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Changing Backgrounds?

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FluffyBuggy's AvatarFluffyBuggy
FluffyBuggy's Avatar
So I was messing around with the site skin editor and noticed I could replace the normal Lab background with another photo! When I try to do this I make a folder in the Image Uploader on the site, upload my picture to it as a jpg, then go back to the site skin editor and input the direction to the photo. I input it into background image like this "/FolderName/PictureName.jpg", and it allows it to save the skin so it must be directing to something. However, the background doesn't change to the new photo, it just gets rid of the normal Lab background and makes the entire site all the global background color??? Just the flat color, nothing else! Honestly I am just very confused and lowkey a little frustrated with it, so if there seems to be something wrong with my process please let me know? I'm starting to feel like a boomer with all this newfangled technology stuff I can't understand! /joke
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skypony101's Avatarskypony101
skypony101's Avatar
I belive that's the intended purpose! I haven't seen anything about site skins being able to have different backgrounds for different pages, only site wide So basically, unless I'm misunderstanding or there's multiple problems, that seems normal? I don't think there's even a spot to *put* code to change another pages background to be not the site wide one (unless it's some secret css thing I've never heard of before @-@)
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FluffyBuggy's AvatarFluffyBuggy
FluffyBuggy's Avatar
I see what you mean, but I'm not trying to have a different background for different pages (although that WOULD be pretty cool!) I am just trying to have a single photo in the back all the time. Like how when you first load up the site without logging in or changing anything, it shows as a green "Global Background" color hex code, and a picture of the Lab as the "Background Image". I just wanna change the background image to something else but it JUST makes the Global Background hex code the entire background? Almost as if the color is now opaque instead of translucent over the background? Golly I hope I'm making sense, this is my first time doing anything like this so I hope I'm explaining ok!!!
Niet [Adam]'s AvatarNiet [Adam]
Niet [Adam]'s Avatar
Please actually tell us what you're putting in to what box, we can't just guess like this.
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FluffyBuggy's AvatarFluffyBuggy
FluffyBuggy's Avatar
Under Main Colors in the skin editor, in the "Background Image" box, I have pasted the URL to the image I want (I used the site uploader, I'm just pasting it here incase the format turns out to be wrong.) --> https://pokefarm.com/upload/:zl_/Feddy/GlamrockFreddyWTGSS.jpg In the "Global Background" box I put the hex code --> #86889a Am I leaving out any info needed to troubleshoot? Or is something glaringly wrong so far, hahah!
Niet [Adam]'s AvatarNiet [Adam]
Niet [Adam]'s Avatar
Well, when I put that URL in, the preview area updates with it. Does it do that for you?
FluffyBuggy's AvatarFluffyBuggy
FluffyBuggy's Avatar
I went through it again and the preview area actually did update this time! I saved the skin and put it on, but sadly the picture does not come through when actually put on? I only appears in the preview area of the skin editor. The entire site background is still the grey hex code color.
Shirarisun's AvatarShirarisun
Shirarisun's Avatar
try clearing your cache! i had issues with my background not showing up on my skin until after i cleared it.
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ValleryP's AvatarValleryP
ValleryP's Avatar
You have to clear your cache (CTRL-F5 on computer or look it up for your mobile) every time you change your personal site skins. You're device pretty much doesn't understand that you changed it until you do.

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FluffyBuggy's AvatarFluffyBuggy
FluffyBuggy's Avatar
AHA!!! Thank you all so much!! I cleared the cache and it finally all fell into place!! Can't believe I didn't think of that #.#

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