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PK's Happy Landfill (free pkmn art)

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POLL: Should I do shiny/albino/melan versions of each drawing?

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Psychøkin's AvatarPsychøkin
Psychøkin's Avatar
Hello! Welcome to the Happy Landfill, a free pokemon art dump thread. Anything I post here is free to use with proper credit (you can credit me as PK or pkism to make it shorter) If you need help crediting art, here's a handy link for how to do it. I don't require that you link back to this thread, but I would appreciate it! Rules: > General comments and critiques are more than welcome. I'm trying to get better at drawing pokemon so any tips are nice and I love attention > You may post/pm me pokemon suggestions, but it won't guarantee that I'll draw it. No pokesonas or anything super specific, please. > You may crop/resize the art to fit your needs. x Do not trace/heavily recolor any of my art (acceptable recoloring is adjusting the saturation/brightness to your liking. Black and white is ok too). If you want art in a different color, such as a shiny form, let me know and I can quickly edit it for you. It will look much nicer this way, trust me. General info about the artist/FAQ > The program I use is Clip Studio Paint Pro > I use a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet that's like 7 years old lol > I've been drawing digitally for about 6 years (I couldn't figure out what to do with my tablet until like a year after I got it haha) Now without further ado, heeeeere's the art. Updated: 5/20


Shiny Cleffa

Team Flesh Ribbons (Glaceon and Sylveon)






Lurantis Sprite




Shiny Lopunny

Skitty + shiny

Shiny Deino

Charizard X + shiny

Lucario + shiny

Eevee + shiny

Turtwig + shiny

Mew + shiny

Victini + shiny


Umbreon (+ shiny and melan)

Absol + shiny

Joltik + shiny

Magikarp + shiny

Growlithe + shiny

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Psychøkin's AvatarPsychøkin
Psychøkin's Avatar
(reserving a post for possible overflow)
DragonBane7's AvatarDragonBane7
DragonBane7's Avatar
Can I suggest entei whismur or phantump?
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Katskip's AvatarKatskip
Katskip's Avatar
May i suggest Flareon or Vaporeon?
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Future legendary shiny/albino/melan hunt
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syre's Avatarsyre
syre's Avatar
Wowee! I love your style ^▽^ If you are taking suggestions, I would love to see a Zoroark or Ninetales!
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CSY's AvatarCSY
CSY's Avatar
If you're taking suggestions, Volcarona?
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trashförmer's Avatartrashförmer
trashförmer's Avatar
I love your art so much!!! May i suggest a Noivern, Goodra or Florges, if you want suggestions, they are all beautiful Pokemon and they are great for practicing detailing skills
Obstagoon's AvatarObstagoon
Obstagoon's Avatar
PK <3 You know I love your art, when you have time mayhaps you will draw my fave dark birds: Honchkrow and Mandibuzz
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oh my gosh, your art work is amazing! I would love to see you draw Aegislash, if you have time that is. <3 P.S I love your drawing of Scolipede so much!
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Psychøkin's AvatarPsychøkin
Psychøkin's Avatar
Wow thanks for all the comments/requests guys :D Gonna try to gradually get through at least one suggestion per person. The first three have been added to the first post owo

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