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Best CS Mimikyu?

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Dogmage999's AvatarDogmage999
Dogmage999's Avatar
WHich CS from the event is your favorite? I'm Witch Purloin all the way!
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i-uhhh's Avatari-uhhh
i-uhhh's Avatar
it was a really tough decision for me, but also witch mimikyu. I ended up buying a vampire mimi as well, which was my second favorite by a slim margin, but when selecting, i found that even though i felt like i couldn't live without all 3 of them, i super duper couldn't live without that cat one. i needed that thing in my fields asap
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PanconquesoXD's AvatarPanconquesoXD
PanconquesoXD's Avatar
honestly. I also like witch mimi but i also like scaracross one i do not like the vampgar one, not gonna lie.
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MoonIxora's AvatarMoonIxora
MoonIxora's Avatar
my favorite is vampire mimi, but I'm not sure which I prefer between scaracross and witch mimi
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EstherGamer's AvatarEstherGamer
EstherGamer's Avatar
Witch, I loved it from the start and it was my immediate choice in the event!
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