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The unusual adventure

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In an old town which was surrounded by thick forests lived an boy named Drake who had the dream of becoming a dragon tamer and control the mythical creatures who had appeared in many legends. He had always been attracted by dragons but couldn't start his journey as the town had no Pokemon lab of it's own. He didn't knew that something unexpected will happen with him, one day while exploring a cave he found an poor shiny charmander that was injured and had lost its senses, he decided to take the poor fellow to his home and take care of him and nurse him back to health, after the unusual charmander had gained it's senses it blasted him with ember as it didn't trusted him and escaped from his house. He ran after it as it had not recovered from it's injuries, he followed it and while following it he had entered an thick forest he had heard the charmander screaming and ran towards it only to find that it was surrounded by an group of beedrill,who were angry at it for coming back to the forest after they had drove it out, he tried to protect the charmander from harm and was attacked by the group, he had hoped that he would gain deep injuries only to find out that charmander blasted the group with his newly learned flamethrower, after the incident he became friends with the wild charmander and named it draco, and so started the journey of Drake with this strange Incident.

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