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summoned pokemon do not register as summoned

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whimsipurin's Avatarwhimsipurin
whimsipurin's Avatar
hello! as the title says, the pokemon okidogi and munkidori are not displaying as summoned for me though i have done so already. as seen in the pokemon timeline, i summoned the pokemon. i'm assuming the issue comes from me summoning them before pecharunt's update. do i need to resummon them to get them registered in the counter?



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RosyBird's AvatarRosyBird
RosyBird's Avatar
Once you summon pecharunt they should update as being summoned!
whimsipurin's Avatarwhimsipurin
whimsipurin's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by RosyBird

Once you summon pecharunt they should update as being summoned!
ohhh i didn't think of that! thank you very much :D

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