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Paradox of Dreams

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(Epithymia) I wandered down the Pathway of Dreams, looking for other Paradox Dreamers. I knew there were other Pokemon out there. Just where exactly were they? I'd recovered one dream fragment out of a dream. Suddenly, I wandered into another. The land was an endless plain. The light of the dawn was just crowning the horizon. But then it warped into a dark cave, a prison. Lava bubbled up and then light poured from the ceiling. I broke free of chains and soared into the sky. I saw a shard hidden in a cloud, so I dived towards it. I grabbed it and then, suddenly, I was pulled back to the real world. The fragment was of a different dream than the first, but it was progress.
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Snowy Fox's AvatarSnowy Fox
Snowy Fox's Avatar
Blue moon is wandering around some of the darker dreams, looking for some dream fragments, the current dream she is in resembles one of a sort of abandoned lab place..... hmmm.... This dream looks quite interesting.....
pfp credit goes to cryst! And any custom pmd sprites credit goes Here! those whose memories fade seek to carve them into their hearts..... all dreams are but another reality..... Never forget..... Never forget these words......
Epithymia finds a Mega Umbreon, stuck in a dream. She joins her. An abandoned lab... with some old, cold eggs sitting on a counter. Hmm.... There! Epythimia thinks in excitement. She pulls a fragment from under one of the eggs, but the scene doesn't change... until one of the eggs starts to crack open.
Snowy Fox's AvatarSnowy Fox
Snowy Fox's Avatar
blue moon doesnt seem too fazed..... Until an eevee comes stumbling out of the egg..... Its coat resembling that of a shiny eevee..... huh....?
Epythimia jumps back. "Umm...." she mutters, calculating. "Is it... going to die? This is a dream... but what if?" she asks the Shiny Mega Umbreon. "Oh, by the way, my name's Epythimia. What's yours?"
Snowy Fox's AvatarSnowy Fox
Snowy Fox's Avatar
my name is blue moon, or just moon, or blue, any of them work for me. The eevee seems alright..... For now at least.....
Epythimia nods in agreement. "I hope we can find another shard of this dream..." a glittering... thing catches her eye in the corner, and she says, "What if there's something up there? If you want, you can see if it's a shard. I need to keep an eye on this Eevee... shiny Eevee."
Snowy Fox's AvatarSnowy Fox
Snowy Fox's Avatar
affirmative. Blue moon goes over to check the glimmering thing.
"Wait... I've seen the end of this dream before." I flash back to one of the dreams I'd seen. Three shiny Eevees crawled up out of the lab by breaking the walls, and escaping into light. Then, a soft voice began to sing, A bed of light, A dark, cold night, A world without sight. Only one can make the plight. Only one can make it bright. But it is the one who is in the dreams...
Snowy Fox's AvatarSnowy Fox
Snowy Fox's Avatar
Blue moon enters a room with a chamber with smashed glass, and a motionless scientist, and it has an eerie air to it, but she does find the glimmering thing, and it does seem to be a dream shard, and she picks it up, and she puts it in a satchel she has, and she looks around the room, and it seems like something bad went down here.... Perhaps the remnants of an escape? hmm......

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