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Why do people collect specific natures?

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I've noticed a lot of people have fields dedicated to specific natures, like quirky or gentle, etc. Or some people even collect specific flavor preferences. Is there a benefit to collecting certain natured pokemon or is it just something to do?
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Im not entirely sure but I think it might just be people collecting their favorites. They could also be collecting specific ones for the challenge. Things like shiny hunting, stat min-maxing and just filling out the pokedex have ways of making them be done faster or effectively. Collecting all mythic pokemon with only one specific nature or having a whole dex's worth of sour loving Pokemon are things more up to luck and rng. At least this is what I assume. (⁠•⁠ ⁠▽⁠ ⁠•⁠;⁠)
the whole point(or im assuming) is to set ur own goals for pokefarm. and one of the goals some people set are specific-natured dexes or collecting pkmn in general also if you are going to spend thousands of currency on boosts for a melan and get 5,000+ chains, you might as well try to get a nature you like for the sake of money/time/everything *shrug*
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oh, i can actually ramble a little about this one!! so, for me, i like gentle, jolly, brave, and modest! now i dont HOARD only those natures, but i do everstone pairs to try and aim for those natures for specific hunts, or pokemon! the reasoning for this, i like to imagine the pokemon WITH those personalities/natures! for example, if i hatch a gentle miltank, ill see her as a caring pokemon who likes to take care of others. while as for a brave pokemon, they'd be protecting in a totally different fashion! bold, daring, and ready to help! ...and it sort of just goes on from there! i like to think some people think like i do, where they give their specials/pokemon in general more personality based off of it, but there's also just the "collecting them all" mindset! it works similarly with pokemon types, genders, pairs, anything! so, all in all, there's a lot of reasons! :D
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