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Hello Hello ^^ Just popping in to say that I really love the new Albino Typhlosion. The sprites for the Megas are nice too and I've seen some other Albinos I liked, but Mega Typhlosion in particular looks really nice. That entire line was already my favorite set of Albinos on the site (and that's coming from me, the Zorua/Zoroark lover!) but now I love them even more :)
By Kirõzey
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RoyalGecko's AvatarRoyalGecko
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I Love This Site. But even this site doesn't have a cheetah fakemon. Well I can only dream
Glaciersong's AvatarGlaciersong
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I wish we had a bump button. I've seen other sites have them and the forums might be cleaner.
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Lovely Soup

Lovely Soup


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A special bowl of soup, made with love! Feed to a Pokémon to boost Happiness by 50.

Sells for 1

Lv. 100 — +5,697,910
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sweet food
Happiness MAX
Hasty nature
-Glaceon Love-
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I dunno how much input you guys accept re: sprite redesigns, BUT here’s my 2 cents: I Lov Albino Garbodor and I know pink albinos is a touchy subject these days but I think the delightfully fleshy-looking pastel pink color works really great with Garby’s general Slime Vibes (and I think the warm colors fit the garbage monster better than the usual clean-looking toothpaste blue/green that most redesigns get). I don’t know if that’s one of your go-to redesigns for when you get to Unova, but as someone who is very much invested in Garbodor I think the current albino sprite is terrific! Also regarding sprite redesigns (and something that’s less far off into the future than Unova), the current melan sprites for Dustox look gorgeous!! I know how the artists feel about “neon colors”, but I genuinely think the deep magenta and bold blue looks stunning against the stark black. I wouldn’t mind a slight retouching of the shadows/line work like with some other sprites, but as far as color schemes go this one is REALLY solid, I wouldn’t change a thing!! (Same with Wurmple too; again, I know the artists tend to dislike bright colors and want to desaturate them as much as possible but in this case - and a lot of others - the saturated colors against black is REALLY effective, and the contrast between bright and dark adds more visual interest than homogenous desaturated darker tones throughout. “Neon” colors aren’t inherently bad and in my opinion shouldn’t be avoided exclusively on the basis that they’re saturated - but as professional artists I’m sure you already know that! Admittedly I do think Wurmple individually could use a sliiight desaturation with the green or even a slight bluish tint just to make it a little easier on the eyes, but overall I think the general color scheme of a saturated jade green + black is really stylish.) These are just spitballs of course; the whole dustox thing just started by me scrolling through the specials list for hoenn and being blown away by how much I loved dustox’s melans (seriously, I can’t overstate how much I love that color scheme). Just felt like throwing my hat in the ring!
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@Niet and everyone. Do you guys remember the dream world thing in original pokefarm? That was my favorite part of the game and would love to see that again :)
Anduin's AvatarAnduin
Anduin's Avatar
I'm still dying for an easier way to mass release Pokemon from fields like the drag and select method. Clicking them individually is immensely tedious and what really gets me is that the fishing hut has (or had, last time I checked) a better system implemented already so I know it technically can be done. I get the concerns about releasing things accidentially but as someone who has accidentially released an albino I wanted back, the community is generally really good at returning things released accidentially and that's been the only reason for it not being implemented in fields I've heard (pre-emptive apologies if another more pressing reason has been given, but I just upgraded a badge and had to individually click 420 Sawsbuck to release, it drives me coocoo). By that same token while I greatly appreciate the attempts to stream line mass evolutions, it's still pretty dang tedious when you get to higher badge levels. Perhaps putting in the time and energy to evolve 1000 Pokemon click by click is part of the prestige of the badge but man. The slog is real. (I concede to not having an actual solution to this though, so it might just be what it is).
Ãntarëm's AvatarÃntarëm
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First of all. This website has become a place of peace for me. It is overall so incredibly positive and comforting. I have met many nice people here and have had incredibly good bad talks. I know it sounds weird but a good bad talk is when you both can consider the mean things the other person talked about and consider and discuss it. I spend a lot of time here for the positive vibe and hope it will grow more with time. It makes me sometimes a bit sad when i always see the same names. I would love to see more new people here. I have also met some really rude people but not many. It bothers me how easily the prices sway and how quickly something is half the price because some people sell it cheaper. The current trade method bothers me and im looking forward to the new one. It bothers me a lot that many suggestions stay unanswered. Im curious and read them sometimes but see quite a few that are months old without any input from the team and without being accepted or denied. I like that the game doesnt forbid real money trade. I love how international the game is. A had a few short talks with team members that still give me a bad taste cause of something silly i said and now i feel too embarassed to contact for apologizing :/ one time no answer and one time angry answer felt really rough. I enjoy seeing the game develop and hope it always takes input from the people. Ill do my bwst to stay away from the team because that can really kill tun for me if something goes bad. Happened before. I wished there was something like "release all x that are non shiny/albino/melan/delta from field x." Overall im very happy here and i hope it stays that way.
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LordLeviathan's AvatarLordLeviathan
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Yes I enjoy changing my mind a lot so here is another changed review because the staff actually read these things so I wanna be helpful here. I also don’t want to spray my big mouth off so I am going to be choosey with my words here and try not to come off...negative when I mean something entirely different lmao I’m totally unsure how to say opinions on here without it coming off super rude ^^; so I am going to try my best. Wish me luck on not hurting myself thinking for once. First off, I stand firm on my addiction level to this site. Very addictive and I don’t think I’ll change my mind on that. I have no right to really judge the staff team because I was not here for PF1, I joined in 2017 so I have heard they got better and so that is what I believe. I do not wish to say any more on that matter, it’s a bad topic for me at the moment. If a staff member is confused or concerned, I will gladly clear it up in a private message. After joining other pet sites similar to this, I must give the best made award to PFQ. Everything looks and runs beautifully. Creater (Yes you Niet) is literally a genius and I could learn a thing or two about coding a site from him. I wouldn’t underestimate him. :p
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Leomon2004's AvatarLeomon2004
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If the "Little Things That Bother You" thread hadn't been closed I'd post this there. Sometimes I'll send 3 Pokémon out Scouring and when I go to check on them there is only 1 or 2 not all three. Recently I developed a new problem, I adopt a party of eggs and when I go to hatch them some are missing. I KNOW I HAD SIX EGGS IN MY PARTY but I went to hatch them just now and there are only 5. To make this even more annoying the amount of things I adopted in the Shelter went from 30 to 29.
Garthic's AvatarGarthic
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Not to be funny but... Those sound like bug reports to me. Bugs forum is here I don't understand why you'd want to post that in the 'Little things that bother you' thread... Well, or here for that matter xD Neither of those places will assist in resolving the issue. :p Please do post this in the relevant place :)

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