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The day was calm, as is most days around Treasure Town. The ground had shaken the night before and those awake in the night would whisper about something unusual that happened in the sky at the same time. But nothing seemed to be damaged, and no one was hurt, so everyone went about their day as usual... All of them unaware that the world around them.. was about to turn upside down. ~~~~~~~~~~
Lucien woke with a start, he didn't sleep well last night with all the rumbling under his hooves, and as he tried to shake the sleep away with the morning light he wandered outside. "I... I'm gonna do it. Today... I... I... I've got to try!" He said with a quivering voice, before his attention was brought to something behind some bushes. "Huh? What's that..?"
Madonnya's AvatarMadonnya
Madonnya's Avatar
In the distance a rather dark looking Meowth sat up and shook her head, her eyes adjusting to the world around her. "Nyah?" she mumbled as her eyes scanned the area. "Where am I?" "What is this place?" She then started to panic slightly as she reached up to her coin, a sigh of happy relief. "Oh thank goodness!" A small purr escaped her lips. "But really..where am I? Hello?"
Lucien continued to look around until he noticed the Meowth. He never saw one that looked like her before. Her dark blue fur and dimmed eyes were not like any Meowth he's ever heard of. Trying to be brave, he decided to approach the girl, wondering if she was lost or hurt. "H-hello? Miss Meowth..? Are you okay?" He asked as he slowly came lnto view. "You're not hurt.. are you?"
Madonnya's AvatarMadonnya
Madonnya's Avatar
"Huh?" The Meowth turned her head as soon as she heard an unfamiliar voice, wondering if maybe another human had found her. As the Mareep came into view she gave a small worried smile. "H-hello there! Uhmm..." she looked around a little, "I'm not hurt, just..confused. Have you seen my trainer around anywhere? She's a little girl with a big poofy pink dress!"
The Mareep tilted his head in confusion. "Uh... trainer? Who's that?" He asked with slight hesitation. "I... don't remember seeing any other Pokémon around.. especially any who would wear... a... dress?" He seemed to ask as he tried to fathom what a dress was. "Is she your sister? A friend? M-maybe we can find her!"
Madonnya's AvatarMadonnya
Madonnya's Avatar
"Wh-what do you mean?" The Meowth frowned slightly and rubbed the back of her head. "My trainer isn't a--" She did another quick glance around, her ears slightly to the side. "Huh. Now that I look around..I don't see any trainers here." She looked back to the Mareep with a slightly playful smile. "Ah nono it's fine! I'm sure I'll find her eventually! But..where ARE we, exactly? Mis--..Mister?" --------------- "Ah, Lucien honey there you are! The guild master is looking for you." Out came the sultry, yet soothing voice of a Mega Lopunny. She rested her hands on her hips with a small chuckle. "I see you've made a new friend. Wonderful ♡ And here I thought you were doing map work again♡"
Lucien looked a little worried as this Meowth seemed more lost than before to him. "We're on the outskirts of Treasure Town. It's actually a good thing you wound up around here! The guild is a great place for lost poke-- huh?" He turned his head as he heard the sultry voice before jumping. "AH! M-miss Symone!" He stuttered before bowing his head to her for a moment. "W-w-what does the guildmaster want with me...? I... I'm not even part of the guild.." he seemed to whisper under his breath before shaking his head. "Um... well, actually... this Meowth here seems to have been separated from her partner. M... maybe the guild could help find her?" He asked sheepishly, a nervous smile on his face.
Madonnya's AvatarMadonnya
Madonnya's Avatar
"..Treasure Town? What's a Treasure Town?" The Meowth gently tilted her head to the side. "I--think there's some sort of--ah!" The Meowth looked as the Lopunny approached. Her ears perked a little, she hadn't seen a Mega Lopunny in a long time, there was NO WAY this Lopunny wasn't owned by a strong trainer. She listened to Lucien and the Symone with a small smile on her face. "Thank you both! You really can't miss her! She's the most prettiest human!" A small purr escaped her lips. --------------- "No need to jump. And he's just wanring to make sure everyone is alright~ You know how he can get..Just making sure everyone is staying safe and out of trouble." Symone gently scratched behind Lucien's horns before her attention went back to the Meowth. "Seperated huh? I think the guild can help with th--" Symone raised a brow. "A human? What's a human? Some sort of new pokemon? Never heard..Sorry sweets." Symone playfully shrugged, "Either way, let's get you two back to the guild." She giggled quietly, "I can't have my sweet muy macho losing his feathers worrying about where I'm at♡"
Lucien tilted his head as the Meowth mentioned a human. "Human? Like from the old legends and fairy tales?" He gave a nervous smile before shaking himself a little, some small sparks flying from his wool. "I didn't think humans were still alive." He looked back towards Symone before giving a nervous chuckle. "Heh, y-yeah, can't have Mr. Hawlucha worrying. We'll be right behind you." He nodded before looking back towards the Meowth, a little more hushed. "Is that true? You've seen a human? What are they like? Are they really scary? Do they actually imprison Pokémon? Oh, uh... s-sorry... i... uh... ask a lot of questions, heh.."

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