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2024 PFQ Goals

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QUOTE originally posted by Tempura778

-- - Host Ghost TR next month (Birthmonth) (Obtained)

My Card

Ghost's leader this month! Another personal goal met
The fiery gal and good luck charm: Credit to BlueBlissey for September ‘23 Normal Trophy
Ryko Seratuno's AvatarRyko Seratuno
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keep things less cluttered

QUOTE originally posted by Ryko Seratuno

Enough procrastinating me time to get your goals written down. Right so, uh, my goals for PFQ this year, got a few, some small some large but I'll go over them anyway. Edit 1: 28/Jan 1) While I have many Melan Hunts I'd like to do, I have to admit I change my mind quite a lot, so I'll put a list here and hope it keeps me on track.

the list

Cyclizar, need one more from that hunt and I'm done. Latias, I just want to get this done so I can say I did a Legend Hunt, unfortunately summons are difficult to get but hey I'll manage... might try and do that as a birthday hunt in March... Buneary, a Female one, need to return to this because the last time I did I got like 4 Males and it was mildly frustrating. Electrike, just for a change of pace, also to Badge Work. Aerodactyl, because a Fossil would be neat. Alolan Sandshrew, honestly I just like the mon. Johto Sneasel, This is a rehunt, had to sell the previous ones I had to keep things going. Female Amaura, I will admit, I like going for Rare Genders and this is no exception. Kanto Vulpix/Growlithe, I have the Alolan Vulpix and Hisuian Growlithe Lines, these would complete the set. Galarian Ponyta, Redemption Arc for the mon in general, it was the first Melan Hunt I did and did not treat me well at the time, if I get a Melan before 6031 I'll consider it a win. Eevee, come on now, if you've hunted Melans this has been on your list at some point. Kangaskhan, I like the mon, I want it, so it's on my list. Unovan Zorua, well at the time of posting it's Type Race and I'm continuing the hunt but I already have the Hisuian Zorua line, this'd complete the set. Litwick, an abandoned prior TR Hunt, want to finish it. Scyther, another mon I particularly like so it's on the list. Espurr, honestly for a joke, somewhere else Espurr is referred to as Arson Cat so that's about it, I'd like a Melan Arson Cat. Shiny Mew, keeping my reasons private on this one but I want to hunt it, not a Melan, Latias is already gonna take my time on that one. Phanpy, this is a reclaim hunt, reminds of a Ground TR where we joked that if one more person got a Melan Phanpy we'd have a herd, then I happened. Budew, hrm, just to see how painful Incense hunts can be to be honest with you. Doduo, see Kangaskhan. Rockruff, Badge Work hunt to be honest, but I do like the mon. Minior, because unlike a certain game we can actually tell when something is special on the site, also like the mon.
2) I'm just put the rest of my goals in another hidebox, it'll be easier and less wall of texty unless people go look at it.

other goals

Wishforge, I really need to focus on this, some of my badges are pitifully low and that's just not gonna cut it in the future, so gonna try and get as much progress done on this as possible. Ultra Necrozium-Z, I have the tools available to me to get one of these and I honestly should get one of these, so I'm going to get one of these. More Fields, considering making a Living Dex on here so having more fields would very much enable that. Roleplay, this might be odd but I do have a Roleplay on here that I'd like to see continue, it also keeps my English skills sharp so that in and of itself is a boon to me. A Shop, I want to make one of these except actually have it be done properly, so at some point I'll be on the lookout to commission fancy graphics for that purpose.
And that's it from me, not much but it's something!
And that's Rockruff off of my list. Also the first of three Buneary, havn't struck the task out though since I want three.
Lostlorn's AvatarLostlorn
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My goals for PFQ in 2024!
  1. Start a journal -- This is mostly because my About Me is getting a bit too unwieldly for my liking. Having a journal would give me more space for hunts/goals/statistics/rambles.
  2. Reach 128 fields -- Counted the cost with Eltafez's calculator and found out that this will take me another 5mil credits even with max Novan bonuses—I think this is still acheiveable for this year though!
  3. Fill new fields with S+S hordes of favourite pokemon -- Will expend this in a future journal haha, but the gist is that everyone has to have at least bitter preference for easy mass clicking.
  4. Obtain 5,000 point each for every month's Type Race. -- Originally this is set at 3,000 points, but I did so well during January's that I thought I should aim a bit higher.
  5. Reach Platinum wishgem badge for every type.
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QUOTE originally posted by abingy

My Card

Melan Ferroseed added <3 He's my first two in a row! (excluding the free square)
Trade Shop - Summons, S/A, Charm Rentals/Swaps, Egg Supplier Pass Rentals Credits
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RosyBird's AvatarRosyBird
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Arceus rank has been achieved! My upcoming hunts are pidove and wingull for type race so I’m excited for those as well :]

QUOTE originally posted by JUSTICEBEETLE


bingo :)

NEW GUY! i finally got silcoon <3 i'm freeeeeee from wurms although i'm realizing i made it really hard to actually get a bingo...... oh well!!!
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CrayonCroc's AvatarCrayonCroc
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1/42 She's a doll, really, and a BEAUTIFUL melan but she was the only egg in the party that didn't hatch Impish... If no one buys her in the next week-ish, I'm thinking of adding her to my team ground raffle. Regardless, she should be proud, she beat my 'earliest melan' record by a mile! Hope someone really enjoys her no matter how they get her.

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Host 5 TR Teams! 1/5
Get Wishalloy Fairy + Steel Badges
While I'm here, it's been 20+ days since last time, here's how stuff's going: 1) Site Tracking - Hunt spreadsheet is getting chipped at nicely! It's not pretty and I've yet to implement any graphs / tables, but the raw junk's all there whenever I get the energy to play with it. There's three sheets at this moment: 1. A day-by-day breakdown of what I'm hunting, what boosts I've got, how many eggs I hatched that day, what specials I hatched that day, etc. 2. Mega sheet for short chains over the course of the year. Tables of typerace hunts are slowly populating this one. Contains links to every single special I hatch this year as I do, where it goes in the chain, etc. 3. Same as above but specifically just for my long chains this year: Klefki and Furfrou.

daily preview

"daily view" preview from january typerace / seviper chain

Klefki chain preview

missing the klefki from before I started keeping track, unfortunately, but very interesting nonetheless. Albinos are kind of guessing games since I don't always remember the exact order I hatch the eggs in, but a difference of 1-3 eggs shouldn't be a huge deal.
Ah, and I set up an art shop finally! I've been meaning to since I came back. Got a commission too, and took a 'private' one from a friend as well. The trade shop? Uh... yeah that's still rotting in my journal. You win some you lose some

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Halographic's AvatarHalographic
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my goal if i keep playing is to get arceus !!!! i have no idea on how to go about getting it lol, but once this type race is over i think i'll end my current hunt and just go wild with getting those random eggs i'm missing, since that's my bottleneck atm > . <
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Ryko Seratuno's AvatarRyko Seratuno
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Use Type race as an excuse to target any typed eggs you're missing that match, after that... well don't hunt, because Eggs will start breaking chain and that becomes quite the pain.
Tempura778's AvatarTempura778
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QUOTE originally posted by Tempura778


My Card

No new additions to the card, but I managed to get another 1500 points this TR!

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