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Silly goofy oneshot I made.

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[NOTE: This was made last night while I was trying to sleep but this idea just plauged my mind. It's VERY short. I would've added more to it but I was tired so] I always hated when mother left to gather food, seeing her dip into the water. Unsure if she’ll come back. Even if she reassures me time and time again in a soothing voice that she’ll be okay I’d beg her not to go, I was scared..especially with the bigger Pokemon out here. “Oh my little eevee..” She’d coo, petting my head. “I promise I’ll be back soon okay?..” “I promise I’ll be back soon.” It’s been days. She hasn’t come back yet. I don’t wanna go outside to look for her, the world is terrifying. Everyone is terrifying. I can’t trust anyone except her, her soothing voice is the light that guides me..I don’t know what to do without her. I watch from inside the cave, hoping to see her blue outline somewhere, that she had just taken a bit longer to hunt. She’d smile at me and tell me how good I’ve been while she was away that it was all going to be okay. The food she caught would take care of the pain in my stomach. Then after all that, she’d sing me a lullaby as I curled up around her, warming me up as I slowly drifted to sleep. Knowing it’ll all be okay..Like she promised. It’ll be okay..right? .. I don’t know anymore. It’s been too long, I’m starting to lose hope. .. Please don’t break our promise mother.. I don’t wanna be left alone in this world without you. Without hearing your voice. Please be okay.. I’m so scared.. Please..

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nice! very interesting idea
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