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QUOTE originally posted by skypony101

QUOTE originally posted by Blue-Dragon08

Just reading this. . . this new stellar wave messed everything up. I can't even get shards. Any help trying to figure out how to get shards?
Do you mean Tera shards? I they have a 1% chance of hatching (in place of a gem?) with your eggs From the wiki "Eggs hatched will have a 1% chance of yielding a Tera Shard corresponding to the Pokémon's type It is randomly chosen in the case of dual-types and Delta type counts"
Can confirm, Tera Shards will appear alongside the gem, not replace it!

QUOTE originally posted by MelanUmbreon4

Funny, I had a question about tera shards, too. Is it actually confirmed as to what they do?
Tera Shards are used in the Items tab at the Holon Centre to change the delta typing of a delta Pokemon. Collecting one of each type can also be cashed in for a form change item for Terapagos.
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Ah, ok. Thank you!
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