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🔥Team Inferno Overdrive 🔥 [Fire] Nov 2023

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Cuwutie's AvatarCuwutie
Cuwutie's Avatar
Unfortunately I worked a double shift at work today so I couldn't contribute the last day, BUT I blew my previous score out of the water with 5,662 :D This has been the best team I've been on so far, everyone was so enthusiastic and excited to be here ^_^ I'm on team psychic next month and I hope to see some of you there! P.S. Thank you Croc for being our leader this TR! You did great and I appreciate all the work that goes into being a team leader ♡
violettq's Avatarviolettq
violettq's Avatar
I couldn't be as active as I wished, but it was awesome to be teammates with you guys! Congratulations for all of the specials babies! ♥

★ Simon ★ 30 ★

~ don't know what to write about myself ~ TYPE RACE 0


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ErarousFire's AvatarErarousFire
ErarousFire's Avatar
I was stuck at work all day so I wasn't here to finish it off OTL. Glad to see all the specials that were hatched! Great jobs guys~
leyyatha's Avatarleyyatha
leyyatha's Avatar
Great job, everyone! I managed to get a few specials, as well as upgrade my Wishforge badge, so it was a very productive TR overall. I’ll be on Team Fighting next month, so hope to see you there!
Avatar made by maeshmalowa
Name: Asuka Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage
Ty everyone :D
PØRTÄLS's Avatar
ofc! ill send a trade rn ;D
P O R T A L S art of melanie martinez, album cover done by herself looking for special female petripeep family :3 P O R T A L S
heres my bait for my type race babies, done by Cyrus Catboy (amazing artist)
CrayonCroc's AvatarCrayonCroc
CrayonCroc's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by PØRTÄLS

Did not realize! Lol, ill just do it for whoever got the most points then, im giving an alb sizzlipede for em :D
Howdy! I'm sorry I think you missed it, but I've already explained to you that I think that's a bad idea here. TL;DR (fair, I talk a lot ;; ) There is no ranking of users points by the system, there's no way for us to identify who got the most points other than manually verifying everyone assigned team fire. Which will lead to issues. If you're that keen on giving out free specials to anyone, I have a raffle started for the team here edit: I mean you're free to give specials to the team as is your want independently of the raffle! I just thought I'd point it out

Croc | 22 | They

x 93 / 100
LF Sour Grass Types!Journal WIPcredits


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PØRTÄLS's Avatar
ok! did not realize lel! donated to the raffle :)
CrayonCroc's AvatarCrayonCroc
CrayonCroc's Avatar
Howdy everyone (who is still subbed lol) This is just a simple plug for the Raffle o/ We've broken 100 prizes in the base pool and come up with six grand prizes, so come check it out if you haven't already! I'll plug once more in a week depending on if the thread still remains up. That's all, have a good [timezone] o7 edit: by the way guys, im stunned no one commented on the rick roll i put in the main post
violettq's Avatarviolettq
violettq's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by CrayonCroc

edit: by the way guys, im stunned no one commented on the rick roll i put in the main post
lol I haven't commented but that was actually the reason I've voted you for leader :3

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