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Genesect + Meloetta

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Destiny's AvatarDestiny
Destiny's Avatar
I'm struggling with the legendaries mentioned in the title. I can't find or figure out what is needed to forme-change Meloetta and I can't seem to get the drives for Genesect. From what i"ve read on the wiki, the way to get the drives is for Genesect and/or a Porygon line member to Scout in the respective destinations. I've had them in the respective area for awhile now and they're not bringing back a Genesect drive at all. Am I doing something wrong?
AlastorStar's AvatarAlastorStar
AlastorStar's Avatar
Genesect: Thats just bad luck. Can't be helped. Meloetta: Give Meloetta a Music Box and play this code: D C1 D E F E F G A C2 B Be aware that.. The Keyboard shows up after refreshing the page.
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Destiny's AvatarDestiny
Destiny's Avatar
Thank you! I tried the music box for forme change but didn't know about the keyboard! <3 That's a life saver! (i'm also glad that i took music classes, especially basic piano since otherwise most don't know what key are what on the piano) As for Genesect, it's just heavily bad luck? Fluff nugget..... Thank you for the help!!! <3

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