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Who makes costume spirites?°

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who makes cheap coustem spirits? not more than 250.000 credits each
KingGenesects forum signature The Real Pokemo Center (link)
scavengers's Avatarscavengers
scavengers's Avatar
if you mean the custom sprites like the birthday mon; those are made by the art team on site and are usually only available through events or celes shop. they don't take suggestions regarding these. I believe they are usually 200-600 ZC through the cele shop. if you were instead talking about an art custom sprite (eg fusions) then you should check out the pokemon art section of the forum! there's a lot of very talented spriters over there, and i'm sure you' be able to find something for your price range!
pfp is official art from rune factory 4 ! i lvoe my husband 😭😭😭
i ment the 2. one thx <3

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