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Feel free to talk to me on these: Chicken Smoothie: Greenbunny1998 Discord: Greenbunny1998 #8985
Code made by Greenbunny1998 Forum Signature Picture is of my cat Coco as a kitten Profile Picture is of my cat Coco
ShadyPsyduck's AvatarShadyPsyduck
ShadyPsyduck's Avatar
Psyduck could be a good art! I support you all the way :D
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(I'm smart enough not to do this, so here's something cool... (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ Cool, right?)
Duck lover irl.
I will buy Gimmighoul coins, but...
Oh, thank you so much, i'll definitely get cracking and start on Psyduck one :D



Psyduck 2:

ShadyPsyduck's AvatarShadyPsyduck
ShadyPsyduck's Avatar
Art is amazing! I ended up getting buried in my hoard yesterday so Psyduck 2 maybe? I've already gotten out the mess and cleaned it all up.
Ok, thank you so much for your nice message :D I'm currently working on few about me template styles, i'll definitely will be creating another Psyduck but working on Psyduck about me :D Edit: Sorry autocorrect capitalised ok without me realising

Psyduck About me:

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Background/Code by: Greenbunny1998


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Link (Magikarp coming soon)


Link Coming soon: Mega Gyardos Magikarp, Gyardos and Mega Gyardos Signature
ShadyPsyduck's AvatarShadyPsyduck
ShadyPsyduck's Avatar
Magikarp looks cool imo, but I think you forgot the tail fin. Just a reminder (and suggestion)

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