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Dying Plant Questions

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Daisies4Dae's AvatarDaisies4Dae
Daisies4Dae's Avatar
What happens when a berry plant becomes dry? Does it die? Can you revive it? If it dies, what happens? How long does it take to die if it has not fully grown? Despite being dry, can the plant still fully grow? Is watering plants just important to boost the amount of berries produced? Please do not feel obligated to answer EVERY question. I just ask because (at least I believed) none of the information on the Berry Garden wiki page helped me answer these questions.
ValleryP's AvatarValleryP
ValleryP's Avatar
If it is dry it will not produce as well. It'll still fully grow and only die after being fully grown if it hasn't been harvested with in a time limit {equivalent to growth time). If a plant dies it will either regrow or just disappear. Watering plants helps produce more berries.

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