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Croc's F2U Bait

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Buggs's AvatarBuggs
Buggs's Avatar
Gonna use the G. Ponyta Bait
Avatar by Cledànio
CrayonCroc's AvatarCrayonCroc
CrayonCroc's Avatar
a bump! Sorry it's not an art one, February got busy for me, but I should have a new addition soon <3

My Name: Croc! My Site Pokesona's Name: Rocco!
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March 16th!
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CrayonCroc's AvatarCrayonCroc
CrayonCroc's Avatar
Howdy all, an unfortunate update: It seems all of the discord links I have been using for my artwork on site have broken. Hover/Tap for my current hypothesis
I think this was caused by me removing all parts of the image link after '.png', and discord has started purging images that do not contain those qualifiers from appearing off its platform.
The images + links in the main post have already been fixed and replaced. If you've used one of my baits, please take the time to swap out the codes wherever you've used them. I apologize for my lack of foresight. There's been speculation discord has been trying to combat being used as a file host for months, and I did not buy into it at all due to there being no official announcement. (Still isn't, but now I'm just not risking it.) Anything previously uploaded has been moved to the PFQ image host and I'll leave them that way permanently for ease. I'll be trying out some other image host sites and hopefully I hit one that is reliable. In case of something breaking again in the future, I've also started backing up the baits and even more of my old artwork. So even if my image host goes off the deep end I can pack up and put 'em somewhere else to keep the links alive. Thanks for readin, take care guys o7
Sylvannis's AvatarSylvannis
Sylvannis's Avatar
Thanks for the fix! I haven’t used your spectacular bait for hunts yet~ I just love to look at it 💕 I’ll have to be sure to order from you ahead of my next official hunt.
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Badge Credit to LycanKai
Canis's AvatarCanis
Canis's Avatar
I love your art style! It's very nice to look at. :-) I'm going to use the Galarian Ponyta bait for type race.
Jonah 23 She/her Artist & writer. Icon by Pokespe. Journal.
Cinnamonn's AvatarCinnamonn
Cinnamonn's Avatar
Heya! Are you able to do a trubbish one?
CrayonCroc's AvatarCrayonCroc
CrayonCroc's Avatar
a bump :]

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