team gets over 150% of the target more often than not, and there is not really any reward for the teams scoring 300%+. To address this, I will be adding a second set of 7 targets, covering the range from 100k to 300k points as an additional challenge. Each target yields an additional Z-Fragment, so teams managing to clear the 300k goal will earn enough Fragments to make an entire additional Z-Crystal!
From my reading, the announcement seems to be saying additional goals for more Z-Fragments would be added, not that the existing goals would be raised without any change to the number of Z-Fragments that could be earned. According to the announcement's edit history, the part discussing the TR goals hasn't been updated since the announcement was first posted on February 28, so it's strange that we're seeing changes this month at all. I wondered if there had been something I missed in the Stellar-Type V~Wave update announcement, but I read it again and it said nothing about changes to the TR targets. I'm really not sure what's going on. If there's something I've missed, please let me know, I want to understand this correctly.
Niet [Adam]'s AvatarNiet [Adam]
Niet [Adam]'s Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Niet

Additionally, I will be shifting the Type Race goals. In a sense this one is literally moving goalposts, on both ends of the field. Currently the first 7 Fragments are earned between 0 and 100k points, while the second set of 7 Fragments are from 100k to 300k points. I will be sliding this over so that the first set is between 100k and 200k, with the second set between 200k and 400k points. At this point in time, with the overall increased activity, getting 100k points as a team is basically guaranteed, and last month even the lowest scoring team scored over 200k. This adjustment should hopefully provide further motivation to push ahead and keep the competition going! I am considering some other ideas that may help provide motivation to teams that are struggling, but those are still very much "seeds" of ideas. I will get back to you on this when they have had a chance to grow into something more refined.
It was admittedly a small section at the end of another lengthy details and transparency post, but it was announced. I will be updating the UI tomorrow to make it a bit clearer on the progress bars what's going on.
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I updated the wiki yesterday about the latest update and cleared out how much for each bar except for the info that Niet gave us. Unfortunately, right now it is a fill when someone figures out exact amounts unless Niet tells us. Sitting right now I'm Grass and this is what I have for info right now. (I'm bad at figuring these things out tbh). ~114k 1st bar at 95% ~122,808 with one full and the 2nd one at 14%. ~130,120 2nd bar at 50% ~136,157 2nd bar 80% ~140,863 2nd full 3rd at 5% ~156,556 3rd bar full 4th at 10% ~159,262 4th at 28% ~162,394 4th at 49% According to someone on the discord (#wiki-todo) with the numbers I gave the bars are possibly. 1) 120,000 2) 140,000 3) 155,000 4) 170,000 These numbers have been added to the wiki/ They can change of course depending on info that is found/given by other teams.

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