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CryptidCanid's AvatarCryptidCanid
CryptidCanid's Avatar
Hi all! I'm thinking about setting up an art shop and I have a question regarding PFQ currencies and how much they're worth per USD. I already have a commissions sheet with my normal pricing, but I'm unsure how much ZC/GP I should charge. For example, a shaded fullbody is $20. How many ZC/GP would that be worth? Thank you for your time and help!
Gilded's AvatarGilded
Gilded's Avatar
1USD = 100ZC = 500Gp is the most common conversion I see for art, so a $20 commission would be 2000ZC or 10,000Gp if you used it ^^
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CryptidCanid's AvatarCryptidCanid
CryptidCanid's Avatar
Thank you so much! This is really helpful.

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