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eekoh472's Avatareekoh472
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@Wyk Meditite is finished and can be found under Hoenn @Zelia Buneary & Gible are finished and can be found under Sinnoh @Starii-DayDream Fomantis is finished and can be found under Alola Any edits/changes just say so :)
These are all so cute! They're some of my favourite baits to look through :D Could I request Trubbish and Lunatone? They're my current and a future melan hunt and it'd be great to have this bit of extra luck haha
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cutiefly art by me!
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Could you do a Seel/Dewgong bait and a goldeen/seaking bait :D typerace needs both of them
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Amonia's AvatarAmonia
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Treecko and Murkcrow
self hatch that special to me
eekoh472's Avatareekoh472
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@Blackblood1872 Lunatone & Trubbish are finished and can be found under Hoenn & Unova @ShootingStarRain Goldeen & Seel are finished and can be found under Kanto Any edits/changes just say so :) @Zelia I'll get to your baits soon
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Hey :D I would love a Tepig Bait! Your baits work for me :D
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ChaosXy's AvatarChaosXy
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Hi!! Just wanted to say im using your ledian bait :)
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eekoh472's Avatareekoh472
eekoh472's Avatar
@Zelia Treecko & Murkrow are finished and can be found under Hoenn & Johto @XØXØ Tepig is finished and can be found under Unova any edits/changes just say so :)
Amonia's AvatarAmonia
Amonia's Avatar
Illumise and Volbeat if dont mind
Ei's AvatarEi
Ei's Avatar
Can I request Milcery and (Crowned) Zamazenta? :>

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