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Land of Tears

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Ophiela has gone to sleep. Deep sleep. Nobody knows what happened. One moment, she was there. The next, she was gone. "Where is she?" the Caretakers asked. A tiny little child, with black hair and empty black eyes says: "Gone." And melted away. Leaving the Caretakers utterly horrified. ~~~ Ophiela Where was this place? Ophiela poked around. It was raining. She rather liked rain. Rain made her peaceful. It reminded her of her sorrows. She glanced around, looked at the silhoutte of a mountain in the distance, and then stared at a nearby lake. "Interesting," she whispered.
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Bonbon wakes up, under a very warped tree, and she looks around, the mist and rain getting to her, so she shifts to a vaporeon, and she starts trying to explore.
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Ophiela looked at a Vaporeon in front of her. Interesting. She floated over the Vaporeon. "Hello, little one. It appears we are stuck here." ((Also Bonbon there are no trees! There is literally nothing :( But rock. Rain. And the places I mentioned. But whatever. ))
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Upon leaving the massive hole in the ground he just made as a bed, Detsu noticed the rain. Great. Now what would he do with his hair? He got out of the hole and went to go find something to cover the hole with.
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Kaelin's eyes opened, their feathers damp from the rain. Oh. I'm not at home. Where is this? They saw a Jirachi and a Vaporeon in the distance, with a Zoroark somewhere nearby, and considered their options. Well, they were unsure where they were, and others could help, but they didn't want that. Not unless they had to. Kaelin sighed and closed their eyes. Where am I, what can I do, why am I here... I don't understand. Maybe I never will.

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Others were seemingly just appearing out of the rain. More pokemon. Why? Where was he again? Did it really matter?
Orion woke with a start expecting to see his trainers house as he had fallen asleep on the sofa, he was surprised to see nothing but rock and rain and mist and a huge mountain looming in the distance “Well this is certainly… abnormal” He spotted some other Pokémon that were gathering “And who may you be” he cocked his head
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"I'm Ophiela," she said. "Nobody really. I was asleep, and then I just...disappeared I guess. I don't know where this, but I know we are stuck here. It seems to be raining forever here..."
Snowy Fox's AvatarSnowy Fox
Snowy Fox's Avatar
"Yea, I was sleeping after a bad encounter with a seviper and a zangoose.... And now im here...." She seems quite confused by the group of pokemon that have gathered here, and while she feels a little scared of the strange looking zoroark, she swallows her fear and she does her best to stay brave.
“Right then I’m Orion” He stated hopping around looking for a nice place to rest

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