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Croc's F2U Bait

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CrayonCroc's AvatarCrayonCroc
CrayonCroc's Avatar
Howdy! Croc here. I've decided to start working on more Pokemon art. It sparks joy, and baits just seemed like a good way to spread the fun o/ I will make this pretty later. And add more Pokemon LOL Current list: ??? Dialga ???
All PFQ rules apply Bait links back here, but I'd appreciate a name-drop credit somewhere. :] All bait is free-to-use ONLY on Pokefarm. Do not ask me permission to upload elsewhere, it will not be given. Resizing of images should be the only edits made. Images come 500x500. Codes for the gif + individual S/A/M images are all there, so you can choose which you'd like.



GIF: [url=https://pfq.link/~V67D][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/:JlTL/scheepsam.gif[/img][/url] Shiny: [url=https://pfq.link/~V67D][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/:JlTL/schweeps.png[/img][/url] Albino: [url=https://pfq.link/~V67D][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/:JlTL/schweepa.png[/img][/url] Melanistic: [url=https://pfq.link/~V67D][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/:JlTL/schweepm.png[/img][/url]



GIF: [url=https://pfq.link/~V67D][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/:JlTL/tfsam.gif[/img][/url] Shiny: [url=https://pfq.link/~V67D][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/:JlTL/tfs.png[/img][/url] Albino: [url=https://pfq.link/~V67D][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/:JlTL/tfa.png[/img][/url] Melanistic: [url=https://pfq.link/~V67D][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/:JlTL/tfm.png[/img][/url]

Galarian Ponyta!


GIF: [url=https://pfq.link/~V67D][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/:JlTL/gptasam.gif[/img][/url] Shiny: [url=https://pfq.link/~V67D][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/:JlTL/gptas.png[/img][/url] Albino: [url=https://pfq.link/~V67D][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/:JlTL/gptaa.png[/img][/url] Melanistic: [url=https://pfq.link/~V67D][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/:JlTL/gptam.png[/img][/url]
Feel free to suggest Pokemon you'd like to see, and I'll draw 'em if I want / have time. No restrictions, I'll do evolved, legends, etc. if I like 'em. You can also guarantee I'll draw a bait you want by ordering from my art shop! Thanks for dropping by o/

My Name: Croc! My Site Pokesona's Name: Rocco!
| 22
March 16th!
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They/Them Pog/Crab-self Neos Masculine Desc. Preferred

F2U Hunt BaitsMy Art Shop!credits


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Dachsbuns's AvatarDachsbuns
Dachsbuns's Avatar
oh my gosh, i just REALLY wanted to drop in and say your art style is SO fun!!!!! i love that happy lil grin theyve got!!!!! im sure youll get lots of requests, please keep up the amazing work!!!
HE/HIM • 20 Y/O • ART SHOP! bg/icon by silver raven!
CrayonCroc's AvatarCrayonCroc
CrayonCroc's Avatar
Art + Update Bump! Talonflame has been added
my art, ofc! go get the link at the first post
I'm working on setting up a bait shop! You're free to leave a post here saying you're using one of these + suggest another mon, but soon you'll be able to guarantee I draw another mon for ya by ordering o/ Also, I've edited the sparkles to fit the site ones better! The old Schweepy gif should work fine, but the links have all been updated
Invisible's AvatarInvisible
Invisible's Avatar
Love your art style, and really cool to see some of these wonderful baits are F2U! Just wanted to throw out that Ditto could be a cute one to consider, or maybe another blob buddy! Look forward to seeing art of any Pokemon from ya :]
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Griseous Orb

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krusifiied's Avatarkrusifiied
krusifiied's Avatar
please pm me if you were to open a shop! your art is so good :] !
pup 7TEEN nonbinary girlflux
image drawn by me, emoticons from caterpie carrd
Buggs's AvatarBuggs
Buggs's Avatar
Ahhh can I request a Gardevoir! I want my Melan gal someday :0
Avatar by Cledànio
Heyhey!! I love the baits so far :] Would like to suggest Sprigatito for you to consider, if you're able to!

+ Starlight!
| They/She/He
+ Neopronouns, feel free to ask!
| 19
August 7th

Hisuian Zorua/Sprigatito enthusiast!
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Buggs's AvatarBuggs
Buggs's Avatar
Oooo could I request a Togepi instead I'm hunting them as my permanent one
May I request Plusle por favor? :D
Make sure you're taking care of yourself, your mental health, and physical health <3
CrayonCroc's AvatarCrayonCroc
CrayonCroc's Avatar
Galarian Ponyta has been added!
my art, ofc! go get the link at the first post
My art shop has been made o7 If you want to guarantee I draw a Pokemon you like you can find it here Kanto Ponyta is next, I have the lines done (same pose as this) just need to color o/

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