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Since we're done with the recode, it makes sense to move on from the old updates thread and begin anew. So here are the brand new updates to PFQ!

Ongoing sprite project

Some old sprites for Albino (Leucistic) and Melanistic Pokémon were made before we had specifications to follow. As such, they are being re-made. You can find more information here. This reminder will remain here until the project is completed.

July 2019

July 19th

The Red Gigaremo has been adjusted, halving the rate at which Happiness is lost during its use. — 19/Jul/2019 12:59

June 2019

June 20th

I would just like to mention that the lack of updates in May was mostly caused by the "updates" just being minor bugfixes, tweaks, adjustments, but nothing major. Then we had the server downtime, which was... "fun." Anyway... • I know it's been a while, but if you remember back when we ran the Event that involved "blend a Pokéblock+" as an Objective, the flaws with the Berry Blender became very apparent. I apologise it's taken so long to get around to this, but here we go: Your score is now integrated into the calculations for PB+ generation, as follows: Score = (Perfects x 2) + (Hits) - (Misses) PlusChance = (Score)%, minimum 5%, maximum 50% QuickBlend Plus Chance has been buffed to 15% We hope this resolves the issues you were having with this feature. — 20/Jun/2019 13:16

April 2019

April 15th

• The Zophan Canister purchase form now includes an option to enter how much of a budget you have, and it will tell you how much ZC you can get for that amount of money. Suggestion thread — 15/Apr/2019 15:45

April 5th

• Fixed a bug, caused by the updated Timeline system, where Wonder Traded Pokémon would no longer be considered for evolution using trades. This fix is not retroactive, however, so if you were affected then the Pokémon will need to be traded or Wonder Traded again to evolve. Sorry about that. — 05/Apr/2019 12:08

March 2019

March 23rd

• A new subforum has been added for 15+ Clans, and the Clan Application page has been updated accordingly. — 23/Mar/2019 13:05

February 2019

February 28th

• Orthrus can now be bred without requiring an Orthrus/Cerberus parent! The method is a secret (but this one should be easy enough to figure out) — 28/Feb/2019 09:27

February 23rd

• Along with the overhaul to the Albino Radar, you can now toggle whether or not to be reminded to recharge. You can do this from the same place where you charge the Albino Radar in the first place. — 23/Feb/2019 09:51
• Totem Forme Pokémon now have a halo in their icons to make them more distinguishable both on mobile and on the Move/Release screens, and any other places icons are used. => — 23/Feb/2019 16:22

February 18th

• This one's more of a technical thing, but I've gotten reports of intermittent 500 Internal Server Error messages, so I've adjusted some configuration settings and that should reduce or even eliminate that problem. If you get an Internal Server Error, please report it with a date and time as precise as possible so that I can try to track it down in the error log. Note that if you're afk and come back to the error, it's too late to be helpful. Thanks. — 18/Feb/2019 20:24

February 6th

• The various NPC avatars have been refreshed with new images - this includes my and Sally's avatars :) — 06/Feb/2019 11:00

January 2019

January 24th

• The Registration page has been overhauled. It is now broken down into smaller steps to be less overwhelming, and it also uses the new Trainer Customisation system for the initial process. You can check it out by logging out and looking at it - just don't go actually creating a second account, of course ;) — 24/Jan/2019 17:18

December 2018

December 28th

• You can now collect Training Bags from all of your training Pokémon at once. The button to do so appears on the first tab when you have training bags to collect. — 28/Dec/2018 08:22

December 22nd

• A few updates have been made to try and provide a more beginner-friendly experience. 1. The Bookmarks bar starts out disabled and only activates when you unlock the Farm page. This reduces the number of clickable things and should help keep focus on clearing the Tutorial first. 2. The "418 I'm a Teapot" page has been removed. Instead, a "Page not unlocked" page will explain what you need to do to unlock it. Usually this is just "progress in the tutorial" but the Mega Stone Voucher redemption page needed particular attention. Furthermore, the Credits, GP and ZC pages are no longer locked behind the tutorial and are accessible from the start. (ZC page is still tutorial-locked because of another update being worked on for that page, so it'll be patched later) 3. Links to the Wiki and Help forums have been added to all stages of the Tutorial text. This should help direct people to resources that may help them if they are stuck. While I'm here, yes we are doing 12 Days of Christmas starting on December 25th. Please watch the Announcements for more information in the next day or two. — 22/Dec/2018 10:06
• A valid point has been made, and the Type Race icon on the Trainer Card has been moved over to the left. — 22/Dec/2018 14:00

December 7th

• A month with no updates? let's fix that! Courtesy of your favorite art team, Hoenn has been updated! — 07/Dec/2018 08:25

October 2018

October 19th

• A solution has been found to Chrome removing the volume control from media controls, in particular the Notification sound. The volume of the notification sound can be adjusted once more! — 19/Oct/2018 10:38

October 1st

• The image of various Staff on the Front Page has been updated with the staff changes since last time. — 01/Oct/2018 11:56

September 2018

September 23rd

• Nicknaming a Pokémon with a country code, specifically one of {{FR}} {{DE}} {{JP}} {{KR}}, will be replaced with the corresponding foreign name. In particular this applies even after evolution. The "quick rename" buttons in the Rename menu will use this country code automatically from now on. Please note that manually naming your Pokémon with their foreign name will not cause it to automatically update. This is because many Pokémon have the same name in different languages but their evolutions may not and so the system can't just guess which one to go for. — 23/Sep/2018 09:24

August 2018

August 27th

• I did a round of bugfixing. Most of it was just to make Sally stop complaining (yes Sally, string(1) "5" and int(5) are the same thing!) and won't be noticed, but one thing that should be fixed is the random glitch where a newly planted Berry would appear as a partially/fully grown plant with no text description. Of course, as always when fixing bugs, there's always the risk of introducing new ones! So please let me know if anything weird happens. — 27/Aug/2018 09:18

August 26th

• When packing Boxes into a Box Box, you can click the new "auto" button to auto-select up to 21 Boxes. You can, of course, adjust numbers before confirming (for example if there's a particular type of Boxes you're hoarding). — 26/Aug/2018 11:15

August 25th

• Here we are, something we originally planned to do a while ago, we've finally had the chance! The Farm Page's Nearby Places has been updated with a fresh look and... images! Very nice images at that. Now it's much easier to find what you're looking for! Yay! — 25/Aug/2018 12:48
• Due to complications, in particular when it comes to Shiny Hunting for Exclusives, Legends, or Exclusive Legends, the "Hatch Eggs from the Shelter" and "Hatch Eggs from the Daycare" Tournament objectives now allow any valid Eggs to be hatched without breaking Shiny Chains. — 25/Aug/2018 14:53

August 2nd

• A forgotten confirmation box, which appears when you trade away your Pokéradar and then try to hatch an Egg, incorrectly referenced the (now removed) Pokéradar+. This has been amended. I would also like to take this opportunity to address the lack of any updates in July. There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes at the moment. I wish I could tell you about it but the completion time is still uncertain. In order to avoid over-hyping the feature that could still be a month or more away, it will be kept secret for now. Just know that work is happening and we hope you'll stick with us long enough to see it! There are other things as well, which I will announce at a later date. And finally, a new Seasonal Event quest is being written, due to be announced early next week. Please look forward to it! Thanks for continuing to play with us. It's extremely satisfying to see so many people enjoy our work. Your patience and continued support is very much appreciated! — 2/Aug/2018 18:24

June 2018

June 21st

• To help reduce continued confusion about the number of Scour Areas (there are 6, not 5!) the Zygarde Cells and Totem Stickers sections of the Summary Page of eligible Pokémon (that have found at least one Cell/Sticker) will now show the Total number of Cells/Stickers found, as well as the total required for completion. Additionally, Zygarde Complete and transformed Totem Pokémon will continue to show the (completed) section rather than having it disappear. — 21/Jun/2018 08:55

June 20th

• Starting next month, the following adjustments will be made to the Type Race: - The event will be moved from the second Wednesday of the month, to the second Sunday instead. This will ensure it only overlaps with one Tournament, not two. - In the event that the Tournament objective clashes horribly with the Type Race, it will be manually re-rolled. Affected objectives are: - Hatch the Pokémon of the Day - Hatch Eggs having a certain Body Style - Hatch Eggs having a certain Colour in the Dex - The Community Goal will be replaced with a Team Goal. Each Team will have their own progress bar, with the objective set at 100,000 points. - Notice that as there are 18 Teams, this makes an overall target of 1,800,000 points, a full 10% less than the current Community Goal of 2,000,000! - The Winning Team prize will be changed. Instead of a Large Gem, players from the Winning Team will receive 4 additional Z-Fragments. - Combined with the potential 10 from the Personal Objective, as well as the full Z-Crystal obtained from the Team Goal, this now means that players may receive up to three full Z-Crystals' worth of Z-Fragments. - The Scoreboard will be made visible from the start of the event again. We hope you like these changes. Of course, we will continue to listen to feedback and make adjustments accordingly. — 20/Jun/2018 17:17

June 9th

• The PokéRadar+ has been removed. The standard PokéRadar can now chain to 35 as standard. Hypermode continues to enhance it to max out at 40. The sale price of the PR+ has been set to 250k, allowing you to reclaim the Credits you spent on it (plus some extra if you got it on a discount day!) — 09/Jun/2018 13:53

June 5th

• Another bug squished, thanks to a slight adjustment. When an item from the Timers bar disappears (either from an event that has ended, or any reason really) it is no longer listed on the Farm page's sort order feature. This means that if you save a new sort order, and the item that disappeared came back (recurring events) then it will have lost is sort position. Disappearing items are now kept in the sort order memory, allowing you to preserve their order even if they're not currently active. The immediate new problem would then have been one-time events staying stuck there, but that's okay because there is now a "Forget below this line" option, which will remove individual items from the sort order memory. "Forgotten" items that are currently active will move to the front of the list (as new, unsorted items do) while items that are not active will be removed entirely, only reappearing if the associated event returns. I hope this fixes some issues you've been having with trying to hide the Contest button... — 05/Jun/2018 13:40

June 4th

• Quality of life improvement! When a Pokémon is moved out of someone's Party, it is internally marked as "was recently in Party". This allows people who are clicking in Parties to proceed without the "this Pokémon was moved" error getting in the way. This is especially helpful when clicking the Pokérus host, for example, who may have many things moving in and out of their party. — 4/Jun/2018 09:51

May 2018

May 29th

• The "Expand" button has been added when creating threads/posts and editing posts. This opens a fullscreen view with the editor on one side and the preview area on the other. This should allow for much easier editing of more complex posts. — 29/May/2018 08:32

May 22nd

• The proportion of the regional Dexes needed to unlock certain Summon Items has been reduced from 70% to 2/3. Zeraora has been added! — 22/May/2018 08:11

May 17th

• A couple of updates have been made to the Registration form. New users may choose not to provide their date of birth. This will, however, prevent them from getting certain things such as the Birthday Custom Sprites and other bonuses. But hey, at least now poorly-informed kids don't have to lie about their age to be online, right? It's better to have no info than deliberately incorrect info. Trainer Customisation options are now available at registration so that new players can create their character from the start. Of course it is noted that the appearance may be changed from the Profile at any time, but now it's up-front. Yay! — 17/May/2018 12:33

May 16th

• Yesterday's field positioning update left some people with blurry sprites. While efforts were made to fix this, I didn't like it because it involved calculating subpixels and trying to realign them. Messy stuff. I've made some further adjustments that should fix the issue of blurry pixels on the basis that it no longer uses transform for the pixel shift. However, it is still "hack-ish" because it involves recalculating when things like screen size change (example: switching from portrait to landscape on mobile). Please let me know if you have any issues with the Fields or the Pokémon Selection screen. — 16/May/2018 08:26 Update 10:27 — I've implemented yet another alternative fix. This should be the end of it, but as before please let me know if there are any new issues. You know how it goes, fix one bug and cause another. Oh and if you're using Custom CSS, that's probably broken again. Oops... Update 10:53 — So the "fix" doesn't work in enough browsers. For some reason. And even in those it does work in, it sometimes breaks. I've just had to Ctrl+Z a bunch of the most recent update. It should be back to the previous version, but - again - let me know of any problems.

May 15th

• In an effort to improve the game's balance, the following shift has been made: − The Egg Timer now caps out at Level 10. Interaction requirements have been adjusted accordingly. + Lucky Eggs have had their price cut in half. Super Lucky Eggs are unaffected by this change because, let's be honest, they're OP :D An interesting side-effect of this update is that I did actually get feedback from at least one person with triskaidekaphobia who were uncomfortable with "Lv.13" being displayed prominently on every page. So there's that! — 15/May/2018 08:12
You are not gonna like me today... A long-standing bug where Pokémon may sometimes "fall out" of a Field under certain conditions, has been fixed. Specifically if you put a small Pokémon on the right or bottom edges of the Field and then evolved it into something bigger, then the sprite would overflow. This happened because the "position" referred only to the top-left corner of the sprite. Now, the position X refers to "X% of the way through the sprite is aligned X% of the way into the Field". This is best explained with an example: if it's on the left, then the left edge of the sprite is aligned with the left edge of the field. If it's on the right, then the right edges are aligned. Any value in between is interpolated smoothly. This is why you'll not like me: as a result of this update, all Pokémon have been moved slightly up and left, to account for this new alignment. Stacks will generally stay stacked, but if you had careful arrangement then you may need to check and re-align if needed. Nothing I can really do about that, sorry! "Align to Grid" has similarly been adjusted to use this system, so the feature will also not cause sprites to "escape" the Field. Previously, if a sprite was, say, 49% of the way into the Field, then it would often be obscured by its own tooltip. This has been mitigated by the bugfix. Sorry! Don't eat me! — 15/May/2018 09:41

May 11th

• There was a disagreement as to who was supposed to announce this. Oops.

QUOTE originally posted by Last time...

When Albino and Melanistic Pokémon were first added to PFQ, they were admittedly rushed. It's taken quite some time to get some proper standards in place, and you've seen the "revamps" we did so far as part of Mega Lookback.
The artist team is very proud to announce that the region of Johto has been fully revamped! All Johto Pokémon have been evaluated, and basically all of the Albino and Melanistic sprites have been re-made to fit the concept much better.

QUOTE originally posted by Last time

I realise it's a big change for you guys, but I hope you like the direction we're going with them. No more "washed-out white" Albinos! No more "rave party neon" Melanistics! Other regions will follow in the future, but this does take a while! :D
— 10/May/2018 around 2PM
• A new form of the "comment" BBCode has been added. With [* comment! *] you can not only have inline comments, but you can actually have comments that include BBCode within them. This is useful if you are changing parts of your Shop around, for example. Let's say you ran out of Summons. Instead of having to outright delete the Summons table only to re-add it later when you get more, you can just comment the whole thing out with the above markers. — 11/May/2018 07:14
• I'm kind of surprised at myself for this one, but apparently during the Recode process I forgot to include the Privacy Policy page. Honestly there's nothing too surprising in there. We collect username, email address, date of birth, IP address and your gameplay leaves traces. The Policy basically just lists that, and what we do with it (which, honestly, is "mostly nothing, but sometimes it's important"). — 11/May/2018 15:29

May 5th

• Kecleon may now be trained to take on new colours!
Lv. 100 — +7,148,815
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sour food
Happiness MAX
Lax nature
This can be done at the Salon. — 05/May/2018 16:27

May 4th

• As per this announcement, the site's header has been rearranged slightly. + You can now have more Bookmarks. The first 6 are always shown, additional bookmarks appear with the "More..." button + The text size has been increased to improve readability + "Today's Interactions" has been moved to the Timers Bar, and shows the number of interactions made today + The Timers Bar can now be customised further: items can be hidden from it. It's not recommended, but it's an option now. + The Bookmarks Editor has been updated + The tab memory on the Farm Page has been improved, making the various Tools sub-tabs linkable Please note that this update may break Custom CSS in your Skins if you modified the header bar. Apologies for any inconvenience. — 04/May/2018 13:06

May 3rd

• The "Open All" link on the "Users Online" page will now provide a "Get More +" button when you reach the end. This will allow you to get a new set of 10, 25, 50 users with the same search parameters as you had previously set. — 03/May/2018 10:03

April 2018

Apr 28th

• On March 11th the Melanistic calculations were updated. Of course there was a lot of feedback, some positive, some negative, some very negative... But we really needed data in order to determine if the right choice had been made. Graphs are fun! Here's a graph: The main difficulty here is that the numbers being discussed are quite small. When the average number of melanistic Pokémon hatched per day is as low as 10, even a small change can make quite some difference. But, as you can see, rates have always fluctuated. In fact, they were going down before the update, and the update actually stabilised the number before it tailed off more recently. Overall, the update was a success at what it set out to do. Today we're adjusting the bonus that Arceus rank provides to long Melanistic hunts. The bonus presently maxes out at chains of over 4,000 Eggs, however it's becoming apparent that some people are chaining much longer than this, and it feels kind of wrong not to reward that. As of today, the Long Chain bonus will max out at 10,000 Eggs instead. The old bonus is not changing at all, but continuing your chain for much longer will now yield ever higher chances of hatching that rare sight. In addition, the Long Chain bonus is now listed on the Shiny Hunting page, so you can actually see what bonus you're getting. That's better than having to speculate and always be unsure of whether it's worth going for things, right? We'll continue to monitor the numbers. The next suspect to look at is whether we need to increase the power of Z-Crystals again. Changing them from "+1 Level" to "+33%" has definitely helped, but is it enough? Time and data will tell. — 28/Apr/2018 14:57
Trainer Cards can now be Normal, Bronze, Silver or Gold. In addition to the colour, up to three stars will show what level the card is. The exact conditions for gaining these new colours are a secret. A mystery for you all to figure out. Some of you will have already cleared at least one requirement. A few of you might even have Gold already. But for everyone else we hope you enjoy figuring out how to get those stars! — 28/Apr/2018 20:34

Apr 6th

• If you make a purchase of ZC but it goes through as an eCheque instead of an instant payment, you will now receive an email to confirm this fact. Basically, "yes, it's gone through, but PayPal are holding it for a while, check your receipt." This should help clear up some confusion when this happens. — 06/Apr/2018 09:19

Apr 1st

• Just a quick "bugfix", I've made an adjustment to how old DayCare eggs are released, which should hopefully reduce the occurrence of "random" deadlock errors appearing when you're not doing anything. To elaborate, the Notifications system includes a bit of code to clean up your DayCare, to help prevent catastrophic buildup (see: Snivygeddon). However, due to a potential inefficiency, during periods of higher (site-wide) activity, this cleanup process could deadlock. This is why it would seem like you'd done nothing - it's difficult to realise that an error came up because of you mass-breeding 24 hours prior! So hopefully this has been fixed. I'll be continuing to work on tweaking performance and hopefully squeezing more out of this server! — 01/Apr/2018 16:40

March 2018

Mar 21st

• The "Organise Fields" option has been adjusted. It now uses the same layout as the general Field Selection screen, with improved handling of drag-and-drop. Additionally, you can double-click a button on the "Organise Fields" screen to toggle visibility of the Field. — 21/Mar/2018 10:25

Mar 12th

• The Front Page staff artwork on the "Socialise" tab has been updated to reflect recent staff changes: - Disasterrific (retired due to lack of time) + Ledah (she's back!) + Blank Banshee (him too) — 12/Mar/2018 11:51

Mar 11th

• A mathematical error has been found in certain modifiers to Shiny/Albino chances. This has now been corrected. For example, when the Pokémon of the Day says "+10%", it was actually more like "+11%" - not a big deal but with effects stacking multiplicatively it did result in some margin of error. The effects of this bugfix are as follows: - The Pokémon of the Day bonus has been very slightly reduced - Sei's Bonus has been adjusted - improved on lower bonuses, reduced on higher ones - The Shiny Charm and Übercharm are unaffected - Z-Crystals are very slightly more powerful (due to an unrelated rounding error) - The effect of Arceus Rank on Melanistic chances has been reduced - (Conversely) the base effect of very long chains on Melanistic chances has been somewhat raised Apologies for the inconvenience caused, but to give you an idea of how bad the mathematical error could have been: If I ever had decided to have a special Sei Day +100% bonus, effectively giving everyone a free extra Shiny Charm for the day... well, it would have glitched and caused every single Egg to be Shiny. Oops. — 11/Mar/2018 18:10

Mar 8th

• The effect of Z-Crystals has been changed. Before: The Level of the Albino Radar is increased by 1 when hatching an Egg of the corresponding Type. After: Your Albino chances are increased by 33% when hatching an Egg of the corresponding Type. This is a buff, and not a small one either :p Enjoy! — 08/Mar/2018 11:07

Mar 5th

• In response to feedback, a "grace period" has been added to the Marketboard listing fee. If you change or remove the listing within one hour of posting it, then the full 5% fee will be refunded. Beyond that hour, the previous update applies and 4% will be refunded instead. — 05/Mar/2018 08:24

Mar 4th

• A change has been made to the fee structure of the Marketboard. From now on, the fee will be payable up front, and you will then receive the full amount of the sale. On the surface, here's how it looks: Before: List item for 1,000 Credits. Item sells. Receive 950 Credits. (Total profit: 950 Credits) After: List item for 1,000 Credits and pay 50 Credit fee. Item sells. Receive 1,000 Credits. (Total profit: 950 Credits) So then, what's the point, you might wonder. Let's look at another situation that happens all too often: Before: List item for 99,999,999 Credits. Item never sells. It just sits there forever. People see it and complain about how there should be a price cap to prevent "stupid" prices like this. After: Attempt to list item for 99,999,999 Credits. Be faced with 4,999,999 Credit fee. Question whether it's really worth it. Decide not to list for that price. Marketboard remains clean. This system ends up imposing a kind of "soft" limit on prices, rather than the "hard" cap that people keep suggesting (and I keep shooting down because any "hard" cap would be seen as the "official price") It doesn't prevent you from selling valuable items for high prices but it does dissuade people from posting prices that will obviously never sell. Two main concerns arise, so I will address those: 1. What if I can't afford the fee? A new player might, for example, have a Tournament Token they want to sell for 300k but they can't afford the 15k fee. Not a problem! Take a cheaper item such as an Evolution Stone, and sell it for a lower price. If you put all of your Credits in for the fee, you can potentially end up with 19 times your original funds, easily enough to build the amount needed to sell that Token. 2. What if I change my mind? If you want to change your listing price, or number of items for sale, or even remove the item from the Marketboard, then you will receive a refund of 4% of the listing price. So for example if you list an item for 1,000 Credits (50 Credit fee) but then decide you want to sell it for 500 Credits instead (maybe prices went down) you will get 40 Credits of the initial 50 Credit fee back, and then pay the new fee of 25 Credits instead. This means that if an item doesn't sell, you only lose out on 1% of the listing price instead of the full 5%. Due to the impact of the update, all existing Marketboard Listings have been marked as "expired". Please visit the Marketboard to reclaim your items. The Sale History is still intact so you may use that as the basis for pricing items during the "repopulation" of the Marketboard. I hope this adjustment to the system will help maintain a healthy marketplace. — 04/Mar/2018 16:43

Mar 1st

• In continued pursuit of improving the Type Race, the following changes take effect this month: - The Community Goal has been subdivided into smaller objectives adding up to the same total as before. Each subdivision awards one Z-Fragment, unless the final goal is reached in which case everyone gets one full Z-Crystal instead. - The UI has been updated to show these subdivisions as well as global progress. — 01/Mar/2018 09:00

February 2018

Feb 19th

• Type Race teams are now shown on the Trainer Card. • The [inventory] BBCode has been updated with a new special case: "typerace" - this will show your score. [inventory=typerace] — 19/Feb/2018 14:20

Feb 18th

• A new BBCode has been added: [pkmnpanel] This code renders the Pokémon of your choice as a card, similar to how it appears in your Party or on its Summary. Example: [pkmnpanel=618]
Dome Fossil

Dome Fossil


(: 0)

A fossil from a prehistoric Pokémon that once lived in the sea. It could be a shell or carapace.


Lv. 100 — +195,383,120
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Bitter food
Happiness MAX
Gentle nature
Get the ID code from the URL of its Summary Page (eg. /summary/618 => 618 is the code) Enjoy :) — 18/Feb/2018 14:47

Feb 12th

• An issue where unique Eggs incorrectly tried to break your Shiny Chain despite the Tournament supposedly protecting against it, has been resolved. — 12/Feb/2018 08:54

Feb 11th

• An issue where Necrozma was incorrectly marked as valid for Type: Null Voucher trade-in, despite no longer being accepted, has been resolved. — 11/Feb/2018 17:12

Feb 9th

• A large number of bugs have been found and squished. — 09/Feb/2018 14:25

Feb 5th

• As site activity increases, so too must the goals for the Bonus Counters. The following changes are being made: Niet: Was 50M, now 75M Garthic: Was 250M, now 400M Uzumi: Was 350k, now 400k Ravyne: Was 160k, now 400k Shazi: Was 150k, now 200k Sei: Was 2777, now 7777 Additionally, Sei's minimum boost has been buffed from 5% to 10%. — 05/Feb/2018 19:33

Feb 1st

• The Type Race has been updated as follows: The Leaderboard is now shown for the last 2 Days of the race. This should provide a good compromise between "not being defeatist after the first day" and "wanting some competition at the end". — 01/Feb/2018 14:12

January 2018

Jan 31st

• With apologies for taking quite so long, it is now possible to delete folders in the Image Uploader. However, the folder must be empty, so you should delete any files within first. Once the folder is empty, the "Delete selected files" button is replaced with a "Delete folder" button, which does exactly what it says. Please note that I don't currently plan on adding Renaming options right now, because it does involve some complications in the file system. You can, of course, delete and re-upload with a new name. — 31/Jan/2018 13:19

Jan 28th

Delta-Species Pokémon now glow in the colour of their Delta typing! This makes it more accurate to the origins of Delta-Species, that is the trading-card game, in which the only physical difference is a coloured glow. Hope you like it! — 28/Jan/2018 15:50

Jan 21st

• To help reduce the risk of wasting Interaction Points, a small note now appears when you go to (re)charge your Albino Radar when there are fewer than 6 hours left in the day. — 21/Jan/2018 13:23
• Forum Posts now save a full edit history, which can be viewed. This unfortunately doesn't apply retroactively but from now on any edited posts will now have a clickable "Edited..." link at the top, which takes you to the version history for that post. Check it out with this one! — 21/Jan/2018 22:32

Jan 20th

• In the interest of improving transparency, various information regarding the contents of Boxes - including probabilities of each outcome - has been added to the Boxes page. — 20/Jan/2018 19:25

Jan 16th

• Two new items have been added. Reset Bag - reset a Pokémon's EVs to zero. Black Pokéblock - reset a Pokémon's Contest Stats and Sheen to zero. Both of these are available in the Tournament Prize Shop, alongside the Doom Seed (reset a Pokémon's Level to 1), at a price of 1 Token for 5 items. Sorry it took so long to get around to these! Additionally, the drop rate of Team Flare Bags and Double-Up Bags when you wn a Spar has been doubled. — 16/Jan/2018 14:07

Jan 15th

• If you had Hypermode but it ran out, or a PokéRadar+ but you traded it away, or otherwise are no longer eligible to chain Eggs, but you had a chain of at least 3... Then you will receive a warning pop-up before breaking the chain. Please note that there are no Exceptions available in this situation. Hatching anything at all without a powered Radar will break your chain. Not even Type Race or Tournament Exceptions. This is intended to prevent potential abuse by just not having the Radar when you want to hatch something different. Hopefully this should mean it is no longer possible to break a chain without explicitly confirming that you wish to do so. — 15/Jan/2018 11:00

Jan 14th

• The Tapu Legends have had their Egg Cycles updated to match other Legendary Pokémon, at 80 Cycles. This is so that... • Legendary Eggs, specifically those with 80-120 Egg Cycles, now have a 50% chance of inheriting their Nature from a hatched Legendary of the same species, if it is holding an Everstone. This bonus only applies to the first such Legendary, so you can't use multiple Everstones to increase the chances further. — 14/Jan/2018 16:50

Jan 10th

• When viewing a Pokémon's Summary, if it is in a Field, that Field name is now a link that takes you to that specific Field. — 10/Jan/2018 12:42
• The "Trade Completion" process has been improved somewhat. Once you accept an offer on a trade you sent, or accept a gift sent to you, additional options will appear. These include directly sending the Pokémon to a Field, collecting any items/currency (this will collect ALL items and currency in your Collection Area, not just those received from that trade/gift), as well as buttons to jump straight to the Conversation page (so you can send a thank-you note, for example) or the Summary page. Hope you like! — 10/Jan/2018 13:21
• The Type Race page now shows a history of your past teams. Your team is shown even if you scored 0 points. The only exception is if you weren't online at all during the month. • A couple of bug-fixes: - Some fields had affinity lists that were too long to fit on one line. When this happened, opening the field menu would hide the "X" behind the menu itself (on Desktop). This has been resolved. - Trimmed Furfrou can now be placed in the DayCare, and count for the PokéDex (as "base" Furfrou) when traded. Today is shaping up to be a productive day! Stay tuned! — 10/Jan/2018 13:36
• [Possible breaking] Bugfix: The glitch where Genderless breeding pairs or pairs involving Ditto may sometimes change their compatibility percentage, should now be fixed. However, this may result in existing couples re-calculating their compatibility percentage exactly once. New couples should no longer have this change. — 10/Jan/2018 13:50

Jan 9th

• A lot of stuff is going on in the background to improve how things work, using data gained from the 12 Days of Christmas, so thank you all for your patience with that. Meanwhile, here's a small update for you: The Berry Garden now shows how long a plant has until it bears fruit. — 09/Jan/2018 12:27

Jan 1st

• In the continued pursuit of improving the Type Race, this month the page will not show the Team Leaderboard until the event has ended. As always I'll be keeping an eye on numbers and such to see if it makes any difference. — 01/Jan/2018 08:56

December 2017

Dec 16th

• Just a bugfix, but I wanted to bring attention to it: Some mobile browsers only half-support Desktop Notifications. For this reason, users were able to enable them. However, they didn't work correctly and sometimes this error would cause other things to fail too, such as being able to continue interacting or posting a message in the forums, because it got stuck on the error. For this reason, an additional check is now done when you enable Notifications. It should pop up a "Notifications have been enabled successfully" notification, which itself acts as a preview of what you just enabled. If this is detected to have failed, it will present a message telling you that your browser doesn't support it, and re-disable the option. If you already had the option set on an affected browser, it will now automatically disable itself on detection of the error. I will be working on this in future, as it should in theory be possible to use a more advanced notification system to interact with mobile devices in particular.

This looks promising!

— 16/Dec/2017 17:53

Dec 14th

• A large number of corrections have been made to the Pokémon data, especially with regard to Base Stats that were buffed in X/Y or Sun/Moon, but also minor errors such as mis-classified body styles and typos in Dex entries. If you find any other discrepencies between PFQ's Dex and the official data, please report them in the PokéDex Errors thread. • 14/Dec/2017 14:56

Dec 8th

• Small QoL update for mobile users: you can now swipe horizontally on the Timers Bar (the one with News, Hypermode, Shiny Charm etc.) as an alternative option to tapping the arrows at the ends. — 08/Dec/2017 10:07
• You can now customise the order of the Timers Bar! Head over to the Settings panel of the Farm Page and check out the new "Timers Bar" tab. From there, just drag and drop the items in the order you want them, and hit Save. Done! — 08/Dec/2017 14:40

Dec 4th

• To reduce possible confusion, the Type Race button on the Farm page now uses the Z-Crystal item, while the V~Wave will continue to use the actual Type icons it has always used. The Z-Fragment to Z-Crystal ratio has been set at 7:1, and the code to trade them in has been added to the Albino Hunting page. I hope you enjoy this addition to the Type Race prizes, and I look forward to seeing the results. — 04/Dec/2017 11:00
• Lunupinite Q and the Meteorite have had their "Über-rare" classification removed. It was an error for the Meteorite to have it (considering it's redeemable with a Tier 4 Mega Stone Voucher anyway), and more than enough time has passed for Lunupinite Q to join the other Exclusive Mega Stones in Tier 5. — 04/Dec/2017 11:46

Dec 1st

• In the continuing search for motivation in the Type Race, it has been noticed that a lot of people just get their 200 points (or 50 Eggs previously) and just quit. After all, they've got their goal, why should they continue to care? Well, now I've given them reason to care - and better balance for the less active users too!
Earn Z-Fragments by reaching certain goals along the way - some smaller than the "Minimum Contribution" (which doesn't apply to these) but most larger. Once you have enough Z-Fragments, you can trade them in for a full Z-Crystal. In this way, even if you can't make the full amount for the main goal, or you've cleared the main goal, you still have reason to contribute to the event and keep on hatching. For this reason, the Community Goal has been increased fairly significantly. Be sure to keep an eye on it and clear it! — 01/Dec/2017 12:16

November 2017

Nov 28th

• The "Unown Breeding Bug" has finally been narrowed down, and I've made a change that should fix it. You should no longer get random Unown Eggs when breeding Unown. If it does happen again, please let me know and I'll dig in to it. For now though, let's hope! — 28/Nov/2017 10:08

Nov 27th

• You can now "upvote" posts using the menu on the top-right of them. The number of upvotes received in this way is then shown. Use this for... whatever, really. But one good use of it would be on the Suggestions forum, rather than posting "Support!" with no reasons or anything, just upvote the post and that will indicate your support for the idea. Neat, right? — 27/Nov/2017 19:17

Nov 22nd

• The Currencies window (click the arrow next to the currencies at the top of the page) now includes links to their relevant pages. Minor, but should help with navigation and knowing what does what ("what can I use Interaction Points on?" "click the link and find out!" :D) — 22/Nov/2017 18:49

Nov 21st

• An issue wherein Eggs would not gain the proper amount of EXP between the time you log out and Server Reset has been addressed. However, you know the old saying, you take one bug down, patch it around and five more bugs appear. So if anything goes wrong with the Egg EXP system, please let me know urgently. — 2017-11-21 10:11

Nov 15th

• When loading the Fields page, the system will automatically take you to whichever Field you last viewed. This "remembered Field" is forgotten again at midnight. This feature applies both to your own Fields, and anyone you visit. Hope you like! — 15/Nov/2017 19:25

Nov 14th

• Thanks to your feedback, the following change has been implemented: User Reviews that receive more than 80% negative feedback from readers, with a minimum of 5 votes, are hidden by default and excluded from scores. They can still be read, and voted on further ("revival" or "burial" as the case may be). We will monitor the numbers and adjust them if needed. Please be aware that abuse of this system will not be appreciated. Thank you for your feedback! — 14/Nov/2017 15:32
• More control methods have been added. Specifically, a hybrid keyboard/mouse system. On a Profile, hover the mouse over a Pokémon or Egg (a border will appear around the berry buttons) and hit a number 1-5 on the keyboard to register an interaction with the corresponding berry. On the Fields page, use 1-5 to select a Berry. Then, hit the number again while hovering the mouse over a Pokémon to feed it. You can hit a different number to change berries, as before. Enjoy! — 14/Nov/2017 16:21

Nov 9th

diff expboost/eggtime.tpl 17c17,18 < </ul> \ No newline at end of file --- > </ul> > <p class="small"><b>Note:</b> This boost is <i>not</i> affected by any bonuses such as Niet's Bonus, Family Bonus, Hypermode etc.. What you see here is what you get.</p>
— 2017-11-09T09:52:08Z

Nov 8th

• Eggs now receive EXP gradually over time. Thanks to your feedback, we've decided to go ahead with this implementation. Passive EXP gain provides a baseline, minimal amount of EXP to your Eggs. This allows you to make some progress, even if you are a less active player. However, the amount is quite small, and easily outweighed by receiving interactions from active play. The amount of EXP gained starts out small, but can be increased by making interactions. Further details can be found on the new Egg Timer tab of the EXP Boosts page. Enjoy :) — 08/Nov/2017 11:33
• Pokémon that are Busy now have their Status listed in their Summary page. Similarly, their Location (ie. the Field they are in) is shown. Now can we please stop "losing" our Pokémon, or putting them into the Pokéwalker and "forgetting" them? Come on, treat your Pokémon with a little more care, please :p
DISCLAIMER: The above paragraph ("the Statement") is intended to be humorous, with a hint of sarcasm. This is denoted by the use of the ":p" emoticon ("the Emote"). Niet ("the Author") is not responsible for any offence taken by readers of the statement ("the Reader"). The author will, however, revel in delicious irony if this Disclaimer also causes offence. In cases of unexpected anger, please consider shedding your fragile skin and growing a thicker one.
— 08/Nov/2017 19:15

Nov 7th

• A major bug was found in the BBCode processor, specifically with malformed [table] tags (example: [table][hide=Hidden rows?][tr]...[/tr][/hide][/table]) This bug allows posts to break out of their containers, due to the browser attempting to automatically correct the corrupted table. This would result in the remainder of the post and posts after it on the page to be broken. To fix this bug, I have implemented hierarchy enforcement in BBCode. The following rules are in place: - [ul] and [ol] can only contain [li] - [li] can only be contained inside [ul] and [ol] - [accordion] and [stackbox] can only contain [a-section] - [a-section] can only be contained inside [accordion] or [stackbox] - [table] can only contain [tr] - [tr] can only be contained inside [table] - [tr] can only contain [th] or [td] - [th] and [td] can only be contained inside [tr] Please be aware that if any of your posts failed these hierarchy rules, they will now appear broken with a BBCode error and be shown as plain text only. Please edit your post to correct these errors. Thank you for your understanding. — 07/Nov/2017 13:21

Nov 1st

• The Type Race scoring system has been adjusted. Eggs will now be scored 1 point for every 5 Egg Cycles needed to hatch (approximately 1 point for every 1,250 EXP to hatch). Personally, I don't think this will help, and here's why: I took data of the last 100,000 Eggs hatched on PFQ, and calculated the average time to hatch them, grouped by Egg Cycles. I then divided the time by the number of EXP needed to hatch it, to get an EXP/s value showing how relatively fast the Eggs were hatched. 5 cycles: 0.0175 EXP/s 10 cycles: 0.0358 EXP/s 15 cycles: 0.0486 EXP/s 20 cycles: 0.0664 EXP/s 25 cycles: 0.106 EXP/s 30 cycles: 0.474 EXP/s 35 cycles: 0.134 EXP/s 40 cycles: 0.0910 EXP/s 80 cycles: 0.863 EXP/s 120 cycles: 1.945 EXP/s As you can see, people who hatch Legendary Eggs (120 cycles, ie. 30,720 EXP to hatch) do so over 100 times faster than people who hatch Magikarp Eggs (the only 5-cycle Egg). The data overall shows that on a global average, people who hatch higher EXP Eggs do so by choice, and consequently make much faster progress as they are determined to hatch them. And that's the key word: determined. The Type Race isn't about which team happens to get the Eggs with lower EXP, it's all about determination. This is why, despite having access to Magikarp, Team Hydro Vortex has never dominated the league by double the score, as would be expected numerically. We'll see how it goes. Future updates may follow. — 01/Nov/2017 09:32

October 2017

Oct 31st

• It's way overdue, but the art of the Staff on the Front Page has been updated. — 2017-10-31 11:51

Oct 23rd

• Daytime and Nighttime have been changed from the constant 7AM-7PM time, to vary with the seasons. This gives longer days in Summer, and longer nights in Winter. Additionally, Dawn and Dusk have been added, with this icon: These times are still classified as Nighttime for the purpose of Evolution. Additional information has been added as a tooltip on the icon, in particular the time of the next sunrise/sunset. — 23/Oct/2017 10:35

Oct 8th

• An adjustment has been made to how Types are handled, which should eliminate the mysterious "Normal-type disappears / appears at the end" glitch. However, since this is quite a deep and core change, this may have introduced further bugs. Please keep a look out for any other Type-related bugs and report them in the Bugs forum - not in this thread!! — 08/Oct/2017 08:35

Oct 7th

• Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are coming soon, and as with any new game there is bound to be new Pokémon, new forms and so on. Using previous games as a precedent (Emerald gave Deoxys different forms, Platinum gave us Origin Giratina, Black2/White2 gave Kyurem fusions, and while not exactly sequels Sun and Moon gave Zygarde access to forms), it's a fairly safe bet that some Legend somewhere is going to get new forms again. With this in mind, the problem of unlocking Alolan Summons will become worse. While it's not unreasonable to Dex trade for the last couple of entries, my estimates show that if we don't do something then instead of only needing to trade for 3 entries, you would need to trade for seven. That's kind of pushing it. So I did some poking around, and am pleased to announce: Regional Variants (ie. Alolan Formes) now count towards their new region's Dex unlocks. Note that Alolan Vulpix, for example, is still listed under Kanto in the PokéDex itself, because that's where its base species originates. But it will count towards Alolan Summon Unlocks instead of Kanto. I'm fairly sure this will resolve the issue, but it depends on just how many new forms we get in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. I'll find out where we stand when the games launch, and update again if needed. — 07/Oct/2017 10:19

Oct 5th

• When Albino and Melanistic Pokémon were first added to PFQ, they were admittedly rushed. It's taken quite some time to get some proper standards in place, and you've seen the "revamps" we did so far as part of Mega Lookback. Today the artist team is very proud to announce that the region of Kanto has been fully revamped! All Kanto Pokémon have been evaluated, and basically all of the Albino and Melanistic sprites have been re-made to fit the concept much better. I realise it's a big change for you guys, but I hope you like the direction we're going with them. No more "washed-out white" Albinos! No more "rave party neon" Melanistics! Other regions will follow in the future, but this does take a while! :D — 05/Oct/2017 08:44

Oct 4th

• In preparation for the addition of Contests, and the expansion of the Contest Hall with new Accessories, the following adjustments have been made: - Balloons are no longer available from Scour Missions. - The Surfboard is no longer available from Scour Missions. * Balloons and Surfboards will be available from the Contest Hall. * Meanwhile, just a reminder that Accessories can be traded by dressing up a Pokémon with them, and then trading the Pokémon. - The sale price of Accessories has been lowered, mostly to balance them better with the "Credits" reward tier from Scour Missions. - The Blue Feather and Bubble accessories have been added to the Ocean Scour Mission. Please look forward to further updates :) — 04/Oct/2017 09:48

September 2017

Sep 23rd

• Still doing suggestions, but will be posting them one-by-one and may not do as many today. It is Saturday, after all :p + Forum threads made by you will now be listed as "by you" rather than "by ". Similar for "last post". This should help visually identify more quickly when you're the person in question. — 23/Sep/2017 10:09

Sep 22nd

• Today is a day for completing your suggestions! + A "Before you post..." notice has been added when creating a new Suggestion thread, reminding users of the various places they should check before posting there. + You can now send Spar Requests directly from an opponent's Profile page, just like you can for Trades. + Minor: The "Set/Change Target" menu item now shows what the current target is, if there is one. + Minor: The Albino Radar will only notify you that it needs charging the first day it wears off, rather than every day until it hits Level 0. + The Multi-User View page now scrolls back to the top when you navigate to Next or Previous user, which should help especially on mobile. + The [type] BBCode has been added, allowing you to easily access the various Type icons. Use [help=type] and Preview to get further information. + Minor: The Berry Garden now shows the number of slots currently in use. + Minor: The Pokémon of the Day page now includes a link to the Pokédex entry for that Pokémon. + The DayCare Notification will now include the number of different types of Egg being held for you. Useful for breeding Exclusives! + The [pkmn] BBCode has been expanded to allow Shiny/Albino/Melanistic sprites. However, they aren't all available just yet, and may default back to the regular colours. Use [help=pkmn] and Preview to get further information. That will do for now. Enjoy! — 22/Sep/2017 10:48

Sep 13th

• The data tooltips for Berry items have been expanded to include data on flavour, colour classification, firmness and growth time. — 13/Sep/2017 08:02

Sep 11th

• The Berry Blender has been added! Accessible in the Contest Hall, the Berry Blender allows you to transform the Berries you've been cultivating into delicious Pokéblocks. Pokéblocks can then be fed to Pokémon to raise their Contest Stats! To accompany this update, the "Blue Pokéblock MAX" item has been updated to also increase the Sheen stat, and this has been applied retroactively. Enjoy! — 11/Sep/2017 16:06

Sep 7th

• The ability to organise Conversations has been suggested quite a few times over the past year or so. Trouble is, the Conversation system doesn't really support that, and I could never really understand why it was wanted in particular. I implemented "Pinned" Conversations where you can stick it to the top of the list for easy access later. But that didn't seem to fix the issue. After mulling it over and re-reading suggestions, I've come to the conclusion that what people want isn't really to organise Conversation (otherwise the pin would be fine) but rather to organise Conversation partners - the people they talk to. With this in mind, I have expanded the VIP system. Now it's more than just "yes/no", there are now 7 Groups that you can put VIPs into, denoted by various symbols. These symbols can mean whatever you want them to mean, but they provide a way of grouping and categorising VIPs to remind yourself of why you added them as a VIP in the first place. For example, got a group of close friends? Put them in the "Heart" group. Got an important trade deal coming up? Put the other person in the "Star" group. Or whatever! It's your choice. Conversation Search now supports searching for people who are in these VIP Groups. Just click the button with the corresponding symbol, and boom! I hope this resolves the issues that people are having regarding organisation. Enjoy! — 07/Sep/2017 10:01

Sep 2nd

• On the Fields page, it is now possible to drag a Berry from the tray over the Pokémon that you want to feed. While "mass-clicking" manually will still be faster in general, this allows people to participate in events like MCW, or to breed rare Eggs, without having to do quite so much button-mashing. Additionally, a "Help/Controls" button has been added to that page, so that newer users can learn about the different control techniques without having to ask or just never knowing about them. — 02/Sep/2017 10:44

August 2017

Aug 31st

• Using the PokéRadar+ to chain for shinies will no longer have your chain break upon hatching a Shiny. This was a limitation left over from before we introduced Albinos and Melans. With this update, Melan-hunting should at least be somewhat realistic without having your shiny chain fall apart every time you get a shiny. — 31/Aug/2017 09:46

Aug 30th

• The Release Time requirement has been halved. Now you need to have owned an Egg or Pokémon for 6 hours instead of 12 before you can release it. (Hypermode users only need to own it for 1 hour) (Account-locked Pokémon no longer have any time requirement at all) — 30/Aug/2017 12:58

Aug 26th

• A couple of summon items have been updated! — 26/Aug/2017 10:02

Aug 6th

• Tournament Tokens have been recategorised and will now appear in the "Event Items" category of your inventory, rather than the "Account Upgrades". — 06/Aug/2017 10:06

Aug 1st

• An error causing the "You should take a break" warning to improperly cancel your interactions if you click "OK" without first checking the acknowledgement checkbox, has been fixed. The "OK" button should now be disabled, until you check the box to confirm. Please remember to play responsibly. No game is worth breaking your hands over - take a short break, rest your fingers, and you'll find it easier to continue afterwards. — 01/Aug/2017 11:15
• Templates (and BBCode quick-inserts) can now be used on the About Me editor. — 01/Aug/2017 17:00

July 2017

July 25th

• In preparation for upcoming updates, a number of adjustments have been made to the code. There's quite a lot of them, and while every effort has been made to ensure it works, it's possible that some errors may have crept in. Please let me know if anything has broken. In other news, the Dex now shows Base Stats for a Pokémon. — 25/Jul/2017 10:26

July 23rd

• The Scour Missions page has been updated. This should hopefully reduce the number of confused people apparently thinking that buying the Suitcase isn't enough, and that you needed to buy additional Slots (with GP, which you generally get via Scouring... at least that was the case before Fabulous Friday and online chains rewarded you with it...) Anyway. Yeah, that should hopefully reduce confusion. Hopefully. For the sake of my sanity, I hope it does... TT_TT — 23/Jul/2017 16:51

July 13th

• Hatching an Egg that would break your Shiny Chain now comes with a warning and an opportunity to cancel, even if you don't have an Egg Pass. An Egg Pass is still required if you want to hatch the Egg without breaking your chain, but this should prevent accidental breakages. — 13/Jul/2017 10:45

July 12th

• You can now define custom notifications. Go to Farm => Options => Notifications You can set the text and the link, which will appear in your notifications at the specified time. Clicking on the "Go!" link in the custom notification will clear the notification. This allows you to set alarms and reminders :) — 12/Jul/2017 10:23

July 9th

• The item "Ledah's Bawkz" has been replaced with "Gragon's Stash". The function of the item has not changed. The Boxes page has received new artwork. Additionally, the base Zophan price of Box Boxes has been lowered by 25%, and the Box Box Box and Gragon's Stash have been recalculated accordingly. — 09/Jul/2017 09:23
• As part of a cleanup effort, Hypermode no longer gives the item "DayCare Pass [Freebie]". Instead, it just doubles the daily limit so long as HM is active. DayCare Pass [Freebie] items can still be used, until July 15th. On that date, the passes will no longer function, and will be removed from the game shortly thereafter. If you have any in your inventory, you should use them by that date. — 09/Jul/2017 13:45

July 1st

• The Copyright Info page has been updated, to include a section detailing the use of Nintendo's Intellectual Property. I hope this helps dispel some rather negative and unfounded rumours. — 01/Jul/2017 20:39

June 2017

June 29th

• The "Online Chain" mechanic has been overhauled. Instead of tracking a single unbroken chain, the "be online" Tasks now track how many times you cleared the 5-day chain bonus. This will allow to you continue towards your objective even if you have to be offline for a day or two. At worst, you'll lose your current 5-day streak. Since this statistic wasn't previously tracked, I've implemented a "best guess" by taking your current chain, and your longest chain (if they aren't the same chain), and divided them by 5 to get the number of 5-day chains. While not perfect, this should be greatly beneficial to most users. Please let me know if you notice any issues with this updated system. — 29/Jun/2017 14:49
• The Forum Templates system has received some updates. - Parameters are now properly explained on the template editor. These allow you to have templates like [item=<item>] ×[inventory=<item>], and when you go to insert the template you will be asked what item you want to put in there. Parameters essentially allow you to have parts of your template that you customise each time you use it. - You can use <|> in your template to define where the cursor will go. This is useful for post templates, where you would want the cursor to go in the middle for your content. - The "Insert" button has been expanded to include a variety of commonly used BBCodes as well as your custom Templates. These make use of <|> to put the cursor where it is most useful (ie. inside the code). Most codes also support selecting a bit of text and then using the BBCode insertion to wrap it (eg. type some text, select it, choose "bold" from the list, get bold text) Enjoy! — 29/Jun/2017 18:41

June 25th

• A fair amount of "shuffling" has been done. - A bar is now present at the bottom of the page, containing a handful of useful links. - The Menu on the (private) Fields page has been changed to open upwards, into the Field area, to reduce the amount of scrolling required. This does not affect mobile view. - The Menu on Profile pages has been changed to be "inline" rather than floating down the right-hand side. This is particularly useful for profiles that have nothing in their "About me", doubly so on mobile displays. - The Copyright information is now on a separate page, rather than a pop-up on the front page. Additionally, some mobile bug-fixes were made on the Fields page, as they were preventing tooltips from appearing correctly under certain circumstances. I hope you like these adjustments, feedback is welcome as always. — 25/Jun/2017 15:07

June 19th

• Vivillon icons have been added! — 19/Jun/2017 17:16

June 14th

• One more try :D I've made further adjustments to the site's navigation tools on mobile. Now, the "arrow bar" (note that the entire bar is clickable, not just the arrow) will stick to the top of the page, and also has quick info on the current Server Time (just hour and minute, for brevity) as well as your notification count. The "▲ Top" button in the top-right corner will bring you to the top of the page content, whereas the arrow bar will take you all the way to the top where you will see the navigation tools. The arrow bar disappears behind the navigation tools just like the "▲ Top" button does, so there's no more confusion about trying to click the arrow a second time to make it go away. The PokéDex page has been adjusted to ensure that the "Filters" sticking to the top of the page when you scroll down, still works without interference. Let me know what you think of these adjustments! — 14/Jun/2017 12:32

June 13th

• In an attempt to improve mobile friendliness, especially with regard to things getting covered by the Server Time bar at the bottom, further condensing has been done and the expandable area is now at the top of the page. — 13/Jun/2017 08:27
• Another attempt has been made. This time, the content is always visible, but your phone will auto-scroll you to the content of the page, since this is usually where you want to be. From there, you can do what you want on that page, and then just swipe to scroll up and get at the navigation, rather than having to scroll up, then hit a button, then do the thing. Is that better? — 13/Jun/2017 15:35

June 9th

• Browsing through the Suggestions forum and getting some out of the way... - You can now find Fossils more easily via Scouring by sending the appropriate Pokémon. For example, Aerodactyl will find Old Amber more often. The Pokémon does not have to itself be resurrected from a Fossil for this bonus to work. - You can now select "Max" when asked how many Gems to convert to bigger/smaller Gems at the Wishforge. - User Search is now available, and is accessible from Farm Page => Other Links => Tools. - When Organising fields, a lock icon is shown alongside fields that have been set to hidden. - The Übercharm link in the Timers Bar is now its own page, rather than a redirect to two different pages. - Minor adjustments in certain areas have been made. Might be more added later, but it's getting late already. Where'd the day go? — 09/Jun/2017 12:00:00 - 17:00:00

June 7th

• Shazi has blessed us with more beautiful icons As mentioned yesterday, this is an on-going project, so look forward to more updates! — 07/Jun/2017 18:08

June 6th

• The following icons have been updated by Shazi! This is an on-going project, so keep your eyes glued to the changelog for future updates. ;) — 06/Jun/2017 16:15

May 2017

May 26th

• For those using PF1 Transfer to get their old stuff back from the old site: anything that was in the DayCare, Scour Missions, Trade/Gift Centre, PokéWalker or Dream World can now be accessed again, through the "Party & Others" section. — 26/May/2017 09:31
• A couple of minor adjustments to Spars: 1. When viewing a Spar result, if you are "Player 2" (ie. the one receiving the challenge) then the result will be flipped around to show you as Player 1. This means you will always be the "green dot" and your opponent the "red dot" (on default skin - your colours may vary), making it easier to see at a glance who did what. 2. A Permalink has been added to the end of the Spar result. This link leads to a page showing off the battle result, allowing you to share the link with others and let them see the battle. This may be useful for bragging rights, but also for showing off clutch moments, provide confirmation of Gym battles on the Forums, or (hopefully not!) to provide further evidence of bugs. Hope you like these changes! — 26/May/2017 12:30

May 16th

• We have Nice! things again. You can send a "Nice!" through the recipient's profile page, in the menu. It will appear in the corner of their view. Edit: If you really, really, really can't handle it, here's some custom CSS you can put in your Site Skin. You don't have to deal with it if you don't want to :) .nice_toast { display: none } — 16/May/2017 16:31

May 13th

• Minor adjustment: The "Species" field of the Summary page now shows the name of the Egg if it has been registered in your EggDex. Conversely, Pokémon are now listed as "Unknown" if you visit someone else's Pokémon summary that you don't have registered in your Dex yet. — 13/May/2017 14:56

May 12th

• The "Choose gender" option on your Profile has been greatly expanded. You can now choose skin type (II - VI on the Fitzpatrick scale), hair colour (five different choices) and eye colour (again, five choices). While we are working on more complete Trainer Customisation, I thought this would be a nice option for you guys to play around with in the meantime.
Enjoy! — 12/May/2017 10:24

May 10th

• New items have been added to the Task List on your Party page. Specifically, tasks relating to Fishing and Fossils have been added. Additionally, Battle-related tasks has been adjusted, since there is no longer the 100-hatch requirement to access the Dojo, and the reward for "win battles" tasks didn't take into account the new fee system. Enjoy! — 10/May/2017 11:58

May 9th

• In light of recent spam, new users may no longer post in their Trainer Card or About Me, until activating their account and clearing the Tutorial. — 09/May/2017 09:58

May 4th

• For those of you who have been with us since PF1, thank you very much for your patience. PFTransfer is now ready for use, allowing you to transfer most of your PF1 Pokémon over to PFQ. — 04/May/2017 19:01

May 3rd

• The Front Page has received some updates, mostly to improve performance, but most notably on the Socialise tab. Check it out! Also, minor adjustments have been made around the site. Nothing too major, you might not even notice them, but they're there, subtly making things better! — 03/May/2017 09:50

April 2017

Apr 28th

• A new stat has been added: Most Fossils Revived — 28/Apr/2017 15:47

Apr 25th

• In order to make the Summon Unlock system a little more approachable, hints have been added to the bottom of each tab panel. — 25/Apr/2017 18:23

Apr 24th

• Pokémon Eggs have been updated from the old Gen 4 system to the new Gen 7 system. In addition, various typos have been corrected. The old system was calculated as (Egg Cycles + 1) × 255, while the new one is (Egg Cycles) × 256, which overall corresponds to a slight reduction in EXP needed to hatch. Errata list: (all numbers shown in Egg Cycles)

17 is not valid

For some reason, we had an entry for 17 Egg Cycles. This is not a valid value, as they are all multiples of 5. Combee 17 -> 15 Flabébé 17 -> 20 Helioptile 17 -> 20 Pumpkaboo 17 -> 20 Cutiefly 17 -> 20 Stufful 17 -> 15

Assorted typos

When the data was originally imported (in 2009!) some errors crept in. Slugma 25 -> 20 Spinda 15 -> 20 Corphish 15 -> 20

Guessed it wrong

When new games come out, everyone's very excited for names, types, moves learned, base stats... but nobody cares how long it takes to hatch it. So I had to guess. I guessed right surprisingly often, but I also guessed wrong quite a bit. The good news is I mostly overestimated. Bunnelby 20 -> 15 Scatterbug 10 -> 15 Pancham 20 -> 25 Goomy 35 -> 40 Kelfki 30 -> 20 Phantump 25 -> 20 Bergmite 25 -> 20 Crabrawler 25 -> 20 Rockruff 20 -> 15 Wishiwashi 20 -> 15 Mareanie 25 -> 20 Minior 30 -> 25 Turtonator 30 -> 20 Bruxish 25 -> 15 Drampa 25 -> 20 Dhelmise 30 -> 25


Typos, main-series game events, and a lousy guess make this the worst group. Sorry! Mew 1 -> 120 Heatran 10 -> 120 Manaphy 10 -> 120 Xerneas 80 -> 120 Yveltal 80 -> 120 Zygarde 80 -> 120
Thank you for your understanding in this matter. We're fixing almost 8-year-old mistakes here! :D — 24/Apr/2017 11:20

Apr 20th

• The tooltip in your Fields now shows "Locked" instead of the EXP value for EXP-Locked Pokémon. — 20/Apr/2017 12:58

Apr 15th

• The EXP Lock display has been adjusted. It now shows the text "
" in the EXP bar in place of the numeric value. Instead, the blue padlock icon is used to indicate Account Locked Pokémon. This should hopefully improve clarity in this situation. — 15/Apr/2017 17:53

Apr 12th

• To accompany the return of Battling to PFQ, Battle-related Tasks are now available on your Party page again, and the Battle and Gym forums have returned. — 12/Apr/2017 09:27

Apr 7th

• Copying Display Codes from your Summary pages should be much easier now. Codes are now displayed as wrapped text so none of that horizontal scrolling nonsense. It's also just plain text so mobile browsers don't try to treat it as editable. And finally, in supporting browsers (that is, everything except iPhone/iPad) it will auto-select the code when you click/tap on it. — 07/Apr/2017 08:41

Apr 2nd

• Some major changes have been made to Happiness. - Pokémon will not run away any more. The origin of this "feature" is actually quite nasty. It was added to PF1 right near the start, with the intention of keeping the Shelter more populated by preying on the inattentiveness of the users. That's... a really mean system! But it stuck around because it's always been that way, right? Well, let's be having no more of that. While Pokémon will still lose Happiness in a Field they don't like, it will no longer run away when Happiness reaches zero. - The Red Gigaremo has received some adjustments. The rate at which Happiness is lost when using the Red Gigaremo has been reduced. Instead of running away when Happiness runs out, Pokémon will have their breeding rate impaired when unhappy. - Consumables may now be used on Pokémon that are "busy". This is because they don't change the Pokémon's held item. In particular this may be helpful for keeping Happiness up when breeding ;) - When you use a Consumable, if you have another of the item and the Pokémon can still use one, you will be given the option to use another of the same Consumable. — 02/Apr/2017 09:34

March 2017

Mar 31st

• The "Fabulous Friday" icon is now an actual icon instead of a plain rainbow (that I made in like 10 seconds :D) Likewise, the PokéWalker item has a cleaner, nicer icon too. Hope you like them! — 31/Mar/2017 15:25

Mar 30th

• Attempting another Quality of Life update here... When selecting Pokémon from a Field, if you do this multiple times on the same page (eg. multiple Scour Missions, putting two Pokémon in the DayCare, giving items from your Inventory screen...) then it will remember the last Field you used and automatically put you there when you go to select the second Pokémon - you can of course navigate fields as normal, but I think "wherever you were before" is a sensible default. Likewise, when selecting held items - especially Consumables or when Plate/Memory swapping, or giving items to each of your Party members - it will remember which tab of your inventory you were last on, and put you in there the next time you go in. This includes searching! Some minor bugs were also fixed: - When using an item from your Inventory that you had more than 999 of, the quantity would change to "×NaN" because it choked on the thousand-separator comma. - Following the earlier update to Field navigation in Pokémon selection, the "Select another Field" on the Party view was broken. — 30/Mar/2017 12:41

Mar 27th

• The Market notifications have been consolidated, so you will receive a single notification even if you have sold multiple items, showing just the number of items sold and the total money gained. The Market page itself still shows the itemised list when you go to claim the money. • The menu on Pokémon summaries has been rearranged slightly, specifically "Dress up" is now alongside "Send in Trade" since these two items are actually links to other pages rather than commands (like the other items are). — 27/Mar/2017 13:31

Mar 23rd

• The site's tab icon has been updated.
Depending on your browser (and its cache), it may take some time for you to see the update. So if you don't see it already, it's coming soon! I like this new icon. Instead of old, outdated colours that haven't been used since the site I made before PF1... it uses our shiny new logo that I made with SVG (because SVG is awesome) -
— 23/Mar/2017 10:52

Mar 22nd

• Just a quick little update, but when selecting a Pokémon to put in Training, the tooltip on the Pokémon now shows some battle stats. Specifically, Nature shows stat effects instead of flavour preferences, and IVs/EVs are shown too. Hope this helps ^^ — 22/Mar/2017 13:48

Mar 21st

• The Dojo is making its return, slowly! It is now accessible on the Farm Page (Nearby Places). However, currently only the Training Hall is done. Actual battling is coming as soon as I can get it done, but it will probably be at least a week, possibly several weeks... The point is, I can't promise when it will be done, but it's definitely coming. Meanwhile, you can get started Training your Pokémon in preparation for battle! And for those of you who didn't take your Pokémon out of Training before the Recode happened (despite me telling you to :p)... well you can now do that. Hooray! Have fun, enjoy, and let me know if anything is broken. Because there's bound to be something... — 21/Mar/2017 18:33

Mar 20th

• Due to certain... issues, a Trade Lock now means you can't receive Gifts either. Some people were getting people to send them stuff and "forgetting" that they were Trade Locked and couldn't send it back. — 20/Mar/2017 09:44

Mar 18th

• The Trade Centre now shows trades in a popup view, similar to the Dex, allowing faster access. As with the Dex you can still access them in new tabs without any issue. Let me know if there's any issues :) — 18/Mar/2017 15:47
• The Pokémon of the Day page has been updated to no longer show the Dex artwork (which had previously been removed from Summary pages) and instead shows the sprites of both the normal and Shiny versions of whatever Pokémon has been chosen. — 18/Mar/2017 16:30

Mar 17th

• The Shelter has received a massive update to its internal data structures, the practical upshot of which is that this should finally mean the end of Deadlock errors there! Please let me know if I broke anything... — 17/Mar/2017 13:34

Mar 15th

• The daily adoption limit for the DayCare has been increased from 1 to 6, allowing you basically to adopt a full Party of Eggs per day. Beyond that, you can still use DayCare Passes to adopt more Eggs. In addition, Hypermode users will receive 6 free DayCare Passes every day instead of just one. They must all be used before you can claim any more. — 15/Mar/2017 11:38

Mar 14th

• Quality of life updates! 1. When attempting to release a Pokémon that is holding an item, an additional checkbox appears on the "final confirmation" box to remind you that the item is being held, and confirm that you do in fact want to release it with that item still attached. 2. You can now charge your Albino Radar even if you have already charged it today. Conditions apply, check out the Albino Hunting page for more details. 3. A small addition has been made to the text in the Prize Shop explaining that old Tokens are rotated out of use every Season, and advising you to only trade down if you actually intend on using those Tokens soon. 4. The DayCare now offers an option to be notified of how many Eggs are being held for you. Check the box and you'll be constantly told how many there are :D 5. You can now choose how many Everstones to buy at once in the DayCare, up to 99 at a time. 6. Threads made by you are now highlighted with a ★ in Forum Subscription Notifications. 7. When selecting Fields for things like Trading, DayCare etc. the standard navigation buttons from the Fields page are now used so that you can easily go to the previous/next Fields. As always, click the big button with the current Field's name to jump to a different one. The "Align to Grid" button has been moved below the Field to make room. 8. Speaking of "Align to Grid", it's now "sticky" when used on the Fields page. You can now navigate between fields while in "Align to Grid" mode and it will stay applied until you choose "Return to Positions" or reload the page. I think that's it for now. I'll be continuing to go through and implement whatever adjustments I can find to keep making PFQ an easier system to use. — 14/Mar/2017 12:57
• A Pokémon's parents are now shown on the Summary page. Siblings/children aren't planned to be shown any more, as these families can grow to thousands of children and there's just no easy way to handle that. So you can climb the family tree, but not descend. I hope this is acceptable! Parents seem like the more interesting thing anyway... Although I guess you'd want to know if any children ended up Shiny? Hmm. I'll see if I can figure anything out, but for now don't expect anything, okay? :p — 14/Mar/2017 21:38

Mar 12th

• Cost of Mega Evolution using GP has been drastically reduced. • The Dex now allows you to hide incomplete, rather than hide completed, using the toggle button. — 12/Mar/2017 17:20
• You can now "silence" a forum subscription from your Subscription List. This can be useful if you just wanted to bookmark a thread for future reference without wanting to be notified of new posts therein. — 12/Mar/2017 18:21
• Popplio and Brionne sprites have had a makeover!


— 12/Mar/2017 23:54

Mar 10th

• The Nearby Places panel has received an update to better suit the increasing number of nearby places. Additionally, "hidden" Nearby Places are now always visible, but visiting them when you don't meet conditions will instead present you with an explanation of what you need to do. — 10/Mar/2017 16:25

Mar 5th

• The Dex has received an update: details views are now shown in an overlay, so you no longer need to find your place again every time you view some details. This also removes the need for the 15 minute cache since the page isn't unloaded just because you viewed details. That cache was confusing people, so I'm glad it's gone :D — 05/Mar/2017 21:29

February 2017

Feb 27th

• Due to the fact that they were single-handedly responsible for over 55% of the entire database size, "Reached Level X by Y while owned by Z" Timeline Entries will no longer be recorded, except for reaching Level 100. Consequently, the "Recent Level-Ups" on the Farm page has been reworked to be more efficient. Also, the 4th Tutorial Step has been changed from the multiple-choice "adopt something from the Shelter and help it grow a few levels" to simply "adopt and hatch an Egg from the Shelter". Existing Level-up Timeline entries will gradually be removed from the database to see if we can reclaim that 10GB of data :p — 27/Feb/2017 10:47 • You can now choose how many Relic Items to trade at once on the Relic Trade section. You can trade up to 99 at once. — 27/Feb/2017 16:26

Feb 26th

• You can now pin Conversations to the top of the list. View the Conversation of your choice and click the "empty star" button next to the user's name. The star will fill, indicating a "Favourite" conversation partner. When viewing the Conversation list, pinned Conversations will appear at the top of the first page. Enjoy! — 26/Feb/2017 17:20
• (Why am I working on Sunday? Probably just trying to make up for being ill last week :p) The Egg Supplier now offers Priority Shipping. It costs GP, but it knocks off 80% of the delivery time, allowing you to get those Eggs you need, when you need them! — 26/Feb/2017 18:18

Feb 25th

• Due to serious abuse of the Aether House starting system (specifically, users sending the two Legendaries to a New Farmer and having them redeem the free Beast Ball and returning it to them so they get a free Beast Ball at the new user's expense) the additional condition of unlocking (but not necessarily getting/using) the Eclipse Flute has been added. — 25/Feb/2017 14:33
• On a more positive note... The Front Page has been redesigned. Hopefully this should give a much better idea of what PFQ is about and what we have to offer! — 25/Feb/2017 15:58
• I have no excuse for this one taking so long, but... Any Scatterbug created from now on will evolve into a variety of Vivillon patterns. The pattern you get is user-specific, so each user can only get one pattern on their own. If you want to collect them, get trading with many users! — 25/Feb/2017 16:18

Feb 15th

• Continuing with the theme of cleaning up, small adjustments have been made: - Accordions now feature a small arrow to help make it more obvious when a section can be expanded. - The Summary page no longer features the "realistic" images, due to the increasing number of missing images due to Gen 6 and 7, and the lack of support for Albino and Melanistic colours on them. We hope to restore them in future, but for now it's probably better to have none at all than to have question-marks everywhere. - The Summary page's middle column is now an accordion, which should help keep things at a reasonable size, especially on mobile. Expect more changes soon, and keep in mind that a clean workplace is great for making sure things like the Dojo run smoothly ;) — 15/Feb/2017 15:05
• The Trade Centre has a new and improved system for adding items to trades. Check it out! (See I told you cleaning up was good!) — 15/Feb/2017 16:19
• A small flag has been added to the Summary page, alongside the Pokémon's species name, indicating which region it is from. Flags match those in the Dex. — 15/Feb/2017 20:00

Feb 14th

• PM notifications are now grouped based on the sender. Example: "Niet sent you 2 Messages" — 14/Feb/2017 15:40

Feb 12th

• With apologies for the quiet period, this last week was primarily dedicated to cleaning up various bits of code, refactoring other parts, and just generally performing background maintenance on the systems. Since none of this is actually visible to you guys (except maybe very slightly faster loading times) I didn't think to announce it. But then I realised, it looks bad if you don't know what I'm working on! Also this week the updates were made to allow Milotic and Sylveon to evolve. Milotic was simple enough since the Contest Stats graph has been there forever, but Sylveon is a little trickier. I need to figure out a good way to make the difference between Happiness and Affection very clear. Grammatically it's easy enough: Happiness is general, Affection is specifically between the Pokémon and its owner. But actually presenting that information could be difficult. I'll see what I can come up with, but for now it's not too important since the Big Malasada just maxes it out so it's a yes/no binary kind of deal. Over the next few weeks I'll be looking into bringing the Dojo back. The most recent version of the plans involves recreating the system from before the Recode, since offline battling is easier on both the code and the users. But there will also be the option to battle other players in real time in full 6v6 battles. So there's that to look forward to! Until then, though, there will be a Valentine's event from Monday 13th to Sunday 19th - more details to come later :) — 12/Feb/2017 02:10
• An XSS vulnerability in the forum system has been found and fixed. If a post contained the text </textarea>, then whenever the post was quoted, edited or even reported, the text after that HTML tag would be rendered as HTML. As far as I can tell, nobody found this vulnerability and no damage was done, but the security hole has been closed successfully. That was a close one! — 12/Feb/2017 17:13

Feb 6th

• The Lab has been updated: Egg descriptions are slightly smaller to fit better, and the name is shown if it is registered in your EggDex. The Egg image will be shown always now - so use the name's presence to determine if it's new or not. — 06/Feb/2017 22:09

Feb 3rd

• A small adjustment has been made to the "Hide" button in the Shelter. If you accidentally hide the wrong thing (somehow) then you can just reload the Shelter page (the entire page, not the "get new Egg/Pokémon" button!) then previously hidden things will reappear. — 03/Feb/2017 12:53

Feb 1st

• The Field Search screen has been adjusted in an attempt to make it easier to use - while you could type what you wanted on desktop, that's no use on mobile ;) So now it uses a text input connected to a data list (if supported by your browser, so Safari might have an issue with it :p But it should at least work. So now you can just type the name of what you're searching for, rather than having to scroll through a potentially long list to find it visually. — 01/Feb/2017 11:40

January 2017

Jan 30th

• An adjustment has been made to how user input is made safe (ie. remove HTML injection possibilites). This should fix the issue of having an & in your Pokémon's name (for whatever reason :p) would cause the display images to break (since they would be malformed XML) without interfering with your ability to use HTML entities such as &eacute; for é. Please let me know if this somehow causes any issues. — 30/Jan/2017 17:23
• Glitches involving shiny/albino/melanistic Minior have been fixed. — 30/Jan/2017 19:41

Jan 29th

• Rejoice! I finally figured out a way to make Field Search work! Head to your Fields and select the new "Search Fields" option from the menu. Enjoy! — 29/Jan/2017 14:52

Jan 28th

• You can now drag to select multiple Pokémon at once on the Mass Move and the Fishing collection screens, but NOT on Mass Release. Hopefully this will make organisation easier. Enjoy! — 28/Jan/2017 14:17

Jan 26th

• Most Bonus Counters have had their targets increased to keep up with the increased activity of users on the site. You guys keep busting through whatever challenge we throw at you! Great job, keep it up! — 26/Jan/2016 11:20

Jan 25th

• Stats for Most Fish hooked and Most Fish caught have been added to the Stats page. — 25/Jan/2017 19:26

Jan 23rd

• To accompany the "HTTP images are no longer allowed" update, a replacement error image has been created that will appear instead of the generic broken-image thing your browser does. Example: — 23/Jan/2017 15:31
• "Debug Mode" has been added, under Farm => Options => Others => Debug Mode. This will add a "Debug" button to the Timers bar. When clicked, you will see all of the AJAX requests that have been made since you loaded the current page. This will be especially useful to help find the cause of issues where Developer Tools may not be available, such as on mobile devices. When reporting errors, you may be asked to enable Debug Mode, try and reproduce the error, then get the last entry in the debug list when it happens. Or you can use it if you're curious - but it's not anything that Developer Tools (which is standard in browsers now) doesn't already tell you ;) — 23/Jan/2017 19:59

Jan 19th

• The Albino Radar now has shortcut links to select the minimum, maximum or "level up" amounts of Interaction Points. — 19/Jan/2017 14:49

Jan 18th

• The "Platform"-style display code is now available. It shows the Pokémon's full sprite, held item and gender, but not its level. Hope you like it!
— 18/Jan/2017 13:09

Jan 14th

• The Hypermode page has been updated with a clearer layout for the "Get Hypermode!" section. In particular, prices will show up correctly on mobile devices now, without needing to click to a confirmation screen. Additionally, a confirmation screen will appear when clicking the button to activate a Hypermode voucher. Further addition: the discounts for the longer Hypermode vouchers (180d and 365d) have been improved. — 14/Jan/2017 13:54

Jan 13th

• The Fields page now uses preloading to load the next Field in sequence ahead of time. This means when interacting field by field, the time it takes for you to make the clicks in the Field is more than enough for the next field to load in the background, ready for you to move to immediately. Hope you like it! — 13/Jan/2017 17:09

Jan 11th

• The Image Uploader now has basic support for Folders! The only issue is that you can't delete folders once you've created them. I'll fix that at some point, but I figured you guys have been waiting long enough to just have them :D — 11/Jan/2017 18:48

Jan 10th

• Due to the Dex art being incomplete, especially for newer Pokémon (Alolan and newer Mega Evolution Q's, as well as other Exclusives), I am temporarily removing the artwork from the PokéDex's details screen. We are (slowly) working on getting new art that will fully complete the set, and it will be returning then. For now though, the Pokémon sprites are shown, complete with Shiny, Albino and Melanistic versions (if you have them registered!) Enjoy! — 10/Jan/2017 14:36

Jan 9th

• Shiny class bars have been updated courtesy of me, Sei! Check the hidebox below for a comparison!

Spoiler for new bars~

Class New Image Old Image
— 09/Jan/2017 21:50

Jan 6th

• The Party-style images now use the new Sun/Moon style by default.




This new style will be used on all your Display Codes, unless you specified _oras or _xy. If you want to use XY or ORAS style, please check the Summary page for the codes. — 06/Jan/2017 15:15

Jan 5th

• A checkbox has been added to the "Bulk Move" option in your Fields, which allows you to show the flavour preferences of all Pokémon in the Field. This will make sorting by preference much easier. Enjoy :) — 05/Jan/2017 15:22

Jan 3rd

• A small adjustment has been made to certain Accessories in Scour Missions. Specifically, Balloons have been shifted around and the Surfboard is now available exclusively in the Ocean area. — 03/Jan/2017 11:15

Jan 2nd

• Spinda now has spots! Sorry it took so long! — 02/Jan/2017 18:06

December 2016

Dec 29th

• An adjustment has been made to how interactions for the current day are saved, which will hopefully reduce lag further when many interactions are being made... such as in later days of the 12 Days of Christmas event. You guys want that Mega Stone, right? ;) — 29/Dec/2016 11:12

Dec 23rd

• The Contest Hall has been updated. - The Hallowe'en costumes are no longer available for purchase. They'll return next year. - The Winter Set is now available for a limited time, so take a look and grab them while you can! - The "Worlds Pikachu" have been changed into Costumes instead of just plain Custom Sprites. - Each Pokémon (other than Pikachu) has received their own Exclusive Costume. This includes Jester Aipom, Aviator Swellow and more! Enjoy :) — 23/Dec/2016 10:59

Dec 19th

• An issue where Safari users were unable to select Pokémon or items without first tapping twice has been fixed. Basically, Safari was being "too clever". A lot of websites are badly designed and don't work on mobile. One problem is elements that are both pop-up menus and also links. This happens quite a lot in old navigation systems. To prevent this being an issue, Safari quietly ignores the "click" event if, and only if, the "hover" CSS causes new content to become visible. In this case, tapping a Pokémon (for example to send on a Scour mission) would first be a "hover" event to make the tooltip appear, followed by a "click" event to actually select it and bring up the buttons in that tooltip. Safari would ignore the second one, meaning you had to tap a second time. The fix: tell Safari to not show tooltips on hover. They will still appear, because clicking on a tooltip trigger (on PFQ) causes the tooltip to lock in place specifically so that it can contain links and buttons. So the lock will happen, causing no disruption, but at least now you don't have to tap twice! (PS: It did say "Click the Pokémon/Egg to access options", although granted it didn't say to do it "again" or "two times". Still, an error report of "it doesn't work"... isn't useful :D Fortunately I'm able to borrow my Dad's iPad while I'm visiting family for Christmas, and took the opportunity to investigate and fix the issue.) (PPS: Isn't it sad that I have to specifically teach browsers that I'm actually competent in my designing?) — 19/Dec/2016 10:42

Dec 13th

• You can now add custom, freeform CSS to your Skins. When editing a skin, use the new "Extra CSS" input area to add CSS of your choice. The options are limitless! — 13/Dec/2016 15:14
• Two new Official Skins have been added: Retro Pre-Recode and Retro Recode. They make use of the Extra CSS option to bring back the original appearance of the NavBar and Counters so you don't have to ;) Check them out on the Skin Settings page. — 13/Dec/2016 16:18
• You can now save items in the Marketboard as Favourites using the new button shown when you've selected an item and are viewing its listing. Your Favourites are shown on the first tab of the inventory, underneath any items that you are selling. — 13/Dec/2016 17:17

Dec 2nd

• Due to increased activity, the daily backup has been moved. Starting tomorrow, it will take place at 10:12 AM (instead of 1:12 PM). — 2/Dec/2016 13:17

Dec 1st

• The Friends List has been redesigned into a VIP List. There are no more Friend Requests, as the VIP List does not require reciprocating. It is essentially a "list of people who are important to me", or a way of bookmarking users for easy access. While this update does expose your online status, that doesn't matter and here's why: You appear on the Users Online list anyway, and I will be adding it to the Profile page when I figure out a more efficient way to handle it. And even if an "invisible" mode existed, literally any action you take would expose your presence. For this reason, I believe it is not worth the effort in programming an "invisible" status. It doesn't work. Extra example
Anyone remember MSN or older versions of Skype? They used to tell you if a message hadn't been delivered yet, but if the recipient was set to Invisible, the message would still be delivered, so you'd know they were hiding! This is what I mean when I say that invisible statuses do not work.
That said... • A new Online Status has been added: "Busy". This can be toggled through the Notifications panel so you have quick and easy access to turn it on or off as needed. This will change the online indicator to show your busy status, thus notifying people who have you on their VIP list (or who visit your profile, when that's added) that you may not be available to respond to them. I hope you like these changes - I for one am pleased to bring the end of the Curse of Random Friend Requests! — 1/Dec/2016 18:18

November 2016

Nov 25th

• A small visual update has been made to the Mass Move and Mass Release screens, to make it more obvious that you can click anywhere in the general area, more obvious which ones you've selected and also to make it more space-efficient. — 25/Nov/2016 12:19

Nov 21st

Daily Tasks have been added. These simple tasks grant neat bonuses to reward daily activity on the site. Have a look and have fun! — 21/Nov/2016 13:27
• The Task List on your Party page is now sorted based on completion progress. — 21/Nov/2016 14:04

Nov 16th

• You can now customise the Bookmarks bar! Get easy access to up to six pages with this handy feature. Check it out on the Tools tab of the Farm Page under "Navigation". * If you want more than six bookmarks, your browser's bookmark function may be useful. — 16/Nov/2016 13:59

Nov 15th

• For anyone interested, the Pokéwalker's source code (client-side) is available for viewing from the Pokéwalker page. This can help with figuring out how it works. If you find any issues or have any suggestions for improving the code, please let us know! — 15/Nov/2016 12:10
• The length of the Egg Hatch and Evolution animations has been significantly reduced. — 15/Nov/2016 14:29

Nov 14th

• An issue where Tournaments would not properly count Pokémon of the Day hatch progress, has been fixed. Points earned before the bugfix have been awarded manually.
• The bulk price of Egg Passes has been reduced to give a better discount. The unit price has not changed. — 14/Nov/2016 09:13
• "Most Tournament Tokens won" has been added to the Stats page. — 14/Nov/2016 09:38
• The "Mega Evolve 150 Pokémon" Task has been lowered to 90, and the final level task beyond it has also been lowered. — 14/Nov/2016 09:46
• An extra-large Egg Pass package is now available, bringing the total discount to 75%! — 14/Nov/2016 11:18

Nov 13th

• "History" has been added to the Market Board for each item, allowing you to see when that item has sold in the past and how much for. — 13/Nov/2016 09:28

Nov 12th

• The "Objective" text for the Weekly Tournament has been updated to include a prediction of the Pokémon of the Day that will happen this week, allowing you to plan ahead. (It's worth noting that the targets are going to be very small compared to other "hatch Eggs" objectives.) — 12/Nov/2016 15:05
• The Pluraliser has been taught how to handle unusual names. For example:
Tournament Token (Red)Tournament Token (Red)sTournament Tokens (Red)
Mega Stone Voucher 5Mega Stone Voucher 5sMega Stone Vouchers 5
Shelter Pass BShelter Pass BsShelter Passes B
DayCare Pass x10DayCare Pass x10sDayCare Passes x10
Some of them are awkward no matter how you pluralise them, but this is certainly a big improvement!
• The Market Board has been added to the Nearby Places. This feature allows you to buy and sell any item in the game (except Key Items) quickly and easily for Credits. It's obviously quite empty at the moment since it's just launched, but feel free to get things started by putting your items up for sale. Have fun! — 12/Nov/2016 17:22
• The Farm Page has been updated with some of the core pages (Lab, Shelter...) added to the Nearby Places, and the PokéDex added to "Other => Items". This is in preparation for being able to customise the navigation bar. — 12/Nov/2016 18:38
• "Legacy" items are old items that no longer serve a purpose on the site. For example, the Ice Rock used to be for evolving Eevee into Glaceon, but now this evolution happens by other means. Some other items such as the Map Marker were used for features that no longer exist. While they no longer serve their initial purpose, they are unobtainable through any means other than trading or buying from another player, and are therefore of potential value to collectors. To prevent confusion in the new Market Board, these items have been labelled with [LEGACY] in their descriptions, and a small note has been added explaining what that means. — 12/Nov/2016 20:24

Nov 11th

• When using the "Sell" option in your Inventory, you can now click the word "Max" (now a link) to select all of the item you have chosen.
• Your overall total percentage completion is now shown on the PokéDex page, below the last region.
• An item has been added that allows you to reset your Dex progress. For more details and to buy/use this item, visit the Dex. — 11/Nov/2016 16:35
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Stellaluna's AvatarStellaluna
Stellaluna's Avatar
Ah, so the pokedex thing I actually was suggesting a while ago sees the light of day. I can't wait for these new updates, Niet~
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Esme's AvatarEsme
Esme's Avatar
Great work on the website, and this is a nice way to focus more on the future of PFQ. c:
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Stormsky1's AvatarStormsky1
Stormsky1's Avatar
So I have a question, will we ever be able to sell the extra dress up items for our pokemon like the red ribbons and trees? Since the shop has dissapeared, and im pretty sure there is mo other way to sell them.
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Garthic's AvatarGarthic
Garthic's Avatar
As stated before, yes.
LadyElemental's AvatarLadyElemental
LadyElemental's Avatar
I don't understand. I'm not seeing the total completion or the new item we can buy to reset dex progress.
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Garthic's AvatarGarthic
Garthic's Avatar
LadyElemental, did you scroll down? Just wondering. It is on the dex page, btw.
Sable's AvatarSable
Sable's Avatar
This might be a silly/dumb question, but I just want to make sure before I decide on if I want to reset my dex. This will affect my rank, right? Will that mean the rank prizes will be reclaimable or are they one time only? I don't want to claim them again if it turns out it's a bug of some kind.
Stellaluna's AvatarStellaluna
Stellaluna's Avatar
Actually, my question is, why would someone want to reset their dex progress? :v
Yes the sell max button. I was needing something like this.
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