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Tyrogue evolution into Hitmontop

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ThatOneKill's AvatarThatOneKill
ThatOneKill's Avatar
Hello! I am new to the fandom and haven't played any other Pokemon game prior. Therefore, the battle statistics confuse me. I tried looking for answers but threats with the same problem have been deleted. So, how do I get a Hitmontop? Specifically, how can I see (and understand!) what my tyrogue will become? Also, would training my tyrogue work in changing it's evolution?
Thank you for any help or trade whatsoever!
ShadowRotom's AvatarShadowRotom
ShadowRotom's Avatar
You can check the Pokemon's stats under their summary page. If the tyrogue's attack and defense are the same, it will evolve into a Hitmontop. If attack>defense it becomes a Hitmonlee, if attack<defense it becomes Hitmonchan. You can influence the values with EV training, this makes it much easier!
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ThatOneKill's AvatarThatOneKill
ThatOneKill's Avatar
I don't understand to which battle statistics the "<>=" refers to. Base stats should be always equal because of the Pokemon race, right? But I feel like the EV doesn't contribute either because it seems like I doesn't matter which one's higher there. And just minutes ago I evolved a tyrogue with equal attack and defence final stat, but it still evolved into Hitmonchan. To me, the number of the battle statistics basically don't matter/are random as not all EV or Base number equal into the final stat. This entire system confuses me and I would not which stat to increase by which amount to get an "equal" result.
Mirzam's AvatarMirzam
Mirzam's Avatar
So there's 3 parts to the final stats: 1. Base stats, which are even for Tyrogue 2. IVs, individual values, each is 0-31 and is specific to the individual, with influence from the parents if bred. (Vs lab/supplier) 3. EVs, effort values, which can be trained in the dojo. So one simple but RNG strategy for Hitmontop would be to find a Tyrogue with matching attack and defense IVs, and then do no training. The more typical way is to use EVs in the dojo. I would level it up to the evolution level, then XP lock it and train the lower stat in the dojo until you have enough EVs that the total stats match. There's calculators online that you can use to calculate the total stats from base+IV+EV if that's useful for you.

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