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Okarigami's AvatarOkarigami
Okarigami's Avatar

Hello y'all!

I've got about 24 fields of pokemon that need new homes! They're the only visible ones, and they're all labeled free :) Since it's about 650 mons, I'll be letting this thread go until the 14 day temporary thread limit. Any pokemon left after that will be released to the shelter, so don't be afraid to ask for lots of em!

Just a few rules to make it easier on everyone:

- Please send clickable links to the pokemon you want - Max 10 per post - First come, first serve

I'll be sending out trades as I'm available, so please be patient! I'll upvote your posts as I finish sending the trades. If I'm missing any pokemon that you asked for, chances are someone asked for them first! You're always welcome to check my fields for others if you want ♡ ♡ That's all! ♡
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Windwalker5's AvatarWindwalker5
Windwalker5's Avatar
Hello! May I get these please? Thank you! :> Copperajah Alomomola Espurr Geodude Wooloo Porygon Delcatty Lilligant Drilbur Zygarde
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navigator's Avatarnavigator
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Wheatwave's AvatarWheatwave
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Flapple's AvatarFlapple
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by ruevex
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Hello! May I get these, please? Eelektross Masquerain Farfetch'd Salazzle Lanturn Wishiwashi Hakamo-o Kommo-o Thank you!
Ravet's AvatarRavet
Ravet's Avatar
Hi, may I get these? :> thx! one   two   three   four   five   six    seven   eight   nine   ten
× 569 Good luck team ice! credit
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