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The Twilight Glade

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The Genesect looked around at the forest. It was awfully quiet, only the faint running stream that came from the lake could be heard. He walked around, unsure of what to do at the moment. He tended to the farm a little, giving the berries some water and making sure they got enough sun. "Sure would be nice for some company, huh, little guys?" He spoke to the berries as if they understood where he was coming from. Blitz walked around some more, enjoying the aroma of the woods.
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. Pixel shuddered as the cool air of outside hit them suddenly. They had spent the last.... who knows how long stuck in a lab that always felt so stifling and crowded. They blinked rapidly, trying to adjust their eyes to the dense fog that surrounded them. The sound of running water filled their hearing as they got up, hovering above the lush grass. They squinted, trying to see better. A small farm was a short distance away, and Pixel saw a figure wandering around close by. They decided to go toward the farm, and as they drew closer, they realized that the figure was another pokemon. "H-hello?" Pixel spoke hesitantly, worried slightly about the other creature, having never seen something like it before. They floated closer, trying to get a better view, but staying a small distance away.
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While hearing the rustle of fallen leaves, the snap of broken tree branches and snap of twigs breaking, Fishy sensed some drama ahead. Without hesitation, Fishy started slowly ascending to the rim of the dark and murky water thinking about the latest juicy gossip from the nearby Pokèmon. The sound of voices was getting clearer and clearer the closer to the rim Fishy got. Fishy couldn't quite make out what they were saying or what the Pokèmon were but Fishy knew it was definitely worth being nosey and having a quick earful of the latest drama.
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Blitz snapped his head up towards the sound of talking. "Hello? Is anyone there?" It had been so long since he even heard another tone besides his own. He crept closer, trying not to be loud. "Hi, my name is B-L-1-..." he trailed off. "My name is Blitz. It's a pleasure to meet you." He spoke into the open air, just in case someone was there, he couldn't tell.
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. Pixel hesitantly floated closer. "Um... I'm Pixel." They got a little closer, and saw the figure clearer. "Nice to meet you... Blitz, you said?" They started closer to the berry bushes that were more visible now. "What is this place? Where.... where are we?"

While eating Oran berries and watching the farm, Almyra heard some having a conversation. With a puzzled look on her face, she got a little bit closer but not a lot. Almyra still couldn't hear the conversation much and decided to get even closer without getting caught. She wanted to see who they were and what they were talking about, but she was worried about getting caught. Nervous she walked slowly, but soon enough, dashed off back into the farm.
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The Shiny Wooper hid in the aquatic plants, waiting for prey to come. She noticed a pretty large fish swim by, and she lunged out for it, successfully killing it and getting food. This has been her daily schedule for....how long has it been? Deciding to ignore this fact, the Wooper munched on yet another fish. This was her only form of sustenance, it's not like she could refuse it or leave the lake. She had never encountered another Pokemon for as long as she could remember. She had spent her life swimming in the darkest depths of the lake, catching fish, and sleeping. That was her life, and it might be how her life would be forever. She never came up, never seen much light, life was dark, cold, and empty, with no Pokemon to befriend. But the Wooper didn't mind. She had probably never experienced anything a normal Pokemon had anyway.
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“Yes, it’s Blitz.” He spoke calmly and politely. This was his first interaction outside the lab, he didn’t wanna seem rude or uneducated. “About this place… I’m not too sure myself. I stumbled here escaping a place I thought I’d never leave and I haven’t been able to leave here either. It’s like a never ending forest. I’ve dubbed it The Twilight Glade.” Blitz, realizing how much he’s said, decided to calm down a little. “Would you… care for a berry… Pixel?” He clasped his little claws together and walked towards the baskets of Oran berries he’d collected.
, Orion “Well you sure talk a lot” said a voice from the trees, both Pokémon looked up startled to see a Decidueye Lurking in the Branches. He swooped down and landed in front of them both in a slightly menacing manner”Listen here” he said “I’ve been here for a lot longer than any body else around here”… “I know my way around these woods”.
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. Pixel looked around, thinking they could hear someone running through the bushes. They didnnt see anything, but kept glancing around, nervous. Before they could answer Blitz, they heard a new voice out of nowhere. Pixel jumped, glitching uncontrollably for a moment. They screamed, their voice sounding lagged, until they calmed down. After a moment, they answered Blitz. "Uhm... sure. I-I'll take one." They looked up at the Decidueye. "Who are you? When did you get here? Can you tell us more about this place?" Pixel shook their head. "Sorry... for all the questions.... I'm in the same situation as Blitz. I was stuck somewhere that I thought for sure I'd never get out of, then I blinked, and all of a sudden, I was here. So I'm a little.... confused...." Pixel glanced around again, still thinking they were hearing someone else close by.

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