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Mass-Click Weekend 107 Discussion

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GrackleGray's AvatarGrackleGray
GrackleGray's Avatar
Dracovish, perhaps...? Colors are kind of similar, and its bone structure is...questionable at best, since it's one of the Galarian fossils. Might be a long shot, but *shrug*
Vagevurig's AvatarVagevurig
Vagevurig's Avatar
Falinks, maybe? they round like watermelons and the colors seem to match
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Oof watermelon XD
Tempura778's AvatarTempura778
Tempura778's Avatar
Watermelon could very well be Hisuian Electrode, not the regular one
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Orchid's AvatarOrchid
Orchid's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Tempura778

Watermelon could very well be Hisuian Electrode, not the regular one
That's what I was thinking.
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ShadowRotom's AvatarShadowRotom
ShadowRotom's Avatar
You have to put a Watmel berry in the Pokeblock blender and subsequently open a box to get a rare bone, then you get the megastone. Hisuian electrode seems plausible, though I don't really know.
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gamerjohn1991's Avatargamerjohn1991
gamerjohn1991's Avatar
Definitely looks like the first Hisuian Mega Stone, and I'll bet Poke Dollars to Watmel Berries that a certain Electric/Grass-type Pokemon's getting this one.
SageHoney's AvatarSageHoney
SageHoney's Avatar
Because of watermelon I will guess either ledian or orbeetle because they're red colors with black spots like how you see seeds in a watermelon. As insects I don't know if an exoskeleton counts as bones or not, so possibly the boneless right there too?
EveRiddle's AvatarEveRiddle
EveRiddle's Avatar
My guess is Centiskorch, for the main reasons being they are boneless, they look like a watermelon when in a ball. The colors do kind of line up from what I can tell. And lastly it is a creepy crawly which is ideal for leading into October.
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Glacierwing's AvatarGlacierwing
Glacierwing's Avatar
My guesses are Unovan Darmanitan or Magcargo, based on the color scheme. Probably Darmanitan cause its Zen mode is round like a watermelon?

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