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A trip through Memory Lane (For As One)

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This is for a roleplay called As One. If you are not falimiar with the roleplay then this fic may not make much sense, but can be understood regardless. Withouth further ado, heres the fic: Thoughts were a blur of memories and voices, but most were very negative. It was hard to keep up with how fast everything was moving. Thoughts would shift from one to the other in quick succession. But one thought stood out among the rest. "Give up, Pokemon Ranger! I'm not in the mood to deal with you right now! So unless you want to end up like these holes in the cliff I just made with my Hydreigon, then LEAVE!" Julian's voice rung out, echoing across an unfamiliar canyon. He didn't seem to be fused, which made sense, since this is a memory of the past. Sure enough, he was facing a ranger who was impossible to make out. The memories shifted their features so it was impossible to tell their gender or appearance. They didn't seem to be saying anything, but whenever Julian flew off on his hydreigon to a different area of the canyon, the ranger would follow The thoughtscape shifted again, this time rock shrapnel flying all over the place as a Tyranitar rampaged against the Ranger, who ever-so-calmly wielded their Capture Styler with such grace and elegance the capture line was impossible for the big pseudolegandary to catch. It was only a matter of time before the capture was complete and the Tyranitar was passified, much to the fury of Julian. Memories shifted again, to an unfamiliar figure and her Malamar talking with Julian. The ranger was nowhere in sight. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN FIRED? IM SINGLE HANDEDLY THE ONE BRINGING STRENGTH TO THIS TEAM??" "Your brute strength is a detriment. You are destroying the habitats of the pokemon we wish to free. How do you think the pokemon will feel, seeing that their home is in shambles with nothing remaining?" "What about all the grunts that I trained? And the pokemon I helped them to get?" "You were the one that people liked the least. Even the tech guy got more votes than you, and he hardly ever shows his face." "YOU'LL REGRET THIS! YOU'RE GOING TO COME CRAWLING BACK AFTER GETTING BEATEN BY THAT RANGER PUNK, CRYING OUT FOR ME TO SAVE YOU BECAUSE IM THE ONE WITH THE STRONGEST POKEMON. BUT I WON'T" "I'm certain we will not miss you. Julian. Good luck with your future endeavors. because you will certainly need them with an attitude like a child." "CHILD????" The memory cuts off there, an eery silence after the screaming that was once present. A few last memories faintly comes into view. One where Julian is sitting faced away, tied up in a ranger base somewhere of unknown orgin, and Julian in the same pose, not tied up, but facing away from a house. It was hard to tell, but it looked like he might have been crying in that last one. A tyrunt sits next to him, comforting him. In the ranger scene, no such pokemon is there until much later. The tyrantrum just sits with him. It offers to break the rope, but Julian refuses. Both of them sit there in silence during what looks like the middle of the night. That memory skips forwards in time to the morning, where the pokemon is dragged away. The memories began looping, from the confromtation of the ranger, to the fight, to the exile, to the sulking, repeating. Theres nothing more here.
Avatar drawn by me. Summon image and description by me, while code by aud.rey, for my use only!

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