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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Bonds Beyond Boundaries Setup

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Another Story's AvatarAnother Story
Another Story's Avatar
Sorry for not posting in awhile, i just dont know what to do w Jun rn!!! Also i think i may signup a Blueberry academy character like i mentioned a month(?) ago
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Sorry I haven’t posted I. A while
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Feral Fangs's AvatarFeral Fangs
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QUOTE originally posted by SmolWooper

Sorry I haven’t posted I. A while

QUOTE originally posted by Another Story

Sorry for not posting in awhile, i just dont know what to do w Jun rn!!! Also i think i may signup a Blueberry academy character like i mentioned a month(?) ago
@Both: Don't worry about it, everyone has a personal life. @Another Story: Yes, since the DLC is no longer under the spoiler embargo, you can make a character who is originally from Unova's Blueberry Academy from the DLC
Feral Fangs's AvatarFeral Fangs
Feral Fangs's Avatar
Can anyone help me come up with Dex entries for the Rose Gift, Igneous, and Bubbly lines? The reason I'm not using the site entries is because they (the Pokémon) are Paldean regional variants. Also, I will probably be introducing more variant exclusive into the RP, so if you have one you'd like to see in the near future, give me an idea. Also, we'll be including any Paradox Pokémon that PFQ introduces through the MCW, like Stone Horn.
Name: Molly Age: 11 Gender: female Personality: Molly is a adventurous young trainer. She has a hard time not speaking her opinion, and can be quite loud. She enjoys battling, along with just exploring. History: Molly was orignally born in cerulean city, but went to paldea to go to a school. (If allowed, She was taken in by a mewtwo [she doesn't have it on her team dw] and the mewtwo has a mew child [Ive had this oc for a very long time, i was confused about pokemon lore when i was so small] Anyways she keeps the mew but he's really just annoying, oh and he can speak IF allowed ofc) Her partner is an evee Pokemon Eevee: Personality (shortened) Eevee is quite shy, and it takes a while to gain her trust. Moves: Swift, double kick, Iron tail, quick attack. Venasaur: Pers: Really chill and laidback. Moves: Solar beam, posion powder, petal dance, growth. Oh and a student of Naranja academy ig One question, Does she need a full team, or may she catch pokemon in paldea?
Pfp Drawn by me. Its CC aka the one and only Carrot cake. (Most ppl know him as crying child tho) Also i am garbage at QoL so don't expect an amazing siganture
Feral Fangs's AvatarFeral Fangs
Feral Fangs's Avatar
Accepted, and no, she doesn't need a full team, she can catch Pokémon in Paldea during her journey
Alright thank you :)
RoadkilBanana's AvatarRoadkilBanana
RoadkilBanana's Avatar
Name: Rio Age: 14 Gender: Male Personality: Rio is usually laid back, but he can get really serious when he wants to, he's also very careful and good at baking. History: Rio grew up in a small town inside the Sinnoh region, he was an only child, and grew up with a zangoose that he considers his adoptive brother and he always travels alongside him. Appearance: He has dark blonde, medium length hair that is quite messy, he always wears a purple beanie and a white hoodie with various purple designs on it, he also has unusual dark red eyes. His Pokemon are Zangoose and Mimikyu (info below) Zangoose: He isn't very good at making friends with other Pokemon, regardless, he still tries hard to do so. His moves are Night Slash, Thunder, Substitute, and Fire Blast Mimikyu: Rio recently caught this Mimikyu on his journey to Paldea, it is very paranoid. His only move is Shadow Claw so far.
pfp artist: AbsoluteYoshi on Pintrest RP sprite credit: PMD Sprite Repository
Feral Fangs's AvatarFeral Fangs
Feral Fangs's Avatar
Alcryst's AvatarAlcryst
Alcryst's Avatar
Yes, this might be long lol it took me a long time. School: Naranja Academy Name: ALcryst Age: 12 Appearance: Navy Blue hair; Calm red eyes; always wears a lightning bolt necklace; hair is wavy and short (shoulder short). Gender: Female Personality: Mainly serious about almost anything, is mainly nice, likes to draw and write stories about different regions. History: Came from the Kalos Region, grew up with her first starter from Kalos, a Fennekin. The city she came from was Anistar City, she loved seeing the sundial in Anistar and still has pictures of it. Pokemon: (All are caught in Kalos before moving to Paldea) Male Delphox (starter): Has a moveset of Fire Blast, Mystical Fire, Psyshock, and Night Shade. Its ability is Blaze. Male Talonflame: Has a moveset of Flare Blitz, Fly, Aerial Ace, and Steel Wing. Its ability is Gale Wings (hidden ability) Female Gardevoir: Has a moveset of Moonblast, Zen headbutt, Encore, Misty Terrain. Has the ability Trace. Female Vaporeon: Has a moveset of Muddy Water, Aqua Ring, Acid Armor, and Hyper Beam. Has the ability Water Absorb. Female Shiny Noivern: Has the moveset of Boomburst, Draco Meteor, Hurricane, and Thief. The ability is Frisk. Genderless Xerneas: Has a moveset of Moonblast, Horn Leech, Thunderwave, and Heal Pulse.

History of each pokemon

Delphox: Was the first pokemon Alcryst ever got from her father and mother for her birthday. She loves it so much and would never leave it behind. Talonflame: The first pokemon she caught by herself back in Kalos, would hate to see it go. She always has him by her side with her Delphox. Gardevoir: Got a Ralts out in the wild, evolved it and kept it. Vaporeon: Found an Eevee near a tree, caught it and kept it, evolving it with a water stone. Shiny Noivern: Found this shiny in a dark cave when trying to navigate, caught it as her first ever shiny and evolved it and kept it. Xerneas: A legenadary who picked Alcryst to catch it, after a whole battle against a horrible team causing the xerneas to have pain, but is now free.
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