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Trade waiting time

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Is there a way to see how long a trade has been in the waiting area (tab?)? i checked history too, and i belive it only shows trades that have been accepted, not ones you are waiting on being accepted. if this is not a feature, has it been suggested yet? is there a way to view the times without guessing? I wanted to ask this before making a site change suggestion just in case it was already suggested or if im just unobservant!
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History only shows completed trade time stamps yes. Is there any particular reason why you’re asking? /gen
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QUOTE originally posted by Yahan

History only shows completed trade time stamps yes. Is there any particular reason why you’re asking? /gen
No, this was sorta just random and thought it would be useful for people who have sent trades and wanted to know how long it's been sitting so they can decide if it's appropriate to cancel it after whatever ammount of time. ive seen a few others with trade/dex shop say something along the lines of "if you don't accept within x days, trade will be cancelled and pokemon put back up for sale"
Yahan's AvatarYahan
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Ah that’s fair. Yeah I’ve seen that in threads too and I think owners just approximate. I don’t think they have timers or anything super precise like that
Mirzam's AvatarMirzam
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If it were me, I'd probably go on the timestamp of the post where I accepted the offer. Or, if it's one where I just set a trade without replying in the thread, the date of the buyer's request post, plus a generous bit of extra time for the response delay.

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