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not an older account myself but i love tales of early site jank
i'm a silly guy that likes trains.
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2009? 2010 pf1 user sign up here please take me out back 😭 I was actually looking for the old kingdom hearts custom sprites recently and I remembered there was a thread on pfq as a farewell of sorts to pf1! The wiki also has some og variants/fakemon that either haven't been added to pfq, or in the case of some like the og deinglitch or valentines cs, I guess just aren't going to be updated to their new pfq versions? LIES Goddddd I remember the events system it was horrid, big oofs. I don't think I can do it justice by explaining, but as best I can it was a % chance to have an egg or Pokemon put directly into your party depending where in the top 1000 users you placed (0.1% - 100% iirc). Got a full party at the time of distribution? Oh well, too bad, you missed your chance 🙃 It might have been changed to the current pfq method at some point late in life, but I have a very distinct memory of the artist smeargle event where you had to pick some colours, and depending how close you were to the preselected ones you got one of four custom sprites. I picked a colour close enough to get a sprite, but my party was full when they were distributed orz rip me And very vivid memories of the tablet summon mons, having to take the tablet to Doug to recharge it or activate it or smth, and he'd give you a summon item to hold onto as collateral while he charged it. Turns out if you clicked on his Prinplup it'd steal the summon from you and Doug would just go tough luck buddy. Bring me my summon back or you don't get your tablet :) SIR PLEASE U SAW THAT ?????? The party page also let you spin your Pokemon around if you mashed the arrows long enough and fast enough. And sending confused Pokemon on scour missions was so broken to my memory. PFLite being...what it was orz Hey kid, you wanna click fast? Here, open 30 tabs all at once on an eyeburn white/light mode website and they'll autoclose after you click the berry. iirc at some point the berries would change positions in the line up, because I remember being frustrated at trying to feed the right berry and just giving up and mashing the same spot 🤔 The pikafarm quest was also such a feverdream :') here's a bright yellow website where all the text is pikaspeak good god. But hey, you got a light ball from it, though I can't remember what on earth that was used for. ZC was, at some point, Dark Crystals. I feel like there was a different name for it before that, but I do remember certain Pokemon would change from if you gave them a dark crystal (kaboom Torchic/pfq inferno torchic, and I think the shadow mons like Larvitar and Espeon). Ohhhhh and two distinct premiums (ye olde hypermode) too. One called Premium, with a Lugia userbar, and the other Ultimate with a Ho-oh userbar iirc. I'm pretty sure the ultimate was more expensive with all the bells and whistles, and premium was a cheaper one with some bells but no whistles y'know. At some point they were consolidated into one premium upgrade. 14 years of my life with pokefarm in it good lord send help that's too many years haha I'll sometimes be doing my thing on pfq and just get hit a sudden memory of how it was on pf1 like oop okay I'm glad this is a massive improvement over how it was :')
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i think i joined pf1 within a few months of its opening. o_o it was,,, something else. i have this super vivid memory of looking at someone's profile and seeing their status was something to the effect of "i'm married to x creepypasta character, dont talk to me if you think they love you more than me!" MAN i wish i had screenshot because it still makes me laugh 😂 I kind of miss the quests though, especially the missingno. quest. I love that some of the old variants and exclusives came back! orkit and deinglitch my beloved <3

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There was also the Regi statue quest, where you had to visit NPC pages through the site. And not to mention the Kyurem and splicers issues. If you missed those events that were only held once or very few times, could not finish your dex there and get Sally the System Salamence 'mon. :) And shiny hunting Reshiram or Zekrom, required the mystery orb event for every egg and even then, people kind of had to get others to help by releasing their eggs for such hunts. I was one of those able to transfer some of my dream world pokémon here before they stopped allowing their transfers. Only ones I couldn't was the Zapdos and team used to fight it in the dream world. Since I was up to that, when the site was switching to PFQ. Joined PF1 August 10 2010, so a bit later after it opened but still has been many years.
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