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free fields! + Tapu Koko UFT (shiny delta + albino)

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Free pokemon: last few fields Please request a maximum of 10 each time and provide links! After the first 10 trades have been completed, feel free to return for more ^^
Accepting currency (5k = 5 = 1), Ku Idols (15 each), and boxboxes (100 each), thank you!

★ HeartlessDemon ★ they/them ★

Hasty-nature lover, feel free to sell your hasty specials to me ^^


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Buying Ku Idols at 15 each, thank you!
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wall im a goofy goober who does photography and painting
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(☆profile art made by me☆) delta collector
[★Free fields★] Spikes sales and dexing items, pokemon and dexing (☆profile art made by me☆) delta collector
ArmadaInvaded's AvatarArmadaInvaded
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Hello! If still available, can I have these? Thank you! https://pokefarm.com/summary/9Vvmt https://pokefarm.com/summary/QgfLT
vanillafog's Avatarvanillafog
vanillafog's Avatar
Thank you for making these available for free! May I please request the following pokemon? - Mystiskorch - Rose Gift Honedge - Guild Igglybuff - regular Tapu Koko
Avatar by nectareen!
flybynyx's Avatarflybynyx
flybynyx's Avatar
Hey Lo! May I please get these from your free fields? Thank You! https://pokefarm.com/summary/ZHWVx https://pokefarm.com/summary/Q-XDs
On Aug 3 2018 11:27 AM CDT per TeeTurtle.com Permission granted to use avatar image ܍ Sept. TR = 9412 Points
Flapple's AvatarFlapple
Flapple's Avatar
Could I get just this one? Thank you so much ;_; https://pokefarm.com/summary/QrQVl
by ruevex
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Matt | He/Him | 23

Average Bug Enjoyer!
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Frostynova's AvatarFrostynova
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Hello, could i get these two pokemon please?
Score: 8100
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