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Pokemon digest || a slice of life fanfic

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This is a fanfic mostly based out of my own pokemon and their conversations when i'm not on the site (keep in mind all of these conversations are my own imaginations) expect a new page someday This story also has an infrequent mention of a character from an adult animated series, Hazbin Hotel. ------------------------------- and now drumroll... THE CAST!!! Main cast (will update when pokemon evolve): - Valentino the Noibat (or Val), the main character who doesn't even know why his name is Valentino. He's friends with Anthony - Dewey the Honedge, a brave warrior who has a crush on Snappy - Snappy the Floette, is a yandere and loves Dewey (a bit too much) - Max the Azumarill, the youngest of the cast that thinks he's in a simulation; - Cream the Swirlix, likes to bake cakes and sweet treats and share them to her friends. - Anthony the Floragato, Valentino's friend/sidekick. Also doesn't know why his friend (Valentino) is named Valentino. Ages of the main cast (and future occurring characters): Mostly in their mid to late teens, with the exception of Val, Anthony, and Max Val and Anthony are both 25 while Max is 9
(my icon comes from the tv show Helluva Boss, which belongs to Vivienne Medrano)

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