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Animal Art School

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Hello and welcome to art school where the thread helpers, teachers and I will be teaching you and helping you regarding drawing animals. Everyone has different art styles so you might learn different things for all of us. Everyone methods of learning are different so some may learn quickly and some may take longer to learn so please all be kind and show everyone respect. I hope everyone has fun and enjoys themselves:D To become a teacher:


[b][i]Hello, I would like to be a teacher!![/i][/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Examples of your art:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]
To become a student:


[b][i]Hello, I would like to be a student!![/i][/b] [b]Username:[/b] [b]What would you like to learn?:[/b] [b]Anything you are struggling with?:[/b] [b]Description (optional)[/b] [b]Other:[/b]
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Feel free to talk to me on these: Chicken Smoothie: Greenbunny1998 Discord: Greenbunny1998 #8985
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Teachers and students:


Greenbunny1998 AnonymousEspeon AvaTheAxolotl Lilieth


RF097820 ShootingStarRain OrangeMosquitoe
Lessons coming soon
First Lesson: We'll all be drawing: Credit First we'll be drawing head outline: Like this: There may be errors at first (like head, beak etc) being too big or too small but don't worry because we'll go back to correct any mistakes
RF097820's AvatarRF097820
RF097820's Avatar
Hello, I would like to be a student!! Username: rf097820 What would you like to learn?: anything but especialy cats Anything you are struggling with?: alot of things Description (optional) -w- Other: thanks for doing this
if anyone needsany help im always happy to help ------------------------------------------------------------------ any art i can make u can take creadit of it idc to much long as u pay mine and inkys shop ;3
You've been added, thank you so much, the first lesson is drawing the penguin above so everyone will be starting with head outline first then we'll be working on body :D
Hello, I would like to be a student!! Username: ShootingStarRain What would you like to learn?: I'd like to start with cats, but anything sits well with me. I can barely draw. Anything you are struggling with?: To draw. Literally. My skills are below-average bad. Description (optional) For what? Other: I've got nothing but pen 'n paper
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Full credits here. PFP => Salty_Lightning on Pinterest Button => Kaelwolfur
You've been added, thank you so much :D The description part is if you want to expand on what you are struggling with like if you were struggling with drawing ears, you would expand and say you can't draw dog ears, cat ears etc You definitely are ok on using pen and paper but you can just take photo of your work post on Image Uploader then post here. At the moment we are drawing the penguin but waited giving everyone chance to draw but lessons start tonight

Lessons start tonight everyone, so will give small announcement when its about to start :D

Announcement: Lessons start now We'll all be drawing the penguin, please post progresses but we'll be starting head outline if you haven't started it yet then working on other parts, if you are stuck at any point don't worry, just post what you done so far and explain where you are struggling and i'll help you :D
Hello, I would like to be a student!! Username: OrangeMosquitoe What would you like to learn?: How to draw animals better, and make them look a lot better o': especially if I wanna draw animals for frieds... Anything you are struggling with?: The face, snout shapes, and mainly legs, and stances... a lot of things (ESPECIALLY eye and face symmetry) Description (optional) I just can't get snouts, and body shapes right... they just always look so weird and unrealistic... I like to draw wolves but I can just never get things right Other: I hope to learn how to draw better animals, better digitally, and just better overall. Thank you for running this school! :)
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here's my shop if you're interested :')
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