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Fossil mon price help

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Nikkichu's AvatarNikkichu
Nikkichu's Avatar
hello, sorry if this has been posted already been out the game for a while and recently returned i just need help with a general price guide for selling fossil pokemon (ones with the symbol), had a nosy at the trade shops but couldnt find any for general guide any help would be appreciated 😊🙏🏼
skypony101's Avatarskypony101
skypony101's Avatar
A general guide to use for pokemon in specific is allllways the Delta point trade in from the wiki! however it may be more appropriate to sell them at approx. market value of the fossil since you had to put effort into reviving it, ill explain both below but do keep in mind this is a personal opinion and you can sell them for whatever price you want if people will buy them! I think that nobody really cares if the pokemon is a revived fossil, but the symbol may give it a sliiiiight price boost? ive seen so many fossil mons in the shelter that i dont really think so. if you want to sell at the normal DP price, then the mons will price as follows
=6zc,30GP,30k credits
=7zc,35gp,35k credits if you want to sell them at market price like their fossil, the prices are negotiable depending on whats being sold, but are approx. 10zc,50gp, 50k credits however, in my opinion, they should only really sell for maybe 1gp,1k credits at the lowest to maybe 6zc,30gp,30k credits at the most
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Nikkichu's AvatarNikkichu
Nikkichu's Avatar
Thank you, i appreciate the response, now i have something to go off of now 😊👍🏻

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