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Shiny pricing help

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Starryfox's AvatarStarryfox
Starryfox's Avatar
Hello!! I'm planning to buy art so I'm going to sell my shiny alolan vulpix and was wondering how much they go for? I haven't played in forever and I'm new to the forums so sorry if there's already a list or something , thanks for any help!!<3
Manga's AvatarManga
Manga's Avatar
Hi there! I've never actually sold any shiny Pokemon myself, but I have bought a few. The Pokemon that I've bought were usually from the range of:
  • 60K Credits to 120K Credits
  • 60 GP to 120 GP
  • 6 ZC to 12 ZC (not entirely certain)
All of this depends on how rare your shiny is and how much you believe it's worth. But I hope I narrowed down the price range just a bit for you!
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Starryfox's AvatarStarryfox
Starryfox's Avatar
This helps a ton,thank you very much, I really appreciate it!! :D
Xygallix's AvatarXygallix
Xygallix's Avatar
Just thought I'd drop in and share this thread which lists possible values for shinies e.t.c. Personally I buy/sell for 1zc/dp (or less) but that's just me. Others sell for more and do still make the sales so... All depends on what you want to be pricing them as really :)
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