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Interaction dialog?

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stinkymelon's Avatarstinkymelon
stinkymelon's Avatar
i just got a pop up saying "you've been interacting for a while! you should take a break." it let me continue to interact, but does this have any effrct on interaction points or anything like that? i was mass clicking for reference because i was working on wishforge badges lol sorry if this has been answered, im new :p
icon credit: project sekai official media, modified by me
shadowofzeref's Avatarshadowofzeref
shadowofzeref's Avatar
It won't affect that, no worries! It's mainly just to make sure you're not straining yourself.
stinkymelon's Avatarstinkymelon
stinkymelon's Avatar
tysm!! my hand is tired, it was not wrong lol

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