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TotallyEdge's AvatarTotallyEdge
TotallyEdge's Avatar
@lulubee Ill send it over in just a moment! just to confirm, its two victory medals for a reroll :3
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my bff ^

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lulubee's Avatarlulubee
lulubee's Avatar
Of course! :D
Zwayliens's AvatarZwayliens
Zwayliens's Avatar
Hi I have 2 clear bells and 2 victory medals I’d like to trade for 3 reroll
TotallyEdge's AvatarTotallyEdge
TotallyEdge's Avatar
trade sent! gl with your rolls! :D
Glacierwing's AvatarGlacierwing
Glacierwing's Avatar
could I reroll a clear bell please?

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TotallyEdge's AvatarTotallyEdge
TotallyEdge's Avatar
oo sorry for such a long wait! ill toss over a trade now
TotallyEdge's AvatarTotallyEdge
TotallyEdge's Avatar
quickly updated my priorities list!! I love heatran... also deoxys is cool.
KiahTaiga's AvatarKiahTaiga
KiahTaiga's Avatar
I have 3 Nightmare Shrouds if you are interested
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TotallyEdge's AvatarTotallyEdge
TotallyEdge's Avatar
yup! ill toss over a trade!
tánzàkù's Avatartánzàkù
tánzàkù's Avatar
hey! can i swap five helix orbs and five clear bells!
icarus. they/he. 26. i buy tanzaku, gracidea seeds & sea crowns for 20zc each! journal. trade shop.
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Pages: 123

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