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General Feedback thread

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Totomew's AvatarTotomew
Totomew's Avatar
Hi! I just looked at this thread for the first time in a long time if ever and thought I would share some General Feedback on the sites new Daycare update, it's fantastic! I absolutely love it, thank you very much for it! (If this is the wrong place to put this I apologize!) As a person who has trouble remembering all the different factors involved in breeding I would generally have to check and re-check the breeders guide thread trying to get it all right and having all the info that affects a pair right there is really really nice! Thank you for the update!~ I've been with Pokefarm for a long time and I appreciate the continuous effort made to keep updating the site with more things, better playing, and events! While I'm not a person who always likes changes the effort and hard work you all put in to ever update and change is appreciated, thank you for making such a fun Pokemon site! :D
Ihavedisney's AvatarIhavedisney
Ihavedisney's Avatar
I think it should allow you to change your Email because I cannot find how to do that, otherwise it's a great game!
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Vaporeon26's AvatarVaporeon26
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QUOTE originally posted by Ihavedisney

I think it should allow you to change your Email because I cannot find how to do that, otherwise it's a great game!
Contact support to change your email https://pokefarm.com/support
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This game is pretty enjoyable (besides the fact that you are forced to give a user a pokemon when trading and it gets annoying becuase there are times when I would like to give users just currency but then end up having to give them a pokomon too)
Very fun love how there is a wiki to explain to you how it works and staff to tell you very detailed informaition and can see your recently traded. Also I love the ramdomness of the lab Pokemons and that you used all of the regions and that you can dress your pokemon up! I also LOVE that there is a shelter and that I sometimes find my friends lost pokemon! Love the field research. The ONLY thing I would like to change is I wish when we dress up our pokemon we can make the accessory or pokemon bigger or smaller (I already like how you can make them tilted). That's my oppinion over all great game 1-5 stars would give it a 5 star and would reccomend to all ages and to pokemon fans definitely would keep me entertained for the rest of Covid :D
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NamesGølden's AvatarNamesGølden
NamesGølden's Avatar
Just found out that this thread existed, I live under a rock ok. It's a very entertaining game, It takes aspects from the original pokemon game (Like the Pokewalker) that many loved but it also has its own features which I find makes the game even more fun. I had found myself being on this site for many hours during covid and I'm not sure what I would do if my friend didn't introduce me to this game. I especially like how users can customize how PfQ Looks and that this isn't a Pay to Win/Pay to Play game and that people who don't want to spend money (Like me) on the game can still enjoy it and that they can still get most of the things (Ex: Currency) that the game offers. The updates are great, Not a startling amount at a time and the threads on the News give a quick overview of what the updates do/can do. This is one of the very few games that have a non-toxic community and anyone of any age would enjoy. This is definitely a game that I would (highly) recommend to others. I appreciate the effort put in to make this site the way it is today and keep it up! c:

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