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MerpleSerple's AvatarMerpleSerple
MerpleSerple's Avatar
bless you mods for adding that training bags feature ;v; now i dont have to worry about forgetting to check one of my pokes for bags!! good work youre all doing great!
id die for umbreon and honestly?? my pokemon are perfect and so are yours (Avatar Credit: Rockstar Cookie's sprite from "Cookie Run: Ovenbreak")
Kannameyria's AvatarKannameyria
Kannameyria's Avatar
found a minor issue with the training bags update - if you collect an individual set of bags, and carry on clicking until the all of them have maxxed out their bags, and then choose the 'collect all' it only collects for the other five and doesn't recognise the updated status of the 6th/already collected one. You can get them by remembering to go and refresh the individual pokemon's tab (or refreshing the training page) as per usual - but could we maybe have a reload/refresh button on the information tab too to get around this tiny bug please? Loving this update though :D

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(isn't the Pokefarm 2017 day 11 advent gif just the cutest thing ever :) )
Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
You aren't really supposed to do that XD The button acts as a shortcut for going through the tabs and clicking their buttons.
Clip from Pokémon anime, re-lined by me
Featured story: Injustice Feedback welcome!
Cecilia's AvatarCecilia
Cecilia's Avatar
this update is amazing
All hail Lord Giratina! Also, I made my own profile pic. Yes, it's me. I just realised, in March, that I forgot to remove the part of my sig that had something to do with October. Fail... xD
ThePillEmpire's AvatarThePillEmpire
ThePillEmpire's Avatar
Solid update, good job!
Kannameyria's AvatarKannameyria
Kannameyria's Avatar
true not supposed to, but my Pokemon seem to train at different times of the day and don't generate bags at the same rate, so when you have 6, and 1,4,3,4,2 it feels wasteful sometimes to leave the full bags uncollected while the others catch up (and other times 5 will have 6 and the 6th one is sleeping on the job and doesn't seem to want to generate another bag - go figure) Always thought it would have been nice to have the refresh on the Information tab too, seeing as we have it on the berries alreaady it would just feel more... aethetically connected across the site to have it though. :)
DezertReyn's AvatarDezertReyn
DezertReyn's Avatar
THANK YOU for the newest addition to collecting Training Bags! Gosh, I needed this a long time ago, I'm glad it's finally here! Special thanks to the staff because this was an awesome decision. ♥

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Cele's AvatarCele
Cele's Avatar
I was actually JUST thinking that the registration page needed an overhaul like... two or three days ago? I was looking at it in an incognito window-- didn't remember what it looked like when I made my account. Glad it looks better for people who join from now on! :D
Prf X's AvatarPrf X
Prf X's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Niet

The Registration page has been overhauled. It is now broken down into smaller steps to be less overwhelming, and it also uses the new Trainer Customisation system for the initial process. You can check it out by logging out and looking at it - just don't go actually creating a second account, of course ;)
Look nice I was going to ask about referral links but looking in an incognito tab & using my profile bookmark my user's name was automatic enter in the referral box
LEGO avatar built by me with LDD I always plan for the possibly of a hunt not being complete
we're only human after all
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Scizor's AvatarScizor
Scizor's Avatar
*sweating* doug.
i'm esther! she/her pronouns please! ⊱ ━━━━━━━« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »━━━━━━━ ⊰ journal

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