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All are in my last visible field titled "kenyip UFT"!

What the line looks like:

Prices (notice the GP discount!): : 180k/150/36 : 270k/225/54 : 9m/7500/1800 Melans are SOLD OUT! Alt. Payments (in order of preference): DCPx60: 500 Psychic Feather: 100 ANY Z-Crystal: 500 Shiny Charm: 1000 PR Stick: 1000 Übercharm: 1250 I will round if it's close enough! For example, I will take 2 Psychic feathers for an Albino! I'll also try to close the gap on item overpaying: If you buy 2 Albinos with a DCPx60, I'll give you 50kcr/10zc back (I will not use GP for gap closers!) If you want a free regular Kenyip, please pm me with the link! I'd like to keep this thread solely for S/A/M sales!
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Nidoran's AvatarNidoran
Nidoran's Avatar
May I get 3 shinies for 2 Psychic feathers and 150gp?
Loey Like's AvatarLoey Like
Loey Like's Avatar
I'll take the melan please :) I have 6 zcrystals and the rest in credits for you, does that work? (I'm going to bed now but I'll respond to a trade tomorrow if you'd like to set it up!)
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Lucky's AvatarLucky
Lucky's Avatar
Hi! Could I buy 2 shinies and 2 albinos for GP?
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Valenoir's AvatarValenoir
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can we buy a shiny and Albino for a fighting Z-crystal? https://pokefarm.com/summary/9r6T0 https://pokefarm.com/summary/Sylw0
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this baby for 225? :>

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Justhaera's AvatarJusthaera
Justhaera's Avatar
May I please purchase this little lass for GP <3 https://pokefarm.com/summary/SbR4T
louiserace's Avatarlouiserace
louiserace's Avatar
Please can I get any 3 shinies and 3 albinos for 1125GP Thanks
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Spikes's AvatarSpikes
Spikes's Avatar
I have a DCPx60 can I get these two for it https://pokefarm.com/summary/9BZc1 https://pokefarm.com/summary/9dGlY And get the rest of the money in credits (I'm not sure how much it is)
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