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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Bonds Beyond Boundaries

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Snowy Fox's AvatarSnowy Fox
Snowy Fox's Avatar
ive seen videos of esper participating in contests, and she was absolutely amazing..... her crobat in particular was especially fascinating..... I believe her name was vamp.... She adored the spotlight.... Anyway..... Lets not dawdle..... Roseys body lets out a quiet ping, as though she detected something out of sight.
pfp credit goes to cryst! And any custom pmd sprites credit goes Here! those whose memories fade seek to carve them into their hearts..... all dreams are but another reality..... Never forget..... Never forget these words......
Glacierwing's AvatarGlacierwing
Glacierwing's Avatar
Currently Feral fangs (caelan) and snowy fox (esper) are off in area zero doing their own thing, it's not really relevant to you tho. Everybody else is preparing for orientation. Ur character should also receive their paradox mon, which u can choose from the fanmade Pokedex on the front page. My character (zeph, battle instructor) has just finished a battle with Mijumarulover (sammy) and are discussing it.

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Alrighty thanks ^^)) Molly waited, she was already in the building. Her eevee was hiding- or at least trying to. Her backpack was a bit too small for the eevee to fit. She stroked her eevee.
Pfp Drawn by me. Its CC aka the one and only Carrot cake. (Most ppl know him as crying child tho) Also i am garbage at QoL so don't expect an amazing siganture
Pandora noticed a girl standing next to the entrance. "Hi!" she said, greeting the girl.
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Full credits here. PFP => Salty_Lightning on Pinterest Button => Kaelwolfur
Feral Fangs's AvatarFeral Fangs
Feral Fangs's Avatar
(Also, if you want, you can also use the new PFQ Paradox Pokémon, Stone Horn, which is an ancient version of Rhyhorn) Caelan nodded, "Right." he didn't personally hear the ping, but when Rosey started scanning her environment, he asked her, "Something wrong?"
Molly turned her head, the eevee tried to bury it's face. "Oh hello." Molly said, smiling
Snowy Fox's AvatarSnowy Fox
Snowy Fox's Avatar
hm? Oh, theres something..... Different here now...... Hm...... Anyway, lets keep moving..... A shiny flutter mane watches from the distance. ........
"I will," says Sammy, holding Aaron's Poké Ball. "He's new to this place, kinda like I am," he states.
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"What a cute Eevee," she said. "What's their name?" Pandora was staring at the ball of fluff that currently was trying to hide in her backpack.
Molly shrugged. "She doesn't respond to names, only eevee."

Pages: 123··· 3334353637··· 596061

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