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Welcome to the Rorie Islands - setup (open)

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Orpheus43's AvatarOrpheus43
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I've got a couple questions. 1) How exactly does getting a starter work if a student doesn't already have one? Are they assigned one at random, do they pick one from a set of 3, or...? 2) The Rorie leage rules say that megas are banned because they change a Pokemon's type, but what about cases where the Pokemon's type doesn't change after mega evolving, IE Mega Swampert or Mega Charizard Y?
Loksfjoer's Avatarhypermode-12.pngLoksfjoer
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1) To get a starter you can go to Professor Maple in Lilan Town and she will let you choose between two Rorie Exclusives that you can use as a starter. 2) The idea is that not allowing megastones or tera orbs will create a more equal battle in the League; you won't be able to suddenly add a type advantage that wasn't previously there and it will avoid the Pokémon being disqualified if the correct type is removed. This restriction only applies in the actual League battle, you can use any type and megastones/tera orbs in gym battles.
ShootingStarRain and Raziya, your characters are accepted and since I have enough participants I will create the RP shortly.
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Name: Sarah Whitecliff Age: 18 Rank (L-trainer, RR-trainer, Ranger, Breeder, Coordinator, Scientist, Student, Tourist): RR-trainer Appearance: Sarah is slender and short, She has long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She wears practical travelling clothes most of the time, a blue dress that matches her eyes when the opportunity should arise. Location of origin:Kanto, a village near Saffron City History: Sarah has lived her whole life in Kanto, and she always admired gymleader Sabrina. She has always been a loner, rather read than play, rather studying instead of hanging out with other kids. Serious and pragmatic. Besides studying the world of Pokemon she also studied music, playing the piano and flute. Her mother originally came from Johto and her maternal grandparents often visited, or they visited them, by travelling the magnet train. When she was 13 they brought her an egg. This egg hatched in a Girafarig, the Girafarig turned out to be larger than the average girafarig. A few years later Sarah wanted to attend Pokemon Tech, but her parents suggested she'd go travelling, as her brother Gabe just started doing a few months prior. Agreeing that the practical knowledge would be valuable she contacted Professor Oak to see if she could become a trainer. He accepted her and she got her Bulbasaur there. She travelled a bit around in Kanto, caught an abra, and went to take the Pokémon League Admissions Exam. Sarah passed the exam but never went to the Kanto League. Professor Oak asked Sarah if she could go to Professor Maple as her heard great things about the Rorie Islands and the Rorie Research program and he felt Sarah was the best candidate to go there. Party: Bulbasaur, Girafarig, Abra Name: Gabe Whitecliff Age: 18 Rank (L-trainer, RR-trainer, Ranger, Breeder, Coordinator, Scientist, Student, Tourist): RR-trainer Appearance: Gabe is above medium height, has greyish blue eyes and a tone darker blonde hair than his sister has. He wears shorts most of the time and a simple T-shirt. He has a baseball cap with stantler antlers (not as big as real stantler antlers) which he often wears. Location of origin: Kanto, a village near Saffron city History: Gabe also lived in Kanto all his life. He went to school, spent his time playing with his friends, and tormented his sister with everlasting cheerfulness. Gabe also got an egg from his maternal grandparents which hatched into a Mareep. Gabe was tired of being in the same village for years and was yearning to travel the world. He hung up a map and swore he'd go wherever his dart would land. After 3 trips to some point in the middle of the ocean, the fourth dart landed in Unova. He got his Tepig there and wandered through Unova, battling here and there, making friends and overall just having a good time. When his sister called him if he wanted to accompany her to the Rorie islands he dropped everything and travelled back to Kanto. On his way to meet Sarah in Vermillion City, he caught a Machop. Just before the ferry left Sarah reminded him to let Professor Juniper know that he was going to the Rorie Islands. Professor Juniper thought it was a great opportunity as she was very interested in the Pokemon that live there Party: Tepig, Mareep, Machop
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Loksfjoer's Avatarhypermode-12.pngLoksfjoer
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Welcome! I have created the RP. You can meet each other, or go your own way. I believe two need to head to Lilan Town, but that doesn't need to happen right away. It's also okay to not arrive on the same ship as the others, you can write that your character arrived with a previous ship and is now ready to explore.

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