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2024 PFQ Goals

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RosyBird's AvatarRosyBird
RosyBird's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by RosyBird

My Card

Happy to update my card with a melan! Overall would've preferred a male sneasel (love that long feather), but I love her <3
kiwipen's Avatarkiwipen
kiwipen's Avatar

March 30th

What...even are these albino hunts? My Jangmo AND Turtonator hunts both ended in surprise mels. I'll take them, but they weren't at all what I asked for (nor were they required!!) I was obviously quite lucky that today was Sei+POTD for the Pokemon I was already chaining but, still. Happy all over. I got all my Training Bags needed for Credits farming, and I got some egg passes for easier Wooloo chaining. Still not quite at where I wanna be, but I plan on supplementing them as I can. Debating how I wanna get my first bingo - I chose a lot of pricy options!! Maybe Bounsweet next....

Bingo Sheet

Wishalloy Normal
Paldea Library EggDex 100%
Nintendium Fairy
x50 BoxBoxes
100 Fields
x50 Shaderoot
50 Trade Slots
Albino Bounsweet x3
Exclusive Library EggDex 100%
Arceus Rank
Variant Library EggDex 100%
Melanistic Noibat
Melan Wooloo
Nintendium Dragon
Nintendium Ghost
20 Million Credits in Vault
Albino Jangmo x3
Nintendium Grass
Melan Togepi
Galar Library EggDex 100%
Melan Mimikyu
1 Year of Hypermode
5000 Daycare Passes

QUOTE originally posted by AstrayedHannah

only took a few months but hiii croc Anyways I set some goals up for myself this year, in hopes of motivating myself to play a bit more. 1. Achieve more Wishalloy badges (even one would be nice). 2. Work on art (more of a personal art goal than pfq goal, but I list it anyways) 3. get a bingo- I hunt legends man, this is gonna be hardmode.

My Card

Truthfully some of these are 'reclaims'... as in I've gotten the melan before, but I sold it or gave it away for various reasons, but hey, gotta make use of my 60+ legend chains lol
Hatched Enamorus today and managed to swap back for my original one! :D So I am counting that as complete!
Peckish's AvatarPeckish
Peckish's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Peckish

Wow 2024!!! I have a couple goals this year: Hatch 5 Melans 5/5 ✔ Do 2 Exclusive Hunts 0/2 Lead Grass Team in July Get Melan Zarude Get top 100 in 20 tournaments

My Card

Just hatched my 5th melan this year! 1 goal down ^^
Icon by Flyeahfy for my use Grookey
120/250 Till my Zarude hunt!
ETV331's AvatarETV331
ETV331's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by ETV331

My Card

Checked off two more melans on my card recently: Pawmi and Togepi. Crazy to think I've gotten 7 of my 10 melans in just over 3 months.
Take care of yourself. Mental health matters! PFP by Silver Raven. Need a mass clicklist for your Type Race? Check out my journal!
Score: 2641
Badge by LycanKai
Tempura778's AvatarTempura778
Tempura778's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Tempura778

- Hatch a Delta Melan (Obtained, ditto)

My Card


Extra Melans

Although I haven’t made major progress on the bingo board, I’ve at least hit some personal milestones: First self-hatched Melan Discovery (Archaludon) and first Delta Melan (Ralts) last week, with Stone Horn being my first shiny discovery. Wishforge Grass is also on its way to Nintendium
The fiery gal and good luck charm:
× 8 / 1000
An eventual Melan Munkidori hunt Credit to BlueBlissey for September ‘23 Normal Trophy
queenweiss's Avatarqueenweiss
queenweiss's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by queenweiss

I’m super late but I’d like to share some of my goals for this year! 1. I want to get wishalloy with either ice or electric by the end of the year 2. Eventually I want to start an art shop with one of my friends 3. I’d like to save enough credits before normal tr in order to hunt silvally!

My Card

Good luck to everyone and I hope everyone has a good year!
Small update! - I’m upgrading my electric badge so only one step away from wishalloy - Finally got my female melan houndoom!
Pfp made by Sherrie <3
5/500 Thunder Fangs Collected
Will buy for 100k credits/100 gp/20 zc

QUOTE originally posted by silentspecters

- snip -

My Card

no bingo squares yet as I've been focusing on my smaller goals while I'm waiting for the daycare change, but I have made some good badge progress and I did hatch my melan snivy! I also opened the hunt spots I was debating and have taken a slight detour to doing my first tiny legend hunt, so here's hoping something comes of it :>

QUOTE originally posted by JustCallMeMochi

My Hunt Card

Melan Vulpix Line
Melan Alolan Vulpix Line
Melan Tillink Line
Melan Greavard
Albino Noismog
Melan Sugarcoatl
Albino Kitwurm
Melan Chilldoom
Shiny Jestur (Both Comedy and Tragedy)
Shiny Bubbly Frillish (Male and Female)
Albino Apocalyptic Growlithe
Albino Lunamor
Albino Snowpoke Line
Albino Orthworm
Melan Amaura Line
Melan Snowpoke
Shiny Milotic
Albino Bubbly Frillish
Melan Gastly
Albino Siberian Glameow

My Goal Card

Ghost Mythril Badge
Electric Mythril Badge
Normal Mythril Badge
A Melan per Month (3/12 Complete)
Water Mythril Badges
500 Victory Medals by End of '24
Flying Mythril Badge
Dragon Mythril Badge
Rock Mythril Badge
Ground Mythril Badge
Fairy Mythril Badge
Bug Mythril Badge
Old Goal Complete: All Gold Badges
Lead Team Ice (October)
Steel Mythril Badge
Ice and Dark Wishalloy Badges
Enough Specials for a Christmas Giveaway/Raffle
Grass Mythril Badge
Fighting Mythril Badge
Fire Mythril Badge
Poison Mythril Badge
Psychic Mythril Badge
Lead Team Dragon (May (Birth Month))
3 of Every Z-Crystal in Inventory
Lead Team Rock (September)
not a huge update, but i have bug mythril and i'm on the way to getting everything else to mythril!

Mochi ✪ 21 ✪ they/he/kit

Your local catboy hoarding quirky, bashful, and docile mons!
Odds and Ends - Orthrus' - My Guide

Type Race and Hunts!

Score: 1782
Made by LycanKai
Current Hunt: Orthworm! Most Recent Melan: Nincada!
Coded by Me! Credits
LunaOokami's AvatarLunaOokami
LunaOokami's Avatar

Bingo Card

2nd Master Dark
1st Master Dragon
1st Master Ghost
Managed to complete my 'get a mela legend' square Sunday, a melan Chien-Pao. Taken me a few days to update as I still can't quite believe it's real. The sprite is gorgeous. Hoping with me being poison for TR I'll knock off that Veno square next. Although I have a suspicion that it's I do get a mela Venonat it won't be quirky so won't count.
Buying G.Orbs @ 45zc Send trade or post here

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