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The old man listened to both requests. "The pokemart is over there, young man," he said as he gestured to a building. "As for the scenic route, walking to Lilan town is quite the hike, but you all have young legs, I'm sure you'll manage. If you have Pokémon to ride on it'll go faster, but going at a slower pace will allow you to enjoy nature more." He had a friendly expression on his face as he made eye contact with each of them. "We have five different hiking trails, they all start at the wooden board at the edge of the city. You can choose to follow the red circle, yellow square, orange triangle, green star or blue spiral. I like the orange trial best. I advise against the yellow route, it goes through an area with Spinarak and they aren't very happy about trespassers at the moment. There are wooden signs at junctions to show you which way to go."
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Razi's ears perked at the mention of the Spinarak. They were so cute, but she knew that it was unwise to go bother them. She made a mental note to come back to that later. "Thank you, sir," she said with a smile. She turned to her companions while stretching her arms. "Well, shall we hit the Pokemon center?" ------------------------------------------------ "Tik!" Sproing pranced around on Razi's shoulder and then bounced unexpectedly right onto River's head, looking extremely pleased. "Joltik! Tik!!!!" He relished in the energy this Pokemon was emanating. He saw the Mareep coming over happily and his excitement spilled over. "Tik tik!" He launched himself over to the Mareep now and nestled into the wool on her back.
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According to some road signs they were getting closer to Lilan Town, Sarah smiled, she was looking forward to meet the professor.
Gabe looked in the direction the old man gestured and saw the pokemart, he only listened half to the other directions, trails at the end of the city, something about a yellow route. when he heard Razi talk he nodded a bit absent-mindedly as he was thinking what on earth he'd need to bring with him. "Yes, let's get some supplies," he said as he walked towards the pokemart. He glanced towards the old man to quickly utter a thank you. Champ looked but Gabe gestured him to stay there, with Tepig looking for a berry it was good to have his Machop keeping an eye on the others while knowing where he was. "What should I get?" he asked. "I think I have some antidote and maybe some moomoo milk" Mareep was taken aback a bit when one of the pokempon growled, the other was polite but reserved, She had just enough time to tell her how wonderful she thought it was to meet them all before the Joltik launched him to her. She was excalted with the Joltik nestling in her wool, she did a little happy dance but not too wild so her new friend would stay comfortabvly in her wool. Tepig sauntered back to the others, munching the last of the berry he had roasted just before. He looked at all the pokemon but didn't really feel like mingling.
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"Spinark?" She was...admittedly a little jumpy around spiders but recently she had became less afraid and now thought they were cute. "Sounds like it might be a good training oppurtunity..." she murmured. Then she turned to the two. "Pokémart...I need to check what I have...if I remember correctly I brought some potions, a couple variety of berries, some very basic supplies. Alas, I didn't bring much food, and I think I need a few Pokédolls..." Pandora scratched her head. "Maybe we should go to orange. Um," she said to the old man, "Is there anything special about each of the routes? And I head of a Mismagius-Hatterene fusion...I was wondering where I could catch one of those. And is there any info about them anywhere?" River flinched at Sproing going on her head. She blinked and off when the Joltik, going on a Mareep instead. Whitney flew down to meet the Tepig. "Altaria!" she greeted him. Rose just glared at the Mareep. Cayden eyed their surroundings and sighed. Kai glared at Cayden. He then looked around for Razi. Cayden stared at his paws, bored. Was his trainer done yet? He stared at Pandora. Nope, apparently not. God. "Lucario!" he barked, hoping to get her attention. Pandora ignored him. Instead the Lucario approached Gabe and tugged at his clothes.
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